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  1. District (The Tenderloin is a seedy, anything-goes district of San Francisco and I can't ever hear the name of the steak without envisioning shady dives, prostitutes, and dens of iniquity)
  2. Okay, got one: Chromotin. (I have a dictionary (.com) and I know how to use it. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/chromatin) Oh, sorry, buffetphan. I didn't mean to step on your word. I'll second you on dumb!
  3. (OMG, I don't have a word to follow what skepticalme just wrote. But I'm certainly admiring that one. Chromodynamics. I'm going to have to look that up and find an excuse to use it in a sentence, possibly right between Zeitgeist and leitmotif.)
  4. vadarama -- You are awesomely eloquent and seem to have a powerfully individual mind. You may never again (imagine yourself to) be the momentary focus of god's own attention, but you are clearly forging something wonderful and all your own.
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