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  1. Doesn't the Bible say something about suing your Brother? https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+6%3A1-20&version=ESV It's a little convoluted, but it does mention something about how the litigant has defrauded and wronged others, which pretty much explains everything the Ark Encounter has done to Williamstown.
  2. Will it be cleaned by illegal immigrants from Hell? Who issues fake work visas in Heaven?
  3. 1) ToT and News have been folded into Controversy and Conflict Club. It's accessible from Clubs link under the Browse tab on the toolbar. Other subs have been swallowed into greater categories, like the Debate Area has the Lion's Den and the Colosseum. 2) It looks like Burnedout has been scoured from the site. His threads have been deleted, along with all of their replies. Also, it looks like all the reputation points he gave out have gone too. Have no idea what happened there. Hope that helps.
  4. It was a joke. I was soliciting opinions on the matter because I thought it was an interesting subject.
  5. I think that thing just gave me a seizure.
  6. I tried reading the Bible, but did it kind of backwards. I got through the New Testament with only moderate confusion, but gave up at the end of the Old Testament, as, as I've said before, it reeked of torture porn.
  7. I don't believe in unity/It's just one more abandoned dream/Once the people get together it's easy to see it's just a matter of time before they come after me Cool to be You, Descendants
  8. Poor homeless Bibles. Starting over from In The Beginning is hard.
  9. I was mostly doing this for my own understanding/entertainment. I don't think I could get a Christian to justify God's existence. I'm not that good of an interrogator. Dammit! Got me again!
  10. Yes, I really think this. https://messianicprophecy.bible-history.com/MESSIANICPROPHECYThe_Seed_of_David.htm If God impregnated Mary before she coupled with Joseph, how could Jesus be of David's line?
  11. What does that have to with my question? Either Joseph was the father or God was, and the Bible makes it clear which one it was. If Joseph wasn't the father, Jesus wasn't of David's line, and therefore not the Christ, not the Messiah, and not the Savior. And yes, the people who wrote the Bible knew how to read and write. As for their ignorance, the people who wrote the separate parts of the Bible were not the people who codified it, so your question is moot.
  12. Jesus is supposed to be the Son of God and part of a Trinity that's existed since before forever or something. How can he possibly be the son of David if he already existed? If he's not of the line of David, he can't be the Christ. I've heard the argument that Mary was from the same line, but how would you go about proving that an does it even matter in the context of a patriarchal ancient society? Any explanations besides the Bible is bullshit? I'm looking for justifications, not facts .
  13. I've been watching a lot of sermons lately that highlight David and his relationship with God. How God forgave him after his affair with Bathsheba. No one seems to mention that God killed David's son for his transgression before letting him off the hook. I keep waiting for it, but it never comes. Ive been hearing about how patient and loving God is, but no one mentions how after Moses came down Mt Sinai with the Ten Commandments and found the Jews worshiping a Golden Calf God wanted to kill all of them and start his Master Race over with Moses instead of Abraham. A lot of placation and two thousand or so dead and God calmed down and let things be. Preachers don't talk about that either. Of course, I've been accused of watching Christianity that really only wants your money, and there's probably some merit to that. The local pastors I watch on the local stations are much more willing to wade into the nastiness. Not too far probably, but they've read their shit and don't care about offending anyone. Hell, they're preaching just as much shit about "watered down" Christians as they are about the Gays and the Liberals. I'm getting off subject here though. Point is, you're right, God is a classic abuser (I love you so much I'll make you suffer if you don't love me back), and His own book is all you need to "prove" it.
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