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    I have two main hobbies: I love music and love to read. I also like art galleries, drama, and playing with my iPod. Of course, theology and philosophy are big ones, since I'm on here.
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    I quit Christianity on November 22, sometime in the afternoon, when I was 14 years old. I had been having guiltily suppressed doubts for a couple years, but then I read a chapter of the missionary Jack Popjes' book A Kick in the Pants, in which he said Jesus had been sent to save the world
    mainly for God's glory, to make people want to worship him. (If you read
    the Old Testament, particularly Exodus and Job, it gets into God glorifying
    himself quite a bit.) Well, a seasoned Christian like Popjes saying that
    broke my faith in the point of Christianity. Why should I trust Jesus if
    salvation is really about polishing God's pedestal? If you want to read
    about other things that are wrong with it, like the Bible's sexist double
    standards and winking at rapists, comment on my profile. Best wishes to all other infidels. 

    P.S. I should probably clarify that I am not a Satanist. I know Satanists like the number 666, but I think they misuse it. To me, it is a symbol of secularism, of my non-Xian values, because Xians consider that number to be evil. So I like it. I hate killing, I don't want to go to hell, and I enjoy being happy. 

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    Truth and peace.

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  1. Is it legal for an employer to penalize a worker for leaving early due to illness, even after the worker provides requested documentation?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lilith666


      Yep, this company doesn't have a good reputation.

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Sounds like the employers were arseholes. It would not be legal in NZ. If the regulations state that no penalisation is to be given in proven circumstances where you are, and the employer still does then that's illegal.

    4. Akheia


      Hi! Just saw this... And yes, it is perfectly legal. Many states in the US are "at-will" employers, which means that an employee can literally be fired for any reason at all--even for no reason at all. Only a few situations are protected, and even then only in certain ways (usually requiring accommodation, like in the case of very religious employees who need certain days off). Particularly for low-wage jobs, workers get penalized for missing work on an occurrence-type system that gives workers a certain amount of leeway for missing work and then slams them hard for going over that limit. For example, if a worker is skating on the edge of that leeway and then gets strep throat, they may discover themselves fired even though strep throat is obviously a serious medical emergency.


      I'd consult HR, but bear in mind that in the States, very few employers care how valid the absence is or care about doctors' notes. I'd also suggest looking into FMLA protection; it can be retroactively applied to cover longer absences (I used it when I got shingles some years back and my husband's used it to cover a week lost to strep throat.). The problem is that FMLA only applies to certain kinds of employees and has certain requirements that may make it impossible to gain its protections. Hope you're doing okay...

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