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  1. Ed, are you in Texas? What area? I would definitely take florduh up on that beer.
  2. Me too! I was always a freak, but I saved myself for marriage. 23 years later, I got my first BJ, and then so. much. more.
  3. Bart Ehrman is great at providing objective, non-inflammatory explanations. Misquoting Jesus and Jesus, Interrupted are my favorites written for popular audiences. John Loftus provides an excellent perspective from a former evangelical. Why I Became an Atheist is amazing. Richard Elliott Friedman is an OT authority. I've enjoyed reading Elaine Pagels on early Christianity and gnosticism. Many enjoy Karen Armstrong, "A former Roman Catholic religious sister, she went from a conservative to a more liberal and mystical Christian faith."
  4. Hang in there, Kdeaustin. You'll feel better once you learn how absurd those religious teachings are. Here's a brief introduction to the history of the hell doctrine:
  5. I’m not sure that he’s intentionally trolling, but he certainly meets the qualifications and is obviously an idiot. I guess we’re hard up for Christians willing to debate.
  6. “Anyone who defines themselves by their unbelief and who asks this question is NEVER interested in anything being said AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!” Cheesus... I seriously doubt that many forum members define themselves by their past mistakes. Most of us were indoctrinated into your death cult from infancy. We came here to purge and recover. I’m still just paying it forward. But you’re right about the lack of interest you’re likely to find here in being convinced again that the Christian bible is literally true or that any form of Christianity is even tenable.
  7. Thank you for acknowledging that you're a presuppositionalist. I'll list a few common presuppositions from a rationalwiki article on the subject and address them as a naturalist as an example of how you might communicate an honest, personal opinion while citing from other sources: A God exists. I doubt this, especially one that humans would be able to relate to. Spirituality exists. Humans (but not canines) have at least one soul. I doubt this, as personality and memories are tied so strongly to the brain and its health and survival.
  8. Christians with good intentions will ask other Christians to pray for us out of concern for our eternal destinations.The larger problem that I faced was the spreading of nefarious speculations regarding what they thought that I must have done in order to reach a point of what they saw as denial or unrighteous defiance.
  9. I cut communication with some family for a while. I would let them know how I feel about it and base next steps on their reactions.
  10. The decision was not made lightly, and he had many opportunities to dial back his trolling. It's not like it was about censoring dissenting views. It was about excessive trolling, plain and simple, about topics completely unrelated to the purpose of these forums, something that he was actually willing to pay to do, evidently, as he was a subscriber.
  11. I don’t consider Christianity a religion. It’s more a classification for a vast collection of diverse religious cults based on a wide range of beliefs influenced by a few common books and traditions at differing degrees.
  12. Another brief, quality intro to the invention of hell in audio/video:
  13. I came across a concise article on the invention of hell and thought that it would make a nice introduction to a thread for historic teachings about a place of suffering after death. "This article seeks to chart in particular the provenance of ideas regarding Hell, particularly how it came to be the everlasting inferno that many people in the West still envisage to be the eventual fate of the wicked." https://infidels.org/kiosk/article/the-invention-of-hell-939.html
  14. Many of us favor teaching children about as many religions and cultures as we can. Do you do the same? How about secular perspectives?
  15. I don't think that anyone is anthropomorphizing "the universe" as they would a god and imagining that he or she did something magical. What are you suggesting that there is no evidence for? We have observed many things which people like to think God created or interrupted natural law to influence but have instead found that they happen naturally and often in a most ungraceful manner.
  16. Many innocent children have been tortured for much longer than a weekend. How did this Jesus fellow's unfortunate weekend absolve you of your wrongdoings? And why all of the hate for this Satan dude? What has he done that's so evil? Tell the truth about what happens when you disobey orders? Seduce a woman with food? I just hope that Jesus comes back to mow my lawn again this week.
  17. This "God" you believe in didn't even exist a few thousand years ago. El, YHWH, (gasp!) Asherah, Baal were part of the Canaanite pantheon. The rejection of Asherah and Baal and syncretism of El, YHWH, Yshua, and El/YHWH's spirit can even be tracked through biblical sources. And the characters have continued to evolve. None of the earliest Christianities looked anything like what we see today. And the Christianities we see now vary so greatly it's ridiculous that we consider them part of the same religion. But, hey, if we can syncretize ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Canaanite religion and to
  18. Actually, you either completely missed webmdave's point or chose to completely ignore it. Shouldn't we know who or what this God is and why we should believe in it before we imagine being one of its elect? Do you think that everyone already believes in the same God deep down? Would you consider that a properly basic belief?
  19. I've thought about that and might have read something about it in the past. Some of the teachings attributed to him seem to mesh more with Buddhism than with Judaism. The region was a bit of a melting pot with lots of varying influences at the time though.
  20. Hi, Myrkhoos. You have many valid concerns, many of which contributed to many of us concluding that we no longer subscribe to religious teachings. Keep questioning. The truth will set you free.
  21. Mine is basically a wink at "True Believers" who embrace the paradox that "True Freedom" comes from slavery to their supposed savior.
  22. This might also be a good start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Deities_in_the_Hebrew_Bible
  23. How about the first commandment? "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
  24. My last pastor appreciated my doubts before I became a full blown apostate, but I haven't discussed my completed deconversion with him. A pastor friend whom I interned under acknowledges that the emperor has no clothes and agrees with most of my conclusions, but he remains in his cognitive dissonance as a pastor and continues to lie to his church. Leaders have been much more understanding with my position than followers.
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