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    Ancient history, music, theology, political satire and most important of all - trying to make people laugh because in these tough times we all can use a good laugh, right? Forgot something - writing which I'm getting back into.
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    As Socrates told the oracle of Delphi - "I'm not really that special or even wiser than others. If I am wise it's only because I know I'm not" (a very loose translation of the original). I've finally concluded the psychological escape from American Christianity which I call a sociopathic cult.

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  1. There is no such thing as 'objective' morality. Morality is subjective, fluid, and specific to the area/environment of populace.
  2. Ain't that the absolute truth? But when pressed about their behavior, they don't miss a beat. They'll respond with such rubbish as 'this proves we need a savior because none of us are good', etc..
  3. Congrats on your escape back into reality. Hopefully, you'll never look back because there's nothing to see.
  4. the more time that passes, the more i wonder why i ever bothered with them in the first place, or how i could be in a bad enough place to think all that crap was even remotely acceptable.(milesaway)... ROFL.. Why? Because word for word that is almost exactly what I told my wife during lunch today... All of us say that but as time goes on, you, like the rest of us will stop asking that and starting asking 'are they as batshit crazy as they seem to be?' And I'll save you the thinking about it - the answer is 'YES'... LOL
  5. Milesaway, part of your comment after saying I should get back into writing was - This way, you can see the crap that led you back into xtianity I think you combined addressees of your comments because that would be relevant to CliffDweller wrote regarding drifting back into the cult. With me there was NEVER any attempt to go back in. Once I made up my mind, that was it because it wasn't something done in a flash. It took years of studying, thinking, observing, et.al. before making my escape. And I've never looked back or had any doubts. In fact, the MORE I debate 'them' and read atheist books, the MORE convinced I am that my views are reasonable and correct.
  6. RW - it's fairly easy to ascertain why those xtian friends abruptly left you - they were a bunch of phonies to begin with! I've only been publicly involved in atheism since the beginning of this year but the things I've seen and heard and how I've been regarding by the so-called children of god has been enough to fill 3 books should I decide to ever get back to writing. However, the atheist friends, many of whom I consider my cyber family, both here and on YouTube have been astoundly supportive, loving, and crazy/funny at times, especially the YouTubers or, as we're called, the YouTube Atheists. I can't begin to share the crazy stuff we've been doing and talking about together. Ironically, I know the other side 'watches' us and reads our comments to each other and I'm glad. You know why? Because WE'RE the ones showing, each and every day, a bible verse that they DO NOT follow but we do - where it says by having love for one another the world will see...etc. I'm not being sentimental here, just stating the facts. And what I just shared with RW goes double for CD (originator of this thread). You do NOT need that shit in your life! Life is hard enough with those 'loving' xtians doing a psychological mind game on you.
  7. Nothing bitter about what you wrote - you're merely expressing the truth based on your experiences. And I agree with everything you said about the cult - everything.
  8. Your last sentence says it all - fact is better than faith. In fact, it is the only thing to go by. Faith, on the other hand, is nothing more than the rope they use to keep you in chains. Just keep distancing yourself from the xtians or, as many of us call them, cultists because that is exactly what they are. Nothing you will say to them will ever penetrate their fantasy bubble. Welcome to sanity!
  9. Not to worry regarding being disowned. Family is MORE than just blood ties. In a way the folks around here are family. One time someone posted a psychological test of some kind for any of us to take if we wanted to. Many of us did and posted our results on the forum. It was unbelievable - how much we were so much alike in many ways. So, welcome to your new family.
  10. Ditto to everything everyone has written especially New2Me.
  11. While it's hurtful how they reacted (only 2 of them staying in touch), it ought not be too much of a surprise if you've studied cult behavior. Their attitudes mirror it perfectly.
  12. Jen, You should make this public (over at the Rants forum maybe). It says it all! The hypocrisy of this holiday and what it really entails has to be criticized over and over until people are shamed into behaving normally if that ever can happen.
  13. I wish it was that easy for me but it took 25 years of struggling and doubt until I finally tossed it away for good. And if you wanna hear something funny about Genesis, that chapter you cite (the 3rd one) actually was written BEFORE the 1st one! The whole thing, both old and new testaments, is nothing more than manipulative nonsense.
  14. You can disregard this. I was only trying to see if I could put my testimony as my signature since I've seen so many of you do likewise. Hope everyone made it through the storm of the millenium okay.
  15. I don't know if this sounds crazy but I'm at a point in my life now where I really don't give a crap even if a god exists. In fact, if someone were to prove to me that everything in the bible is true and that I have to 'repent' of some crap in order to enter the pearly gates, I'd still not give a crap. Why? Because if the various doctrines and rules are in fact true then I have no choice but to reject all of them for the simple facts: 1. I'm a critical thinking, rational human being 2. After studying the bible, both testaments, for years I've concluded that many of us including me are morally superior to what is cited in the bible as examples of god fearing people.
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