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  1. If one wants to delete her account, how the hell does one make this happen? No one is answering me thus far, and I'd like to know.

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    2. Akheia


      I liked your posts and thought you were very interesting :) Hope it all works out! I'm sure if you contact Ouro he can point you in the right direction.

    3. mymistake


      I'm sorry to hear. I wish you the best.

    4. Deva


      Sorry to see you go.


  2. Being a non-Christian can be just as consuming as being a Christian. Balance is good.

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    2. mymistake


      I wish I could move to a place where people were not religious. Then I wouldn't need to think about it anymore.

    3. GardenerGal


      I am with you on that, mymistake. I was in Cali last week and felt such freedom from religion. Back here, I am reminded I am alone. It's tough.

    4. Realist


      One of the most important things in life to me IS balance! Getting too far out on a limb is not always healthy!

  3. Amen to the Rain I have been praying for for months!! Keep it up! Thank you Father!
  4. My irreverence toward religion only seems to grow worse by the day.

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    2. Galien
    3. mymistake


      Are you guys being coerced into attending service? That was exactly how I felt when I was attending Church. It got better when I wasn't surrounded anymore.

    4. GardenerGal


      No, haven't been there in months. That would be really hard if so, though. @RR - same here! Perhaps someday.

  5. Hi Openbook, thank you for sharing and congrats on your engagement! It's funny how Christian leaders blame college for why kids leave the fold, as if upon entering teachers are handing out atheist guides or the "How To's" of leaving the church. Most people are scared to ask if you still believe, usually because they are scared of the answer. I prefer to utilize the "don't ask, don't tell" policy with this subject. Trust yourself to tell who you think you should tell, and just smile and nod to those you don't trust or know won't handle it with maturity.
  6. I couldn't defend god anymore without feeling like a hypocritical jerk (namely, homosexuality, premarital sex, women's reproductive rights). Had I not went through a very painful season where I felt absolutely alone, praying for god's comfort with none received, I would probably still be a jerk. I think eventually I would have come to this conclusion, though.
  7. A Catholic friend shared this. I think we laughed for different reasons, but funny nonetheless!
  8. Welcome aboard! Thanks for sharing your story; a lot of us can relate. Hope you are able to talk with your wife about this when the time is right. One of the hardest things is losing that social support because you no longer part of the fold. Hope you meet other like-minded folks, too. Take care!
  9. You're probably right. But you came to this thread yourself, either for the same reasons or to partake vicariously in the mudslinging. I struggle myself with whether it is helpful to vent in this way (carthartic therapy) or whether it is counter-productive (negativity-inducing). Dunno. I think it can be a little of both, but it's for each of us to discover that for ourselves. Some days I overlook this thread, other days I join in. It's hard to look on FB and feel like the minority at times, when almost 1/4 of the posts I see are God-related. ^^I hate when they ruin a beautiful pic with a stupid saying!
  10. Saw this on Pinterest: http://www.lakecountrybooks.com/store.php/lakecountrybooks/pd20431/helping_the_retarded_to_know_god_a_guide_for_christian_teachers_of_the_mentally I am really curious as to their tactics?
  11. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

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    2. BendyLine


      You'd think if they really believed they wouldn't be so hung up on life.

    3. GardenerGal


      exactly. i wish Christians would acknowledge that, instead of saying, "Lord Jesus, come quickly!"

    4. TrueFreedom


      Yah--Why can't they just wish for their own deaths instead of wishing that Jesus will come for everybody and send the sinners to hell?

  12. The author of this blog is a former fundamentalist and he posted a video of himself as a kid talking about how great and non-boring God is, along with his commentary now, almost 20 years later as a non-believing adult.
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