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    Truth and the meaning of life.
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    I'm keeping this anonymous for meow. Most of my friends and family still don't know. I am still involved in ministry and am "in deep." Trying to juggle my lifestyle with my worldview is... a challenge. I am not here to spam. I am mostly here to lurk, to find support, to find courage, and to be able to get some things off my chest with sane feedback.

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    I'm still not sure.

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  1. Fuck. Just got the call that my grandmother passed. The week I'm starting my new position at work. Promotion is good. Having to deal with grief, and time off for a funeral... Ugh. I mean, FUCK. Fuck death. If one more person I love dies, I swear I'll kill them.

    1. TheUnknown


      I'm so sorry for your loss.

    2. Galien


      sorry to hear this.

    3. milesaway


      so sorry for your loss! :(

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