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  1. Hi All, not checked in for a good many years. Registered in 2012 when de-converted. Was very helpful the support then. Hope you're doing ok coming out of the pandemic. I still stupidly struggle with breaking completely free from the self programming. I've been back to church a few times as one offs (why!?) and sometimes look up bible stuff, then have to consciously remind myself what nonsense it is. I'm the UK which is very secular and nearly everyone has no religion or in name only here. But I was brought up by Christian parents, went to Sunday school, church choirs. T
  2. For any new or newish to the forum, there is a collection of contradictions in handy form on the front page of the website. I find this interesting and really like it as it has the facts in two pages which is easy to follow. I prefer this to massive long lists you see on the web. Link http://articles.exchristian.net/2005/11/7-e-z-steps-to-get-handy-collection-of.html
  3. 26 Use the silver to buy whatever you like: cattle, sheep, wine or other fermented drink, or anything you wish. guess this is what you'd expect from bronze age sheep and goat herders
  4. What is your favorite funny biblical tale? One of mine is when Jesus curses the fig tree... In between fishing trips, and long periods of time spent praying to himself, Jesus sets off back to the city. It is early morning and he is hungry. He sees a fig tree by the side of the road but it has only leaves on it, not figs. He says "May you never bear fruit again!” The creator of the universe! curses the tree causing it to immediately wither. Showing off his power!! His friends are impressed! Saying "How did the fig tree wither so quickly?" And it gets more crazy still
  5. Welcome to the forum, Frozen. To unlearn "destructive ways of thinking", you have to reprogramme your mind by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. The way religion programs people is through repetition. We have actually been conditioned at church, with much of the programming at an unconscious level. It takes conscious effort to undo the programming and to reprogramme yourself. Good luck!
  6. I attended a Pentecostal church for a few weeks. Speaking in tongues is very much on the wackier fringe of Christianity. Looks crazy to me now, but at the time when I was looking at the Pentecostal church it seemed normal. Bizarre..
  7. There is a priest, pastor and rabbi. The pastor asks how do you share your collection. The priest says "I draw a line on the floor, throw the collection money in the air and what falls to the right of the line is mine, and to the left is Gods" The pastor says "I draw a circle on the floor, toss the collection money in the air, what falls in the circle is mine and outside is Gods" Finally the rabbi replies. He says "I throw thecollection money in the air, what God catches he keeps, the rest is for me"
  8. Prophet Mohammed's friend says "Your wife is calling you a pedophile." Mohammed replies "Thats a big word, for a nine year old!"
  9. Nice post, although I would like to add my own thoughts on 1) and 10) God's "actions" are of course non-existent. His utter inaction is to me evidence of his non-existence, or evidence for him not being concerned with his creation. I think Christianity central doctrine is that belief in Jesus will save you, not that 99.99% will go to hell. Again can think of no actual evidence for this apart from dubious letters in the bible.
  10. Hi, Great post, but going back to the first point,... of course there is no historical Adam & Eve, as many/most mainstream and liberal denominations believe. So without an Adam and Eve there is no fall of man, and no need for atonement and no need for salvation. Christianity is already proven false, as the Genesis creation account and Garden of Eden are mythology, and therefore is without solid foundaton.
  11. I guess this is why liberal Christians ignore the Genesis creation account and the ridiculous tower of Babel story, even though the writers of the new testament believed in these myths.
  12. Phase 3 - give your money to priest/ pastor (important) Phase 4 - research Christianity, realize you have been scammed! Phase 5 - join ex-christian forum
  13. Welcome to the forum. Its crazy that you parents would control/ disown you for not believing in fairy tales! Of course cohabiting is a perfectly normal and sensible thing to do as a lifestyle choice and if you chose to marry at a later date,
  14. I dont think I've ever heard what a "soul" actually is. I dont think there can be a good explanation. People want to live forever and claim to have souls which live eternally after you die. t strikes as wishful thinking.
  15. I find myself being more respectful towards gays, atheists, agnostics, and non believers, those unmarried/ cohabiting, and other lifestyles which the church views as sinful. There is literally billions of people who you no longer look down upon for not being "saved". You don't have to damn every person on the planet, as there is no hell to damn them to. Instead you view the world in reality without "God" glasses.
  16. Yes I had the same problem. When deconverting I tore up a Bible! I was reading Joshua and was so sickened by it, I took the radical step of tearing it up. I have kept one small Christian book though for sentimental purposes as its over 30 years old. But I have no Bibles in the house.
  17. Hi, baptism, what a load of balloney. You might as well sprinkle "holy" water on your laptop to exorcise evil spirits makes as much sense!! Yes I distanced myself from some church people I know, but I have kept in touch with a few on Facebook.
  18. Yes they say God is good, whilst at least half their book is filled with evil and violenc, and the other half has absurd unprovable claims, which none of us would believe from another religion. I put it down to upbringing and human psychology such as confirmation bias which means it is easy for humans to believe in delusional things.
  19. Hi Fweethawt, I am not sure how helpful these Islam threats are. Sure Islam is very silly, and violent, more so than Xianity. But... As deconverting Cs and ex-C's it's very very easy for us to see the problem with other religions. The difficulty we have is in seeing the problem with Xianity and the Bible. Another point is the main victims of Islam are Muslims. Like us they also have to deal with the consequences of mental conditioning. I would think more sympathetic voices would be good, and also could give pointers to Muslims who visit this site.. I guess there may be many who q
  20. Thank you all for your comments. I learn so much here. Fictional events like the flood raise so many questions and cannot be morally justified. The 'good book' contradicts God's claimed benevolence. Genocide should be immoral whoever commits it.
  21. Believers in the Trinity, believe that Jesus is God. That he talks to himself and prays to himself. We learn from the old testament that God/Jesus kills every human being on earth except for one family. This is told in approving tones as a moral thing. Jesus tells us to "love our enemies", except with breathtaking hypocrisy is guilty for the greatest genocide in human history. As God/Jesus (same person?) kills nearly every living thing on the planet, including defenseless animals, babies, children and pregnant women. God/Jesus also sends Joshua and the Israelite to kill every living
  22. It is up to you, and depends on your situation. Personally I would say I donate to animal charities and not to Christian schools and explain that you are no longer a Christian. But you may want to donate to keep the peace.
  23. Morning good post. Rant away... ts not a problem. From my experience fundies (like this website) tend to focus on other peoples' sins. I think is a way of boosting their own low self esteem. They have low self confidence so by trying to put others down, it makes them feel better about themselves. Yes the OT/ NT law thing is a major contradiction. Jesus contradicts Paul. The gospels contradict each other. Its a mess of contractions!
  24. Alien and others, very good. Thanks for posting. Been through the last few pages... very entertaining
  25. H Ficino, I think any reasonable person would require some decent evidence, like eye witness accounts, or independent corroboration from a number of reliable sources. But the stories in the Bible are nothing like that.
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