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  1. Thumbelina (I like the story that inspired your handle), Look back at what you have been doing here. You want to accuse people who do not accept the Bible as an absolute authority of not understanding it. Think about what you are trying to sell here. You have a magic book and only really special people can really understand it because the book is so magical. Those who have read this book and later decided that it is not an absolute authority are not really psecial people so they can't realy understand the magic book no matter how nuch they may have thought they did in the first pla
  2. Ben, when you repeat Bible verses like that, it makes you look alike a mindless Bible-spouting robot. So Ben -- forget about what your magic comic book says. Why do you come here to debate? Not jesus, not the Bible, not the holy cosmic bediddlythwap -- you, Ben, why do YOU come here?
  3. Lately I have become a bit riled up. On the political landscape it appears that fundies have become meaner, more hateful, and more prone to violence. Their numbers a decreasing. Non-believers aare increasing. In response it appears that they have become more viscious. The fundies had their day in the sun during the W. Bush administration and mega-churches popping up all over the place. In a short period of time the GP tide has turned against them. They are more dangerous now because they obviously feel threatened. The biggest threat to them is people who at one time were true believers
  4. One of the issues is that you may just be lonely. It's hard -- you just abandoned a major part of your social life. It's a perfectly normal response. I know that this sounds corny -- but it is an opportunity to find out about yourself. Who are you? Without your identity being so connected to a particular group you can explore, find out what you enjoy doing, who you like to hang out with, what music you like to listen to -- etc. Have fun with it. You are free to examine more parts of life, more aspects of the real world -- without resriction. The internet is a great resource for learning ab
  5. I dunno, if you do that they might be encouraged by their 'success' to print more of it than they would have. They are going to keep printing tracts no matter what you do with them. I have picked a few up, altered them in very funny ways, and put them back where I found them.
  6. Jeremiah 33:3 - Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. I just thought of some scammer setting up a talk to Jesus scam -- for only $10 a minute. I'm sure it's been done and the televangeists are pretty much that blatent in their scams as it is.
  7. Yep, there is no good reason that you should have to be a Christian. I remember when I finally abandoned AA it felt as if I had been carrying a refrigerator aroung with me all the time and then realized that there is no good reason to lug that thing around. Just leavit it ther and go on.
  8. The MLM analogy is a good analogy in terms of the relationship of structure. Let's look at this scenario: You meet some friendly person on a bus. He tells you how happy he is and how great his life is going. With a great amount of enthusiasm he invites you to his church. You are curious as to what all the hype is about. Maybe there is something to it. "We don't expect anything of you," he tells you. "Just check it out." Once you foot is in the door the start delivering the doctrine to you bit by bit. You go through a baptism and/or some ceremonies to demonstrate that you are pa
  9. Yes. Religion, politics, philosophy, education, etc. All have their own fundyism and groupthink. I actually thought the term "free thinker" applied to all those things, not just religion. Later I found out that was wrong.... I don't think that you are wrong. I have been studying cults and the indoctrination process for quite some time. One of the things that the GP tends to do is think of the term 'cult' as only being a religious organization. That is one area in which my thinking expanded. The type of indoctrination that cults use do not only exist within a theological framework
  10. Thank you folks, I really don't know for sure whether is was AA or the hippie new age stuff that had me more sucked in. AA is more hostile toward de-converts, that's for sure. The hippies -- they really don't seem to care. They just smoke their weed and tune in to crystal power and all that jive. Speaking of weed -- I did find, in my short time with the Pentecostals -- some of them smoke pot. I was surprised to discover that -- unexpected. I can, however, see how being stoned could get one in the mood to engage in a little glossolalia.
  11. I have been thinking about doing an analysis of religious propaganda in general. I have not really been able to find accurate data on the efficacy of religious tracts. Most likely there is none. I can't really think of how it could be obtained. I would like to get a collection of past and present material to examine how it has changed over the years. The first Chick tract, without double-checking, I think was "Somebody Loves You" which was a kind of sappy get-saved-now message. Chick's more recent material appears to be more hate-oriented. As well as the general fundie population. The
  12. There was some discussion earlier on this thread about the desire to believe and does that make it true? Then the true Christian came to set us all stright by reminding us that Jesus wants us to go fuck ourselves -- or whatever. Anyway -- I had a disscussion with someone who was a true believer in the old backmasking concept. The idea that there are hidden satanic messages in music that are revealed when played backwards. (I admit that I bought into that briefly and played records backwards to find hidden messages until I just got bored with it.) His main argument was -- you don't wan
  13. It's a sales gimmick. This is not religion -- it's totally different and unique and special. I suppose we are all supposed to find that sooooo intriguing. I can understand the hippie-Jesus stuff that happened in days of old. There are some aspects of traditional Christianity and the Hippie sub-culture that are a good match. I remember that version of the Bible -- And Jesus said, "Hey man, that's not too cool."
  14. They will come up with any excuse. You were not strong enough in your faith. You did it wrong. Went to the wrong church. Didn't really read the Bible. You did not have an open mind to begin with. You were overcome with you desire to sin. You had a bad experience. You -- you -- you. Anything at all as long as it is not -- the religion is WRONG.
  15. Past lives. Who were you in your past life? Ok, I was.... Why am I making this stuff up? Why is this person pretending that I'm not?
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