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  1. Welcome to the forum, Frozen. To unlearn "destructive ways of thinking", you have to reprogramme your mind by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. The way religion programs people is through repetition. We have actually been conditioned at church, with much of the programming at an unconscious level. It takes conscious effort to undo the programming and to reprogramme yourself. Good luck!
  2. There is a priest, pastor and rabbi. The pastor asks how do you share your collection. The priest says "I draw a line on the floor, throw the collection money in the air and what falls to the right of the line is mine, and to the left is Gods" The pastor says "I draw a circle on the floor, toss the collection money in the air, what falls in the circle is mine and outside is Gods" Finally the rabbi replies. He says "I throw thecollection money in the air, what God catches he keeps, the rest is for me"
  3. Prophet Mohammed's friend says "Your wife is calling you a pedophile." Mohammed replies "Thats a big word, for a nine year old!"
  4. Welcome to the forum. Its crazy that you parents would control/ disown you for not believing in fairy tales! Of course cohabiting is a perfectly normal and sensible thing to do as a lifestyle choice and if you chose to marry at a later date,
  5. Hi Fweethawt, I am not sure how helpful these Islam threats are. Sure Islam is very silly, and violent, more so than Xianity. But... As deconverting Cs and ex-C's it's very very easy for us to see the problem with other religions. The difficulty we have is in seeing the problem with Xianity and the Bible. Another point is the main victims of Islam are Muslims. Like us they also have to deal with the consequences of mental conditioning. I would think more sympathetic voices would be good, and also could give pointers to Muslims who visit this site.. I guess there may be many who quietly look at this and can learn some things to de convert themselves. Cheers Adam
  6. Alien and others, very good. Thanks for posting. Been through the last few pages... very entertaining
  7. That is a tricky one. The time gained we replace with other interests. Although I know what you mean about sense of community, which I think is lacking in modern life. I guess it is a trade off, you lose some security, but gain in sanity by replacing fantasy with reality.
  8. Good morning and welcome to the forum. The reason why the people in your church can do it is because there is a large spectrum of belief and disbelief, so that the people in the pews believe in different things, and each have different points of view and experience. There are a large proportion of people who attend church who cherry pick the things they believe in. They dont have the fear of eternal hell as they dont believe in it. Good luck with your journey. There is no hell. Except the hell we make for ourselves, and its up to us to work our way out of it, hence the good work of this site take care
  9. Hi Dutchie, nicely written testimony. I agree that you have done well to figure it out at a young age. Growing up in secular country helps.
  10. Hi Bluelobster, welcome to the forum. I enjoyed reading your testimony. It must be tough having a family so ingrained in the church culture. Good luck.
  11. Hi Directionless, it can take time for many to un-do the brainwashing of Christianity. Religion is a powerful system of control and regular prayers through repetition is a part of this. It is a kind of hypnotism. As an aside on prayer, when looked at rationally why would a God need prayer? If God is all knowing, there is no need to make petitions to him or weary him with demands. From this point of view, prayer is actually an act of unbelief as it is doubting that God knows all, or the petitioner wants God to do something that he isnt already doing. So even believing God exists, there is no proper reason to pray. The good news is that the people here are either deconverted or in the process of deconverting, which shows it can be done, and there is the light of enlightenment at the end of the tunnel, and the end to confusion and superstition.
  12. Hi FreeThinkerNZ, welcome to the fourm. I enjoyed reading your testimony. I can see some familiar things in a lot of the testimonies here. It never ceases to amaze how religion can mess people up. It should come with a health warning!
  13. Welcome to the forum Volt, and I enjoyed reading your testimony.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I enjoyed reading your testimony.
  15. This lady sounds pretty crazy. Sometimes Christians say that dinosaurs existed before the time of Adam and Eve. Which is a cop out but makes more sense that saying you dont believe they existed at all.
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