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    astronomy, astrobiology, philanthropy, science, science fiction, music, nature, art, theater, meditation
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    I do have some kooky beliefs, but don't take them any more seriously than I expect anyone else to. Whatever my illogical personal beliefs, I do believe logic is the language most helpful in discussions with others, and understand completely that my kooky beliefs are without logical or rational merit, at least to anyone outside my own brain. So I don't expect anyone to believe them or consider them seriously, I only ask that you respect my right to be irrational. ;-)

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  1. Is this supposed to look as... ummm... "eccentric" as it does? :-? (...and does he allow them to search it when he boards planes? One never knows - he could be hiding shampoo in there!)
  2. OldKingSol

    Wtf pics I dont pray

    Oy - I hope none of his family see this. He could end up beheaded or some such. :-(
  3. OldKingSol

    Jesus versus Jeezus

    I think I see it. ;-) What I'm more curious about is where is the baby's left arm? :-? It looks like it's made out of Jesus' hair. :-?
  4. I love this image. So succinct. I feel like printing it out flyer-style and posting it all around the town. Then again, I won't do that until I'm suicidal! :-# Great pic, at any event. :-)
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