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  1. Many of us favor teaching children about as many religions and cultures as we can. Do you do the same? How about secular perspectives?
  2. I don't think that anyone is anthropomorphizing "the universe" as they would a god and imagining that he or she did something magical. What are you suggesting that there is no evidence for? We have observed many things which people like to think God created or interrupted natural law to influence but have instead found that they happen naturally and often in a most ungraceful manner.
  3. Many innocent children have been tortured for much longer than a weekend. How did this Jesus fellow's unfortunate weekend absolve you of your wrongdoings? And why all of the hate for this Satan dude? What has he done that's so evil? Tell the truth about what happens when you disobey orders? Seduce a woman with food? I just hope that Jesus comes back to mow my lawn again this week.
  4. This "God" you believe in didn't even exist a few thousand years ago. El, YHWH, (gasp!) Asherah, Baal were part of the Canaanite pantheon. The rejection of Asherah and Baal and syncretism of El, YHWH, Yshua, and El/YHWH's spirit can even be tracked through biblical sources. And the characters have continued to evolve. None of the earliest Christianities looked anything like what we see today. And the Christianities we see now vary so greatly it's ridiculous that we consider them part of the same religion. But, hey, if we can syncretize ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Canaanite religion and top it off with syncretized gospel accounts of a rebel Jewish cult leader, why not?
  5. Actually, you either completely missed webmdave's point or chose to completely ignore it. Shouldn't we know who or what this God is and why we should believe in it before we imagine being one of its elect? Do you think that everyone already believes in the same God deep down? Would you consider that a properly basic belief?
  6. I don't see a way to restrict someone only from ToT. Skip or Florduh may know a way.
  7. I did it with my son for a few years. He just wanted to go camping. I witnessed plenty of religious stupidity and demonization. We quit before a witch hunt caught up with me. My group was hosted by a Christian evangelical church, and one of the leaders was going after people who welcomed non-Christians, Muslims in particular. I didn't watch the video, but the Boyscouts have a history of excluding atheists and homosexuals.
  8. I've thought about that and might have read something about it in the past. Some of the teachings attributed to him seem to mesh more with Buddhism than with Judaism. The region was a bit of a melting pot with lots of varying influences at the time though.
  9. dUg can still wail. I'm hopeful that they'll deliver the goods on the new album.
  10. Hi, Myrkhoos. You have many valid concerns, many of which contributed to many of us concluding that we no longer subscribe to religious teachings. Keep questioning. The truth will set you free.
  11. Mine is basically a wink at "True Believers" who embrace the paradox that "True Freedom" comes from slavery to their supposed savior.
  12. This might also be a good start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Deities_in_the_Hebrew_Bible
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