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  1. Yahweh is clearly nastier than a Thern. After all, that Thern actually bothered to explain himself to a mere human being. Yahweh? Not a chance he'd be so decent!
  2. Thanks, Bill. I've seen Philomena. It's a very good (not great, but very good) movie with terrific performances by Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. The story contains some amazing developments, which are true to the real-life events. While I can't mention the biggest of those because it's an enormous spoiler, it makes it clear that the cruelty of those nuns extended from Philomena's long-ago past into her modern-day quest to find her lost son. The book the movie was made from is sitting on my bedside table now, waiting to be read. Another (even better) movie about that horrible Irish system that's very much worth seeing is 2002's The Magdalene Sisters.
  3. Damn, Ranger. I'm sorry you've gone through all this and are still suffering from it. I hope you understand that this very thing -- this constant "you're not good enough ... you're nobody ... who do you think you are?" is one of christianity's most effective means of mind control. You've been conditioned to doubt yourself always and doubt god never -- even when the real-world evidence says god's the one you should really be doubting. So you slave and slave and slave to deny yourself and do somebody else's will -- and of course it never works! And never will. If you're still involved with ministers or counselors who are handing you this creepy, authoritarian, mind-controlling crap, get away as fast and far as you can and get a secular doctor or counselor or both to help you with those mental issues! Good luck.
  4. This is a satisfying thought experiment. I personally didn't need to do anything drastic with my father to better my relationship with him. But the dreams and thoughts i had, well, those were full of bitter rage and violence. In reality, i just firmly stood my ground. I suppose that is bound to work if the other one cares. It did take many years, though, and i'm not sure whether my stubbornnes to refrain from doing anything actively was a necessity or an inhibitor in the process. Probably was a necessity for me personally. I suspect a girl could get away with this more than a guy could. It is leveraging a traditional role against the big bad dad who is supposed to be the protector, not the tormentor. Maybe. But I wouldn't count on a human father loving and protecting his daughter any more than the alleged heavenly father does. Many fathers -- especially those who can claim scriptural "justifications" to back their own creepy inclinations -- are more savage with their daughters than with their sons.
  5. What a cruel fucking bastard! And how ironic that he can't see that his attitude and behavior toward you demonstrate exactly the reasons you feared to tell him when you first started doubting. I hope you can get away from that petty little sadist -- far and fast!
  6. Try standing in the middle of a large clearing on a sunny day and asking god to strike you with lightning. Might not yield such quick results. Better yet, please ask god to grow back my dear friend's leg. That would be something.
  7. Well, I don't know about that. Most of the christians I know appear quite comfortable. Very sure of themselves, too. And many of them wallow in a sense of superiority. Maybe the best word would be "smug."
  8. Sadly, I think you've nailed it right there. Everything about "ask and ye shall receive" is so bogus and so contradictory that I don't know how christians -- even with their high tolerance for cognitive dissonance -- can look at this business and not immediately deconvert. First of all, despite Jesus's strong, unequivocal (and yes, I know, probably fictional) claim that you WILL receive whatever you ask for, how can they not see that they DON'T receive? Second, if "god has a plan" and the plan is perfect, what's the point of asking for anything? Just shut up already and go with whatever he dishes out. Third, if "god has a plan," then how can he also go around granting wishes? Because clearly that would mean changing his perfect, divine plan every time a christian was looking for a good parking spot or wanting an "A" on a test -- and we know that even a change as small as a butterfly's wing flapping can have consequences that affect the entire future of the world. So granting even one wish, big or small, changes not only the "plan" for that one person, but potentially for the entire planet. The "plan" becomes instant chaos with the granting of a single wish!
  9. True, it wouldn't stand up to serious peer review. That said, though, the peer-review process is seriously broken. Probably not broken enough at this point to let a demons article by. But broken and who knows what will be allowed to slip by in the future? http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/37798/title/Fake-Paper-Exposes-Failed-Peer-Review/ http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/between-rock-and-hard-place/2012/feb/13/peer-review-trust-editors-reviewers/ http://blog.scielo.org/en/2013/11/05/controversial-article-in-the-journal-science-exposes-the-weaknesses-of-peer-review-in-a-set-of-open-access-journals/
  10. You shouldn't have to ask god even once. Being all-knowing he already knows everything you need. Of course, to christians, that justifies god giving you cancer rather than, say, help paying your bills. 'Cause god knows you need a big, murderous tumor more than you need to be able to keep the heat and lights on for your kids.
  11. Sad, isn't it, how some beloved childhood stories fall so flat when we read them as adults? I never encountered Lewis until I was in my 20s. I'd read a ton of Tolkein and was hungry for more. Somebody recommended the The Chronicles of Narnia as being in the same league. I tried the one and was like WTF???? Booooooring! (But yeah on the idea of traveling between worlds via a dusty old wardrobe. Too bad he didn't have the talent to do something better with the concept.)
  12. That would definitely be bad. Not surprising, I guess. But bad.
  13. I never thought of it quite that way. But yeah, he does manage to appear profound while spouting comforting drivel.
  14. Within the last month, two random christian acquaintances have tried to proselytize me, leaning heavily on quotes from C.S. Lewis. The one backed off when I said Lewis was just a guy who didn't know anything more about god than I did. The second person was mightily offended when I snarked that Lewis is the fourth and most recent member of the christian trinity. And he damn near is, damnit. I swear, christians quote Lewis more often than they quote Jesus -- and they seem to expect that anyone hearing the "wisdom" of Lewis will just fall on their knees and start worshipping the almighty. But WHY? That's what I can't figure. When, how, and above all why did Lewis become the go-to guy for conversion pitches? And why do so many christians rely so heavily on this man who was, at best, a second-rate philosopher and a third-rate novelist? I read most of Lewis's religious tracts when I was younger. Seemed to me he envisioned god as an English gentleman -- full of fairplay and reasonableness. I found myself wishing god were like that, but there sure as hell is no biblical basis for Lewis's gentleman god. I tried to read Lewis's Narnia books and barely managed to stay awake through the ponderous christian allegory of the first one. Dismal stuff! I simply do not see how Lewis came to sit (metaphorically) at the right hand of Jehovah. Anybody have any insights?
  15. Pretty bad, isn't it? IH is not only foisting meaningless tripe on us every Sunday. He's foisting meaningless, RECYCLED tripe on us. And it's all just to stroke his own ego. I don't think the thread should be deleted because it's a good example of how a certain type of "hip" christian plays the game and it might help some unsuspecting seeker to recognize the type. But definitely this thread is long overdue for being locked.
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