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  1. Will You implant microchip in your hand?

    I wouldn't even use Snapshot from Progressive, so no for me.
  2. Who Goes to Hell?

    Oh, I agree that it's all bullshit, but I don't think I've ever heard a preacher say that God doesn't want everyone to be saved and go to Heaven or that God needs people to go to Hell. It just took me off guard is all.
  3. Sh** christians have said to you

    My mom knows I'm skeptical (I can't bring myself to tell her I'm a full-blown atheist). Every so often she says that I'll believe whole heartedly when she dies, because I'll want to be with her again in Heaven. It's a shit argument, and on some level she knows it because she apologized for it several years ago. She's since forgotten about that, and it's back to the guilt trip. I try to shrug it off to avoid upsetting her, but it gets old.
  4. Who Goes to Hell?

    I've been sitting on this for a while. I was watching Robert Jeffress on TBN and listening to some sermon or another, and he was talking about Hell and some other stuff. His argument for Hell was interesting. He said Hell had to exist because Jesus said it did. Narrow path and all that. If everyone, or even most people, went to Heaven then Jesus would be wrong, and since he can't be wrong by definition most of the world has to suffer for eternity, because if he's wrong then he's not partly God. I was flabbergasted. I don't think I'd ever heard of something so cruel since actually reading the Bible itself. Anyway, it's been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought I'd share.
  5. Starbucks Killed Jesus Again...

    Is it Special Snowflake Season again?
  6. Objective Morality

    I don't buy into the argument that God exists with a higher moral standard. Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Unless what was good and evil changed between here and there, and it can't, because God is the same then now and for ever, then God killing people and committing genocide (or urging his chosen people to do so) is still wrong. This was the big thing that drove my urge to leave Christianity in the first place. As for Objective Morality, even Bible-thumping Christians can't agree on what's wrong and right according to the Book. That makes God's Objective Morality a hard pill to swallow and still a matter of opinion. If He wanted us to behave a certain way He should have left better instructions. Even Jesus is guilty of this; he talked in parables to confuse his followers.
  7. Don't you know the best way to peace is to kill everyone who disagrees with you?
  8. I realize that the Bible only applies to Christians, but their standards affect us all in one way or another, particularly here in the Bible Belt. However, there's the base hypocrisy Christians have in this regard that I thought was interesting enough to share an opinion on. If I inferred that the examples set forth by Paul apply to everyone, it was a mistake on my part; I certainly don't believe in these things and don't expect any non-Christian to be beholden to them either.
  9. So I've been hearing a lot about the institution and sanctity of marriage lately. Even though in the Old Testament men had multiple wives and concubines, Christians still believe that marriage is only between one man and one woman. This is an old argument. One I never hear is that the Apostle Paul lamented that men could not be more like him, that is celibate, and stops just short of admonishing men for having sexual desires at all. Paul only allows for marriage for those men who can't control their urges, in which case it's better for them to marry rather than just having sex with whomever they fancy. SO, according to Paul, marriage is basically for the weak. Another thing I hear along the same lines is how to look upon a woman with lust is committing adultery in your heart, which is just as bad as physical adultery. I watch religious television, and some of the larger churches allow for pastor's wives to preach as well some weeks. Almost invariably these women are pretty attractive. Why didn't these preachers marry plain or homely women? Did they sin by finding a woman attractive? Should they be held accountable for marrying women that turn them on? Furthermore, borrowing from the above, should they be talking about how strong in God they are when they can't live up to Paul's standard?
  10. I have some thoughts on free will and the Bible. At least twice in the Old Testament God actively negated a person's free will. The first was Pharaoh, the second I can't remember exactly, but it was a king whose territory the Jews passed through. God made the king not trade with the Jews and so the Jews attacked and sacked the kingdom. Furthermore, in the New Testament it says that God will send delusions to the unbelievers so they cannot believe during the Tribulation or whatever you call it, since the term "Tribulation" isn't in the Bible at all. As an aside, we supposedly have free will to choose to believe and serve or not. Our reward is that we get to go to Heaven, where there is no sin. Without the possibility of sin, God negates free will by denying us the ability to choose it. Finally, if God is omnipresent, he already knows everything, including all our future decisions and their outcomes. Do we have free will if the outcome is already determined? Of course not. Because we don't know what's going on we have the illusion of free will, but since God supposedly knows everything, then our past, present, and future are already decided we do not have free will, no matter what any Christian says or believes.
  11. Local Government corruption

    This happens in my neck of the woods more often than I can count. The numbers aren't as impressive as yours, but with the slow decline of coal severance money from the government no one has any money to spare. Plus Ken Ham and the Ark Experience, but that's a whole other scam.
  12. How to be saved

    This has been a sticking point for me for years. I keep saying that dead babies go to Hell if the Bible is understood as written. Jesus didn't leave any interpretation when he said that the only way to the Father is through the Son, no exceptions. Even the Catholic Church agreed to this, which is why they have their babies christened. No one I know agrees with me, saying that God is good, but God killed David's baby son to punish him for adultery and murder. How good is that?
  13. Who deconverted you?

    I just read the Bible and slowly deconverted from there. It helped that I read the New Testament first, then saw how much the Old Testament God differed from Jesus' teachings. I don't know if I would have connected those dots if I read it through from beginning to end. Spending hours on the internet and lurking around atheist forums helped too.
  14. Child Parro.... I mean, Preachers...

    I too rarely know what I'm talking about. Should I give up my life of leisure and go into preaching? The Prophets may or may not have known what they're saying, but as a modern society we've had thousands of years to interpret and misinterpret them. The kid's parents could have spent a few minute on reading comprehension before letting him embarrass himself. It might have been worse if I could have understood what he actually said; damn you '80s mikes!
  15. And all this time I thought Scientologists were the crazy ones.