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  1. So i lost a friend on FB because i posted a smartass comment of hin FB page on that picture going around asking God why he allows children to die. i then pointed out the fact that the the gov did this to bring back the talk of the assult weapons ban.

  2. So i started playing WoW again, iam on Anvilmare,Bronzebeard Alliance. Will anybody else admit they play.

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    2. blackpudd1n


      I basically got bored with WoW. In the end I'd just do my own thing. Had my Orc Warrior set up for maximum damage instead of tanking, and would just go run lower level instances by myself, like Scarlet Monastery. If I got bored with that, I'd go hunt with my hunter. Wasn't really a fan of teamwork, you could say :P Didn't mind questing, either.

    3. Eleandrus


      yeah iam a soloer myself and still have maybe done only 5 dungeons ever and ive never been on a battle field. now u can go to a dungeon from any place in the world and find a random party to join or u can do a random dungeon and get more loot and ep.

    4. blackpudd1n


      I hated PvP. Just not my style at all.

  3. This Pastor just doesn't stop with his hipocracy. He posted a recent quote from Benjamin N. and some one was like... Not all Muslims are extremist. Define EXTREME. They say one thing and mean another. The Mosque is more than a church building is to a Christian . The Mosque is a world onto itself. Education, Social Services and Community Leadership including Law come from the Mosque and not the de facto Government. Muslims are WEALTHY and INDEPENDENT PEOPLE whose very Religion HATES USURY. 9 hours ago · Like · 1 Philip David Thibodeau Ngai its either supposed prede
  4. Hey all iam still here, 10 weeks strong now as an atheist

    1. florduh


      Well, praise the lord!

    2. highrishman


      Awesome! I'm about 2 to 3 months in myself. So thankful I took the plunge and left that ol heresy behind!

    3. Akheia
  5. http://www.incrediblethings.com/art-design/buddha-pears/ So this guy on Facebook is a Pastor and does work in Haiti, post like a million times a day about the Bible and God it gets pretty funny sometimes. This one took the cake recently though. He started off saying... Come on Christian Soldiers, you know he is mocking the fruits of faith, don't you? Can you see spiritual fruit maturing on that tree? I see a junk bond sales man and an Enron executive. This is like when they tried to make the corporate logo formerly known as STEVE JOBS into a HUMANITARIAN BUDDHA. What am I on about? Wel
  6. My Brother in law DJ had a falling out at the church years ago and just stop believing in the invisible man. Last night i asked him about it and he brought up something kinda funny. He said he was a Enlightened Atheist. Huh... He said that he still believes that other religion need to Exist because some people with out there fall guy upstairs to lean on they would go bat shit crazy if somebody broke down the lie to them. I laughed but in a way agreed with him. Xians invest a lot of there brain power devoted to a unseen loving father figure and to suddenly lose that they might just go postal o
  7. Growing up My dad was and still kinda is a non issue. He married a bitch of a step mom he used to beat me with a paddle till i was bruised and sockets dislocated. I have his name as my middle David. Years ago i was about to change it so i found out the steps to do it(at least in my County) just never followed thru. As far as i know you dont need a lawyer and having one wont really do anything but waste ur money. You fill out some paper work explain the reason why u want to change the part of ur name and pay a small court fee. then u get a court day and go before a judge who hears ur story in p
  8. So i met my Intro to Composition teacher some old lady and i can tells she a smart one. She just asked flat out do we have any Science deniers in the class.

    1. Serendipity Rose

      Serendipity Rose

      Sounds like a good one. Did anyone raise their hands?

    2. Eleandrus


      I was shocked but no, one person didn't understand the questioned and when he got it he was like yeah those creationist wackos and nobody was like Oh my Geebus

  9. Oh this one good. I arranged my in to a sentence that makes sense but uses all three parts of my name. Brave People Love Horses because its God's Will. Thibodeau, Philip , David
  10. Got home from Mi had a great time w family and they all know and accept my deconversion

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    2. Serendipity Rose

      Serendipity Rose

      Great! It's a good feeling, isn't it?


    3. wndwalkr99


      What did your wife say?

    4. Eleandrus


      my wife didnt mind at all she said that its my decision and its nobody else business. I told her why i deconverted, because of learning about no need to even have a creator. She said okay

  11. His Noodliness would love for you to partake of his pasta. I been FSM for a long while now even as a Xian as a joke but now that i deconverted. i find it just as believable that FSM is just a real as any other Deity, seems legit.
  12. That is seriously awesome. Thanks for posting that! I read up till the third Act. Ive never read any of that before. It kinda makes u wonder what would have happened if Eve was never tempted. Would humanity never realize that to God we were never more than his Pets and he expected to just blindly love and praise him even though he withheld all the knowledge in that tree. I doubt God would have eventually let Man eat of that fruit ever. very good insight that play is.
  13. She ownt let u just go out and have a good time, Do u tell her she cant go to Church, isnt you meeting with other Freethinkers in some way the same socialization that she gets from going to Church. Id call the BS flag on this one. I cant think how she would get mad if shes doing the same thing. oh well hope it all works out for ya LifeCycle
  14. Welcome Jeff LifeCycle I looked up Elizabeth City Atheists and discovered a local Meetup group with 60 members that meet almost twice a month. maybe you should try and see if there is any social groups in your area that you can talk about the issues ur having with a live person. Iam think of joining this group, it looks like they have a blast. Hope that idea helps you out and Good luck. iam kinda nervous contacting this group though from what i can tell ill be the youngest one i think.
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