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    I'm a recent convert from Christianity after decades of being devoted to it. It's feels great, honestly.

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  1. I live in a suburb south of Tulsa. Starts with a J. Not really a mountain biker... I've done it and did a 60 mile race in Arkansas but I'm 95% road biker.
  2. I know some intelligent people that approach everything else in life very rationally. I don't see any mental illness outside of their dogma. But, I'm sure, both can be true.
  3. In other words, indoctrination potentially causes varying degrees of mental illness.
  4. Very cool, man! Sorry for your loss. It's soul-crushing to say the least.
  5. Yes, I know that day will come. We've already discussed it... We're dog people and that companionship just can't be replaced by anything else. I know for a fact there will be a lot of tears the day we adopt our new one... As a reminder of our Daisy and knowing we're embarking (pun intended) on a new journey with our new little one. Life can be so difficult but it can also be so beautiful and rewarding and worth it. We just gotta keep doing the things that make it beautiful.
  6. So true... For me, I had no idea the level of sorrow I'd feel upon her loss. Despite that, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The joy she gave is beyond measure and I feel lucky to have been a part of her life.
  7. Thank you Margee. The video was definitely very hard to make but at the same time it was good for me. It was the least I could do for my Daisy. I also got a tattoo over my heart.... Her passing left an immense hole in our life but she contributed so much more and we would do it all over again knowing the outcome.
  8. It's a horrible experience and I'm so sorry for your loss. Hang in there. Somehow, no matter how impossible it may seem now, it does get better. You will always miss them, but one day you'll be able to think upon them and smile and remember all the good times without the tremendous grief. I'm not entirely there yet...
  9. Thank you, yunea! I'm a much better me because of Daisy.
  10. It's been a rough few months. I experienced a tremendous loss I've never experienced before and really just now getting to the point I can talk about it without tearing up. She was amazing and she filled our lives with so much more than we ever thought possible. Animals are amazing but dogs are especially amazing. No matter your mood, they can always bring a smile to your face. They truly are, man's best friend. I could never thank her enough for teaching me lessons about life and giving me an even a better understanding of myself. Daisy has crossed the rainbow bridge but she lives on in our hearts, daily. I used to believe in something else after this life but now I'm not so sure. It doesn't stop me from hoping, however. One day Daisy and I may cross paths again.
  11. Bro, Net Neutrality is the scheme in which government takes the reigns of the internet. No fucking thanks.
  12. I'm sorry, but that's just incorrect. Free market is always best. Government still thinks Marijuana should be classed with Heroin and calls taxes "voluntary." You actually trust these people? This same government represents the rich... Who are the rich? The business owners. It's a slippery slope. You want government involved in our communication... like they have been with radio and TV - essentially stifling free speech by censoring what can and cannot be said. But that doesn't really matter because people don't really care about free speech unless it impacts them. And it's not just these issues... It's competition which breeds innovation and which requires a free market to truly work.
  13. Government does not need to be in the "internet regulation" business... You know, the same government people now believe has more interest in making corporations happy over the people they're elected to serve? Of course, I gave some great examples of governments that regulate their internet access to their citizens to make a point. I'm sorry (not really) if it went over your head.
  14. Fuck Net "Neutrality." But hey, North Korea, China, Cuba, Iran and Saudi Arabia love theirs! Yeah, let's invite the government in to help fight off a problem that doesn't exist! Great idea!!!
  15. One of the contributors to my loss of faith was the lack of scriptural evidence supporting this idea of hell; something I was taught my entire life to be true. Gehenna was never a place of mythical torments until Christians (or whoever) interpreted words instead of translated them. Thus, the concept was built on such flimsy reasoning it spurred me to question many, many more theological concepts. In the end - whether real or not, I found I could never endorse a deity who could engineer, construct and implement a place of such horrors for the same reasons I'd never befriend the kidnapper/serial killer who built the same thing his basement and yet told me he was such a great guy. Decent human behavior and principles surpass the behaviors of the god of the bible by light years.
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