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  1. Actually, no. Not at all. Unbelievers don't think that there's a god there to hate in the first place. I can no more hate a god than I can hate the spaghetti monster or Sasquatch. They just don't exist.
  2. That, and that alone, should trouble you deeply. Things that are real and true and have sufficient evidence to support them do not run scared from questions.
  3. Welcome, Amy! You're a very good writer and I enjoyed reading your story. The others have had some very good advice. The only thing that I would add is to please consider carefully that pretending to be someone you are not can be very damaging to your self-esteem. That's not something you need right now.
  4. Lilith, I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from writing the response you just did as a comment under that post. It is perfect and shows them exactly how they come across to those of us down here on earth. How truly disgusting.
  5. MattFoley: glad you're here, welcome! Kolaida is right - we are nice
  6. Oh, you need a hug so badly. I wish I lived near you (that's possible, but I doubt it). You are right that there is no god. But it is okay to keep your rituals as they make you feel comfortable. They will lose their meaning as you are ready. Don't be afraid of that. You are perfectly correct that there is no god. There is no reason to worry ; unbelievers like you and I have been living well for thousands of years, and then "suffering" the same exact fate as believers do. Don't worry. Take care of your baby and relax, because that is the best thing you can do. It will be ok. Private message me if you want. I'm here.
  7. Isn't that a country song? Yes. http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/montgomery-john-michael/the-little-girl-7270.html This song is the reason I know that CDs make a kickass light show in the microwave.
  8. "Dad, I will be walking down the aisle without you. if you want to be invited to my wedding, you will have to prove to me between now and when the invitations are dropped in the mail that you understand what I have asked of you. This is not negotiable."
  9. It is great that you are realizing that fact is better than faith...excellent step, and as others have said before me, once you have seen behind that curtain, you can never forget. You will also probably come to realize that not only is fact better than faith, but that faith is not a virtue and it is not a good thing. Faith is a perfect impediment to honest inquiry and intellectual honesty. If anything is evil, it is faith.
  10. "Christian Education" --- sad that they actually are fooling people with that horseshit, including themselves. There is nothing about it that counts as education.
  11. Yes, it is crazy, and none of it is true. So don't worry about it.
  12. While I would agree that it's good that your wife is not insisting that you go to church, the way you wrote this struck a nerve. She said you didn't have to go - as in she could have told you that you had to, but instead she is giving you permission not to? It's not up to her if you go or not, or really anything else. You are an adult in your own right. YOU make these decisions. Do not allow her to dictate to you what you will and will not do. If you let that shit get started, you'll never get it stopped.
  13. Hey I saw your message about your friend with brain cancer. I just learned that a friend of mine (with a wife and two kids) was diagnosed in the past couple of years with Stage 4 brain cancer, about a week and a half after finding the tumor, which is the size of a peach. I don't know all that much about this particular cancer but it doesn't look good. I'm also irritated by all the praise given to the imaginary deity of choice in this area of the world. They are all about praying for him and how god will provide and heal him and all that. And they keep talking about how much they're praying!! Fucking lot of good that's done in the past ten days. I suggested to a group of mutual acquaintances that we get together and cook them some homemade meals and freeze them for reheating later, sicne they'll be busy and at the hospital and all that. i was categorically shot down and told that they just need prayer. I'm pretty angry about it actually. Sorry for the story. Your post struck a nerve and I wanted to share.
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