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    I have two main hobbies: I love music and love to read. I also like art galleries, drama, and playing with my iPod. Of course, theology and philosophy are big ones, since I'm on here.
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    I quit Christianity on November 22, sometime in the afternoon, when I was 14 years old. I had been having guiltily suppressed doubts for a couple years, but then I read a chapter of the missionary Jack Popjes' book A Kick in the Pants, in which he said Jesus had been sent to save the world
    mainly for God's glory, to make people want to worship him. (If you read
    the Old Testament, particularly Exodus and Job, it gets into God glorifying
    himself quite a bit.) Well, a seasoned Christian like Popjes saying that
    broke my faith in the point of Christianity. Why should I trust Jesus if
    salvation is really about polishing God's pedestal? If you want to read
    about other things that are wrong with it, like the Bible's sexist double
    standards and winking at rapists, comment on my profile. Best wishes to all other infidels. 

    P.S. I should probably clarify that I am not a Satanist. I know Satanists like the number 666, but I think they misuse it. To me, it is a symbol of secularism, of my non-Xian values, because Xians consider that number to be evil. So I like it. I hate killing, I don't want to go to hell, and I enjoy being happy. 

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  1. Lilith666

    Shitty church music

    I remember the saccharine Matt Redman-type stuff we had to sing. It did get uncomfortable, the over the top syrupiness and vaguely sexual lyrics. Even though we were supposed to "enjoy" worshipping god this was not encouraged in practice. Dancing to upbeat songs was frowned upon. I got the feeling we could never get it right, if we were too serious we weren't in touch with god but having fun was irreverent.
  2. Lilith666

    Why be good if there is no God

    I take Christians' claims that they would be evil without god with many grains of salt. They tend to have this persistent self-abasing belief because the bible tells them so. They may claim it, but people say things without understanding what they really would do because they have never thought outside what the bible says. That claim probably shows a lack of self-knowledge.
  3. Lilith666

    Has anyone read this book on a-holes?

    Huh. I've run into plenty of unsavory people; maybe I'll read this.
  4. Lilith666

    A letter to my parents

    Your letter is powerful, TS.
  5. Lilith666

    Fifty Shades of Gawd

    I found a quiz about whether suggestive phrases are intentionally sexual, or are from Christian worship songs. Have fun
  6. Lilith666

    Boring Post Thread

    I took on overtime so I had to bring three ham sandwiches, because I get a second lunch. I am eating my last sandwich. Pawn Stars is on the television. There is a guy trying to sell kewpie dolls.
  7. Lilith666

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    Man, when I was a teenager I did this all. The. Time. Eventually one caught on and asked if I was less interested in having answers to questions than talking them out of being Christian. At least it let me vent my anger instead of staying enraged for a couple decades, even if nobody actually listened.
  8. Lilith666

    Where do I get the power?

    I agree with those who have suggested you see your doctor about this. You don't know what the voices might tell you. This is concerning.
  9. Lilith666

    Hatred of particular Christians

    Ex-C is for everyone who wants to come here, and will abide by site rules. If you have a problem, try talking to the person directly with the intent of peacefully resolving the issue, or ask a mod to intervene. Otherwise, I'd suggest picking your battles. Everyone has a different experience, and some take longer to reach their destination: often years, or even decades. All of us here were Christian at one point. It helps to extend the patience to others that we likely received from non-Christians in our own religious stage, even if we didn't know it.
  10. One thing counselors or psychiatrists need to do if they feel they are not the best person to help the one in need is say so, and send the patient somewhere he/she can receive treatment. This is not my opinion, but a standard of mental health professionals. If a counselor, etc., is unable to do so, then as ExPCA pointed out, that person should not be counseling at all. Do you understand why telling a suicidal person to commit suicide is an extremely dangerous action to take? That person, who is in a fragile emotional and possibly mental state (having depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or something else that seriously affects their behavior) likely will follow your suggestion. Frankly, your attitude is frightening. Please, never, ever say this to someone. If someone is talking about taking his or her own life, that must be taken seriously. Do NOT attempt to call the person's bluff. People die of trying to kill themselves. Do you get it? They die. This would be like hearing that someone is thinking about setting off a bomb, and telling him he should do it. The consequences would be enormous and irrevocable. Self-entitlement? To what, the end of their own lives? No, entitlement is cutting people off in traffic, demanding a return without a receipt, treating a waiter like your personal paid servant. Entitlement is not being in such a state of mind that you consider denying yourself all future chances of success and happiness, sometimes by inflicting horrible pain, such as cutting into your wrists until you bleed out. You are not a psychiatrist, or a counselor, or the person who is talking about suicide. You are not - let me repeat, not - in a position to judge whether that threat is sincere. Even licensed professionals will almost always take a suicide threat seriously. Do not ever try to "shock" someone out of his/her despair by telling that person to do something harmful. Stop for a minute and imagine what it would do to you if you were to hear that someone had taken your advice and committed suicide. If anyone ever tells you that he or she is thinking about doing this, the best you can do is direct that person to professional help, where staff are trained to treat people in that situation, not make up whatever they feel like out of an ill-advised "just snap out of it, your problems don't exist" mindset.
  11. No, practitioners can't say that because it is not right. Sometimes advice that seems harsh is needed: for instance I knew someone who regularly complained on Facebook about having no friends. People would comment that her neediness was unattractive and she should build a social life instead of complaining. That was the hard truth and following that advice should help her. However, telling people to commit suicide does no good whatever. Pointing out that self-pitying ideas of receiving attention for committing suicide are unrealistic may be appropriate depending on the person (if that person has that idea, which I did not read that the MIL did). But advice should always be given in the spirit of helping the person, not to make her or him feel bad. That attitude the pastor had was purely nasty.
  12. That's not funny, and it's a horrible thing to say. A licensed practitioner would never say that. Telling people to kill themselves is unethical and would get that person fired and possibly facing criminal charges.
  13. What? Good god I thought suicide was a massive sin in the cult.
  14. But ExPCA, they have spiritual maturity! Never mind if their advice is terrible and impractical, it's from the bible and must be right!
  15. Lilith666


    At my grandfather's funeral the minister reminded us repeatedly that anyone who was not "saved" would go to hell. My grandfather was Christian, but it made me so angry that anyone would think it's appropriate to guilt people into joining a religion, especially at a time like that, and cause further pain to those attending who were Christians.