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  1. Welcome, OJG! I can echo what most said about not knowing much about Orthodox Judaism, but I completely understand where you're coming from. Even after deconverting (but not telling anyone yet) I still continued to go to Small-Groups, Church on Sunday, and various other church activities. For me it no longer had anything to do with God, but it had everything to do with fellowship and a unity I felt with these people. Just because you deconverted doesn't mean you have to give up who you are, on the contrary! Now you really can express who you are. You will see in the coming years that making new traditions with your family will be very important! If you want to keep some random ritual that doesn't mean anything, then do it, just don't teach your children that it will affect their whole life. My family does the Polish tradition Wigilia (Christmas Eve), which holds the belief that anything that happens that day will have an impact on the coming year. Does it? No. Do we take it 100% serious that someone above is watching our behavior? No. But it's something that my whole family has and can relate to, regardless of our beliefs. Good luck my friend, I'm only 9 months into my journey and there have been moments of great joy, and of great pain. Take each of them in stride and keep your chin up, we're here for you should you need anything!
  2. Hey electech, I read the whole thread a month ago, and I think you've done a great job. If you do decide to write him back, I think your email on the previous page will be just fine. But honestly, I'm with Pantophobia here. You clearly set your boundaries and I don't think that any email you send back would make him realize he is in the wrong. For him it's not about boundaries. He truly and completely believes that if he does not reach out and "save" you that you will spend an eternity in hell. To many believers "adding another jewel to their crown" worth far more than overstepping their boundaries "in this life". As hard as it is to ignore the religious emails I would advise you to do so, because I think the only way he'll get the point is if you reply to non-religious (if you want to), and delete the religious ones.
  3. Thanks for sharing, mymistake. I try to remember that kind of stuff while raising my kids. My step-father was definitely a screamer, but not quite to the extent yours was. He would spank us with whatever he could find; belts, shoes, spoons, hairbrushes, and some I'm probably forgetting. We're taking another route with my 5-year-old son. We tried spanking but it didn't work well. Not the yelling screaming spanking, but a calm explaination of why he's getting a spanking, and 1-2 swats. He cried, but it didn't seem to make an impact because he would do the same thing over again the next day. Recently he has been hitting his 3-year-old sister in the heat of the moment. Yesterday when he did it, he spent the rest of the day in his room..... for everything. Meals, books, toys, he had it all, but he was by himself. Today he's been great so far, so we'll see if that works. I know it's just one day, but it makes me feel better knowing I didn't hit him, and today he didn't hit someone else.
  4. I tried using this argument with my wife when she refused to examine her own beliefs. I provided passages, studies, websites, and more, but she never looked at any of it. That was before, and I've stopped asking her to look at material I provide, I just hope that one day she will take a critical look at what she believes to be god's infallible word. I would show her the write-up you did on the Midianites, but as I said before, I've stopped asking her to look at material. Plus, she wouldn't read it anyway. It's okay though, I'm at peace with it now...... but I will say that I'm a bit jealous of you and your wife deconverting at the same time!
  5. 1. Sell the story to Lee Strobel or Ray Comfort 2. They write a book about it, possibly do a world tour showing your father's tongue as proof 3. Profit
  6. I can echo the emberassment here. I sometimes feel that I need to go through the AA "atonement" step to make amends to people in my past.
  7. Welcome, Xbeliever! Pull up a chair and relax, you're in good company here. This is a great place to rant and share your experiences with many others who have been through a lot of the same stuff you have.
  8. You should have rebuked him with righteous authority. Everyone knows that the earth is only 6000 years old, thus making 10,000 B.C. impossible. HE'S A WITCH!
  9. I had my oldest child enrolled in a pre-school at a Christian church (for a few months, before we moved) last year. It was before my deconversion, so I didn't have any qualms about it at the time. However, I do remember that they did not teach any Christian dogma and actually was inclusive of other religions (I know there were some Jewish children who also attended the school.) I don't remember the details, but I thought that the way the school was set up required them to be non-exclusive. If that's the case with the Christian pre-school your wife wants your kids to go to, maybe it wouldn't be as bad as you think. If you know the name of the school, try to look it up online and see what they teach the kids. Unfortunately the school they attend IS a dogmatic christian school. I want them to learn letters, numbers, reading, writing, etc..... instead they come home singing bible songs and talking about how god wished it and it was poofed into existence. When we move they won't be going to one like that.
  10. Nope, I am as well. I've been very adamant about the children not going to a Christian Pre-School when we move to Idaho this coming month, and it's upsetting to her. I can understand that we got married as Christians and she was expecting our life to be a certain way, but we got married at 18. I was young and naive and she's no longer young (well, almost 30) but she's STILL naive. And I can echo the "fingers in the ears" sentiment. I will go to church with her, go to bible study with her, and go to small group with her, but she won't even watch a single civilized debate between an Atheist and a Creationist. Some of our arguments get fairly heated, but she won't even have a normal discussion with me about the subject. The underlying problem is that she feels I am being disrespectful to her and her god when I say how it isn't true. So, this is how the rest of our marriage will be. We'll spend the rest of our lives talkinga bout things that I would talk to a stranger about; weather, sports, vacations, places, things, but NOT things that actually matter. Oh well, maybe times will change things, but right now I'm in a fairly lonely place. There's always http://www.idahoatheists.org/index.html
  11. "Intellectual smoke-screens" made me laugh out loud. I mean, doing mental gymnastics to think things that are completely inconsistent with the world around us is okay, but to agree with things I can see, test, and prove is rediculous.
  12. So this is a response that she got from one of the pastors at her church. My comments are in bold:
  13. So it turns out my wife forwarded my email (I also put it on the previous page) to several of her friends and two of the pastors at our church to try and get them to do research on it. I saw her responding to one of the pastors, as he was asking about how we met and my background, and saying they should meet tomorrow. I essentially told her that I don't feel comfortable with her meeting with a male pastor one-on-one to talk about us and our marriage. I'm not meeting with a female athiest one-on-one to discuss what a nutjob she is (as much as I'm still in love with her). I DID tell her that if she wants to meet with one of the female pastors or a female therapist I would have no problem with it. She agreed and told him that if he wants to email her some sources to rebuke my points that would be best. Am I being out of line here? I don't want to seem like a crazy controlling husband, but I don't feel comfortable with her sharing intimate details about our history and marriage with a male one-on-one.
  14. MIRACLE! Yet millions are dying from diseases every year, until science finds a cure for them, THEN it will be a miracle as well. I guess god only cares about video games.
  15. “God, please let the baby be late, my parents can’t find out!”
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