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  1. try magnesium and if you are NOT on blood thinners also try gink biloba
  2. True, I cannot make a difference. If they think a Christian shrink can do the job, so be it. I only hope they see the light and realize their daughter has issues that can easily be addressed by cutting down in church
  3. Our friendship is over, I sent him a message saying I was sick of hearing nothing from the past 2 yrs except church church church. I talked to him recently before this and asked "how does Abbey feel about having to go to church and do church related activities all the time" and he replied she does not like it. That alone told me what I suspected: she is rebelling being force fed church. He sent a message back saying I need professional help because I like to drink and my life is in a downward spiral heading to a crash since I am no longer a xian
  4. Google Tinnitis + Magnesium get a good magnesium supplement (not the oxide form, but any other one is fine and take twice a day). Guy at work had it really bad and started taking magnesium and it became better after a couple weeks (not cured, but better)
  5. UPDATE: She is 12 not 13. Time to wash my hands of any of this: had a conversation with my friend saturday Him: We had to enforce punishment on her, we took away all her electronics Me: Could it possibly be she is not happy with going to church twice on sunday and whatever church activities you guys do on sat and the middle of the week Him: She is 12, she does not like it but she needs to listen to us, she is too young to make decisions. Me: I am not saying that, I am saying you should be respectful of some of her wants Him: No! We are taking her to a Christian psychiatrist, the head pastor at our church thinks she is possessed. I'm done
  6. One last comment on this and I will shut up: For about 4 - 5 yrs his daughter has been asking to go to Disney World and his excuse was he does not like vacations and it is too expensive. But giving 10k a yr to the church is mandatory.
  7. Thinker: you are correct, I need to stay out of it 100 percent. His wife is one of these people with a good heart, but her view of the world consists of less than a few weeks outside her small town. What is upsetting me is once they dived into this church, I was listening too all this bullshit about giving a ton of money and freetime and forcing the daughter to go with them all the time. She almost had to repeat 6th grade and my friends response is she needs home schooled (I knew I would hear this comment sooner or later). What she needs (and I am staying out of it, except for I will make a comment that the kids who get better grades usually have parents that push the good grade issue) is to take school more seriously and not be forced to go to church multiple times a week.
  8. Thanks for listening and the replies. I realize I need to keep quiet. I am reacting (not overreacting in my opinion) to a good friend who has basically been brainwashed and thinks the local nazarene down the street is the meaning of life. But when he gives 10k a yr plus to the church as well as the majority of his vacation time, I have to wonder.
  9. I could easily relapse: If Jesus was to pop up right in front of me and tell me I was wrong: OK, fine. But until that happens, nope!
  10. I keep in touch with 2 Christians anymore. One is a friend from high school and never passes judgement or pushing it. The other guy, a friend from college has high dived along with his wife into this church a couple yrs ago. It runs their whole lives and they basically live for the church. OK, fine: But their 13 yr old daughter wants more out of life instead of church and she is doing horrible in school. But she is being punished now because she yelled at her parents that she does not believe in God. Next time I talk to her dad I will be blunt and say: she wants a life and that life does not include some building down the street filled with people hanging onto a myth. She is entitled to her belief and you should not force her to go to church. You should worry more about her homework.
  11. Yup. Making a tithe and not having enough for retirement is idiotic.
  12. I was a Christian first and he became one (thanks to me to some extent) in his late 30s, but was never too strong or overboard. Then about a yr ago I noticed him say we are going to church again, then it became sunday night Bible study and then he joined the church board and now tithing. UGH! Also, even though I am fiscally conservative, he is overboard: he has to follow Glenn Beck, His minister, Drudge etc. Everything he does is overboard and he preps.
  13. Isn't being in your 50s a little late to be brainwashed?
  14. I grew up greek orthodox and in college became "born again", believed it to a point without getting radical except for about 1 yr. But between prayers not being answered and seeing too many sunday saints and Monday aints, old testament bullshit, a thousand denominations who read the same text with 1000 different interpretations etc my faith started to wonder. Basically I have resigned myself to the fact that it is nothing but a control mechanism and tool of politicians.
  15. After I lost my faith, my morals did not change at all, but I did notice too many Christians with dubious morals. Especially the ones who feel you have to have 39 different guns to blow away an intruder, too many chistians and serious sexual immorality, and specifically this one (and I point it out to xians): Do not be a slave to the lender. No one likes to hear they need to scale back, but I point out the Bible says so, so why don't you follow it?
  16. Funny thing, is I knew he was tithing. When he full his full (and his family's) free time to this church. It is like every single thing revolves around this church and I do say things, I try to be semi polite but now I just say that is crazy.
  17. One Christian I still keep in touch with has gone over the deep end. I talked to him 20 minutes ago and mentioned his wife and daughter might like Freeport Bahamas because it was not to pricey and there are cool things to do and he replied he cannot afford it (even after 70k in windfalls this yr). I replied "are you tithing to your church" and said yes and I said that is nuts. Take half of that and take your family somewhere cool and he became a little riled. He then replied if the churches go under, then we collapse as a nation and become like Europe and I said most of western Europe (meaning Germany, Holland, UK and the Scandanavian countries are doing pretty well) and he became more riled saying they are ripe for a muslim takeover. I give up.
  18. A combination of things: 1) I found the majority of xians to be assholes and very materialistic 2) Even though I am conservative, I have issues with guns where most xians think guns are cool and it is ok to shoot people 3) Answers to prayer did not exist 4) Televangelists and also the ministers and priests catering to those who are wealthy 5) Some odd things in the Bible, especially the old testament: king sacrifices his daughter, telling the Israelites to kill everyone 6) Having gay friends who are genuinely very nice people and having no Xian friends who are sincerely nice 7) Fail to comprehend why God would let people be born in India in massive poverty and let them go through life without ever having a new shirt or a meal out and then sending them to hell for not beliveing in him
  19. Who benefits from any hierarchy? The people at the top.
  20. The one that cracks me up is the southern church of Christ. You are not saved until water baptized and if one single hair of your head is not immersed you are damned by a technicality. Sad thing is you cannot have realistic discussions with hard core Christians. They believe God wants it and there is no discussion or reason.
  21. t02198: Welcome. 2 things: 1) Since you came over to the "dark side", you probably found out your morals improved and 2) unlike Christian message boards, you can say anything you want on these boards. We are here for your support, not to make you goose step to a viewpoint.
  22. Schizophrenia is an increase of dopamine in the brain, the opposite disease is Parkinsons (not enough dopamine). So by this logic, parkinsons and diabetes are related to original sin. Maybe Xian diabetics should skip their insulin and say a prayer.
  23. When I was a Xian, I prayed a ton of times and could accept the "not in accordance with Gods will", but then again ,the Bible does say if 2 or more pray together in his name it will be granted. 90 percent of prayers go unanswered and the other 10 percent are random chance. I have seen too many: God is leading us to do this or do that etc. What bullshit.
  24. 100 different denominations with 100 different views of everything, except you have to donate $$. The one dogmatic principal they all have in common.
  25. Pat Robertson, very secretive, but worth way over 100 million, possibly a billion. Kenneth Copeland, worth over 700 million. Basically all the evangelical celebrities. Most clergy are pretty well paid and have great benefits. TBN, what a scam. And for any Christians reading this, just keep in mind, these jack off preachers are asking for money from the elderly on fixed incomes.
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