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  1. 1989

    Oh, the Irony...

    I was taking a comparative religion course recently from the local college and students there had to be reminded that Catholics, despite opinions to the contrary, were in fact Christians too.
  2. 1989

    Oh, the Irony...

    I was watching one of the local church broadcasts this morning and the preacher that was on at the time stated that mob rule and groupthink was always wrong. Of course he's not thinking about the impact of religion and its prevalence in modern society, especially here in rural Kentucky, just whatever he's projecting onto non-religious non-conservative sources. Then again, he's the same preacher that I saw months ago saying that if a liberal will kill a baby in it's mother's womb then they'll kill Christians too. Man's got a more so than usual persecution complex.
  3. I guess when you and your son are the same person... And people think that my neck of the woods people's family trees have no branches.
  4. Me again. What about the five cities in Egypt that were supposedly to be given to the Jews to own and worship? It seems a little late for that now, being the "End Days" and all. Funny how no one seems to mention that.
  5. If God and Jesus are kind of the same person, but different, shouldn't they look kind of alike? Jewish, long sideburns/beard, and male? Oh yeah, and hung like omnipotence, because reasons.
  6. Also, where are the bodies of the baby boys Herod supposedly had executed trying to avert his fate? You'd imagine that there's be at least one mass grave devoted to them.
  7. I've always wondered why there's all the drama. In the End Days all sorts of bad things happen, then we have a winner (God). Why doesn't God just show up and say, "Boo! I win." and then everyone is happy and peace reigns across the world. No, there has to be signs and prophecies and fire (lots of fire), Jesus with a sword in his mouth, famine and death, you name it. Then Satan, who's thrown in a bottomless pit or something, turns into a dragon and fights an unwinnable war before being locked away forever. Again. Why? Who knows? It's all already been won, but we have to sit through a predictable sequel, possibly after more fire and death. Probably after fire and death. It's just not a thing without fire and death. Seriously, what gives?
  8. 1989

    Old Christian books

    I can count the number of non-Bible Christian books in my collection on one hand, and I even don't quite know where they are. Fortunately for me my Christianity was intensely private, and my best source of information was the internet, which was both good and bad for various reasons. I'm loathe to throw any book away though, just like I didn't throw away my objectionable CDs when I converted; I just packed them out of sight in the basement. Of course, if I had a ton of books on the subject I might have a different opinion, but probably they'd just end up in a closet somewhere, safely hidden from hurting anyone else.
  9. 1989

    Enlighten us

    For better or for worse, people are always comparing themselves to other people. When they find out that they're lacking compared to others they feel something's missing or they're not doing something right. That's the sort of thing that begs to be exploited.
  10. 1989

    No comment

    So there's three topics about this and the price keeps going up. What the hell? I swear this is old preacher penis envy.
  11. 1989

    Dollar Planes

    On a semi-related note, I read earlier that Jessie Duplantis is looking for $64 million for a bigger plane because he's tired of paying for refueling costs. Wait. He's not tired of it, God's tired of it, apparently. He even admitted that he didn't know where to get the money for it, but said that God told him he needed it, but not to worry about how to pay for it. If he's not worried, then why turn to the flock to hand over their cash? Doesn't God provide? And what is it with planes? Expensive planes. Are those the new status symbol? All I know is that I'm definitely behind the curve here.
  12. 1989

    Dollar Planes

    Just watching Creflo Dollar's sermon about unbelief. He says that every sin comes from a lack of belief. You fornicate because you don't believe that God can sustain your sexual urges. You don't give because you don't believe that God will sustain you financially. And on it goes. What I ask is what was he thinking when he was asking for donations to buy his private plane? Didn't he believe that God would provide for him, or maybe he should provide for himself? If John Travolta can afford five planes and a private runway, then Mr. Dollar could certainly get one plane to call his own. Maybe it would be used, but it would be his. Just talking here, but I'm not surprised that another preacher catches himself with his own hippocracy.
  13. Ever notice that sexual immorality isn't really defined in the New Testament? I'm pretty sure that the rules in Leviticus were written specifically for the Levites, especially since there are instances in the Bible that defy those laws, like Onan marrying Timor, his sister-in-law, or Lot's daughters. Ever wonder what the male temple prostitutes were doing there in the first place? If it was illegal to use their services, why not outlaw them or simply kill them, which seems like the ancient Jew's answer for everything.
  14. Of course, it now occurs to me that Christianity is pretty much a bunch of Jews saying that Judaism is too hard and complicated, so they made up Jesus instead.
  15. I can't find where exactly, but I remember reading that Paul said that the Law was probably too complicated for the Gentile, so they were kind of given a pass, as long as they were taught to not engage in sexual immorality. I read other people's thoughts on the matter, and they say things like the Mosaic Law was for the Jews only and such, but really it's because Paul thinks we're too stupid to get it.