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  1. These videos had my mother and I pissing ourselves laughing, thanks for sharing them!
  2. After being in different churches over 7 years there's only 2 people who kept in regular contact with my family after we left. One of them is really good, she doesn't treat us like we have leprosy just because we don't share the same beliefs anymore and I always look forward to seeing her. It says quite a lot though that only 2 people bothered out of all the people we knew over the 7 years we were xians.
  3. Unfortunately that's true. Some people simply can't handle hearing things they don't like. Having sacred cows that can't be questioned is never a good thing but some people don't want to hear that. What they can't do is silence the people who are honest enough to be open to all possibilities even though some will try.
  4. I've noticed that too with the more out there people. I'm all for equality but it's becoming popular to throw the presumption of innocence out the window when someone is accused of any kind of abuse and I can't get on board with that. Take the claim seriously and investigate thoroughly without treating the accuser like crap? Absolutely. Automatically assume guilt just because a claim has been made? Can't do it.
  5. I love my 1100 Virago, it's a '98 but it's still under 35,000km. It only had 17,500km on it when I got it almost 3 years ago, I'm not sure how many owners it had before me but the low kms prove it was never ridden much which has been great for me, it means I can keep it for longer. Once it gets to 25 years old it'll be considered a classic so it'll be worth keeping. It's a very reliable bike, plus it has a new type of battery in it that I bought when my other one died. There have been times where I haven't even started the bike for 3 weeks but it fires up fine, then there's the time I accident
  6. I've met arrogant elitist Harley riders in my time but thankfully I know some that are nothing like that. I'm in Australia though so there may be less of that in general here. I've had plenty of the "Get a real bike" comments from Harley riders which is annoying. I have a real bike thank you very much mister no true Scotsman fallacy. My dream bike is a Yamaha Bolt. They're the competition for the Harley sportsters but they perform better. Mechanically I've found Yamahas to be pretty decent, I've been riding for 4 1/2 years and have had 3 Yamahas (we have restrictions on how much power you can
  7. I don't understand why the Catholic Church still thinks it's in a position to be telling anyone else what's moral anymore in the first place, it's not like they have any credibility left.
  8. When I first deconverted I debated theists quite often and I was angry for a long time. I think we can go through a grief-like process after losing faith, xianity is something that your entire life and identity is wrapped up in so when people come of it they can feel like they don't know who they are, like they lost themselves. They have to figure out who they are apart from xianity and find a way to navigate through their new life without it. Pretty daunting for some! These days I don't debate theists much and when I do I don't tend to do so angrily, I tend to keep it rational. In debates I l
  9. You might be able to find some other people in similar situations to you on the Internet, you may even be able to meet some in person. When I was heading out of the Christian belief system I found it very helpful to come to this forum and talk to other people who had been through or we're currently going through the same thing I was. At a time like this when so much is changing with your beliefs it's really important for you to know that you aren't on your own, they are many other people who have been where you are and understand. I'm probably not the best to get advice from regarding how
  10. It's easy to get sick of xian music, especially when you've been to church services where they've decided that singing the same one song for an entire fucking hour is a good idea...
  11. Hope you're doing better now, I have OCD too and I know how it can be. The violent intrusive thoughts get at me a lot, as does constant ideas about arguing with people. Sometimes you can feel like a prisoner in your own mind.
  12. I hear you! I can especially relate to trying to get a logic based conversation out of people who use poor reasoning. I think bashing my head against a brick wall would be less painful than that! Sounds like you need a holiday.
  13. They're all too aware of the emotional effect music has on people, it can easily be used as a manipulative tool and the lyrics are the same old repetitive shit but that's how you brainwash people. Thankfully I don't get those annoying songs stuck in my head anymore because I don't have to hear it anymore.
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