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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/illegal-aliens-incarcerated-much-five-times-rate-legal-140000979.html WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Illegal aliens are incarcerated as much as five times the rate of legal residents – and on average three times the rate of legal residents – in states where they are most heavily concentrated, according to a new study published by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).
  2. Because it exposes the double-standards in our "justice system." Which is the point of the thread. Justice isn't blind. All these people like Clapper, lied to Congress. Outright lied... But since they're on the other team *crickets*. We can't have true justice if it's not applied equally.
  3. Why would anyone need a website to draw a conclusion on what was clearly said in the video?
  4. It's ridiculous the double-standards the Left needs to subscribe to in order to push their "orange man bad" narrative. They're conveniently ignoring this thread... It hurts their feels to know their team is corrupt AF and the "investigation" is a complete and total hoax. Orange man bad!!!
  5. http://bbc-edition.com/2019/01/27/prepare-for-president-trump-to-call-upon-american-citizens-to-defend-the-republic-against-the-lawless-deep-state/ Even though Robert Mueller is repeatedly indicting former Trump associates for lying to the government — a “process crime” – James Comey gave testimony to Congress in which he lied hundreds of times. Yet nothing has happened to James Comey (yet).
  6. They're unhinged and the world cannot continue to operate under this mindset. Cultural appropriation could damn well be pretty much anything. The Left has gone radically insane.
  7. I take Rogan's stance... It's a razor company lecturing me on how to live... It's over the top rude and out of place. Thankfully, I shave with an axe or broadsword (just whatever is handy at the moment) so I don't need to boycott Gillette.
  8. That's because the term has been so widely misused by the over-emotional and perpetually-triggered Left who can't engage their brains in intellectual dialogue and the only thing they can remember from History class is something, something, something, Hitler and Nazis and something something something they were really bad so, You're a Nazi! Or some shit like that because you disagree with their politics, you must have ashes of gassed and burned innocent jews in your basement. Makes sense.
  9. Yeah, well if you were wondering if "Toxic Femininity" existed... Well, there ya go.
  10. I wish people's entire character wasn't judged based on political perspectives. Humans are more than who they voted for. Politics has become divisive AF and that's never going to help us in the long run.
  11. Is it the population growth or are we getting dumber? Both?
  12. I haven't seen it... What are the indictments? What's this alleged criminal behavior? Is this it, is this what will finally bring Trump down (again)? Seems like a lot of talk but nothing tangible to ponder over. I'm to the point of ignoring the allegations... Because they've lined up, one by one and each and every time with the promise that this is what will absolutely do Trump in... and then nothing. I care more about the numbers and the things a POTUS does in office while president. I don't really care at this point about his past... Apparently, based on your perspective... I'm supposed to. Well, I only have so many fucks to hand out... And outside of my family stuff and my day to day life... I can only really give a fuck about current policies that affect me and my future. That leaves me with no fucks left over to give about someone I don't even personally know, and their alleged criminal past.
  13. That's a great strawman... The problem with the liberals is they seek some kind of perfection and apply double-standards all day long. "Trump gassed immigrants on the border!!!!" Uh yeah, Obama did it too... And a lot more of it... "But Trump!!!!!" It's hilarious to watch the perpetually triggered cry about Trump and then simply point out that Obama did the same... Then they bring up "Whataboutism." Yeah, well it's just being mentioned to show how stupidly selective their outrage is... Bring up Whataboutism all you fucking want... It doesn't change the fact that they're selectively applying their outrage. Because they're irrational, over-emotional little bitches. If they were this strict with their standards of Obama he wouldn't come out smelling like a rose either. Trump's been great so far, if only exposing the Left for what they really are... Fascists claiming to hate Fascism.... Oh and then there's the tax cuts, jobs, the stock market and black unemployment at record lows. What did Obama accomplish outside of waging more war around the world? He was all talk and no substance. Trump is dismantling his pathetic legacy one day at a time. Future historians won't be kind to black Jesus.
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