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  1. Lucy

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Sure about that? If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. - Luke 14:26
  2. Lucy

    Just Forgive!

    You shouldn't have to live with this even with disability. If they side with the perpetrator it will only get worse. Why do they side with the other person and not even tell them it's wrong? Does the person that hit you have some mental illness?
  3. For some reason this just made me picture god trapped in hell as punishment for all the things he did in the old testament. As if the short stint as Jesus wasn't enough to make up for all the previous events.
  4. Does he think there will be a Second Coming or Armageddon? Does he believe heaven and hell exist?
  5. A barrier to entry on the asshole profession?
  6. They act robotic. Most people act a little different in church and in private, but they turn it up to the max.
  7. Lucy


    This is why I don't see how the 12 step program works. Addictions seem minor compared to many other issues that god doesn't bother to help out with. If god doesn't bother to stop people from doing harm to each other, why would he decide to intervene in stopping self-harming addiction behavior? Since believing god is helping you is all a form of self hypnosis, perhaps self help is the only sort of help any "god" would be capable of. Regardless, I would find it very difficult to convince myself that god felt like helping me while ignoring others with much bigger problems.
  8. Lucy

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Facebook's algorithms show you more of things you respond to. Posting comments on things you disagree with causes it to show you more most posts like that. The whole point is to get you to use facebook more. It doesn't care if you are enjoying it so long as you are interacting with it.
  9. That if I am a good enough Christian I might actually hear God's voice speak to me one day! Now I'm glad he never said a word.... It's really stupid but, if someone told me they actually heard god's voice tell them something I'd believe it because no one would lie about something like that! Right?
  10. Lucy

    For Ex-Christian Women

    I'm glad to not have to spend time worrying over nonsense anymore. I always had this nagging feeling I needed to be worrying about what god wants me to do. I spent much time contemplating how close my understandings of god and his will were accurate. I always felt like a lot of the laws were not really from god but rather added in by priests to give them more control over their followers. And the anti-female parts were in there because the bible was written by men. That didn't stop the nagging feelings like I'm doing something wrong by not following the bible accurately. The most difficult thing was accepting that everyone who has died is most likely gone for real. It felt like losing deceased loved ones all over again. The other difficult part was accepting that all the time and resources that were wasted studying and worshiping a false deity were truly in vain. Switching one's timeline from infinite to very finite really changes the perception of how much wasted time really matters.
  11. Lucy


    If you are waking up due to tooth pain, go see a dentist. If you wait, it'll only get worse. I used to have issues with my gums and teeth. My gums would hurt and the inside of my mouth felt itchy. I would get itchy patches and if I brushed my teeth every day I would get ulcers. Then I switched to SLS free toothpaste and my issues all went away. My mouth feels totally normal and no ulcers or itchiness for over a decade now. It really sucked being in constant pain and getting lectures from adults about brushing my teeth and finding out much, much later that it was all due to a toothpaste ingredient that didn't affect other people he same as it affected me. I'm currently using xyliwhite. Once your mouth feels better, try a water pick. It's a lot easier to keep your teeth clean if they aren't tingling and itching all the time.
  12. Lucy


    What caused the smoking or drinking to start? What triggers it each time? If it's all for coping then you need to come up with a better method for coping. You can't just stop drinking and smoking and replace them with nothing and expect it to work. I really don't understand the appeal of cigarettes and drinking. It seems strange to me. Just observing other people makes it seem unappealing. Cigarettes smell bad. And most of the people I know become highly belligerent when they are drunk. If you don't want to try counseling, try seeing if you can get a recommendation from a doctor.
  13. Lucy

    Is Christian paranoia increasing?

    I had a professor in college that believed in lizard people. And there was a woman at AlienCon last week that thinks she is one of the lizard people. I've noticed these beliefs for the last couple of decades. I've always known people who believe all this stuff. I can't tell it's any more common now, but it seems like it would be since the internet made it easier for it to spread and become normalized. I met one of these people back in the 90s for the first time. She wanted to tell us all this stuff because "nobody knows it." That's why she home schooled her kids. She needs to make sure they know the true history of the world and none of the brainwashing they teach in public schools. Her kids were super cocky brats. She also kept talking about moving to Canada because there will be a war soon and they will start drafting women. I was in a special art class for home school children. She sat through the classes because she wanted to make sure her kids were not exposed to something without her knowing. The teacher would start with a lecture and when we started drawing or painting this lady would start talking about her crazy stuff while we worked on our projects.
  14. She should join the Amish. She'd probably prefer their version of Christianity.
  15. So his personal view of god is of a being that would give your wife health problems to punish you. And I'm sure he thinks this god is all good and all fair. Right... You can't really get through to these people. He's probably on some bipolar high.