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  3. Hi Duckiegirl, Your story is heartbreaking from this father's perspective.....I have a 28 year old daughter that I raised in the charismatic faith. When I was 40, a part time music minister and christian radio dee jay (and she was 16), I lost my faith (long story), and found my brain again. I'm happy to say that my daughter is doing great in spite of my former fundy teachings and restrictions. She occasionally reminds me about the scary churches I dragged her to, shows I didn't let her watch, etc, but she forgives me..... Anyway, my relationship with my daughter was one of the first things that made me start really questioning my faith. I knew I would never stop loving her, and no mater what she did I would never want some horrible eternal punishment for her. I couldn't imagine that I could be a better, more loving father that the god of the bible. I knew all the bs about his ways being beyond our understanding, requirements for being holy before god, yada, yada....but that does not compare with the real love I had for her. I feel really pissed when I read about what your father is doing, and I hope that he comes to his senses. Even knowing the way I believed and acted at one time, it's still hard to understand how a bunch of oral-tradition stories about a made-up tribal god could make modern, educated people hurt and alienate the people they love. I agree with the earlier posts, it will be so much better when you leave. I hope one day your father has if not a conversion, at least a more open mind. Randy
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