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    I'm 24 years old with a passion for music. I also love life, and I try to make every day better than the last.

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  1. Anyone heard of Pastafarianism? I think it's hilarious. The website, which is www.venganza.org/ is just hysterical, and I now proudly call myself a pastafarianist, even if out of good humor.

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    2. Eugene39


      The question is, highirishman, have YOU been touched by his noodley appendages?

    3. ConureDelSol


      Actually, you would just be a pastafarian, not a pastafarianist. May you rejoice in His infinite noodlyness.

    4. highrishman


      @Conjure I actually thought about that yesterday after I posted this haha. Ramen!


      He boiled for our sins!

  2. Hello all! Haven't posted in a while! Still alive and kicking! Made it through my first atheist Christmas. I chose to celebrate the holidays for different reasons than the "birth of our savior."

    1. Galien


      hope you had a good one

  3. According to a fundie friend of mine, anyone who denies the christian gawd has an emptiness inside of them, and we all try to fill the emptiness with alcohol, partying, sex and such. So, what are you lot filling you emptiness up with today?

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    2. lunaticheathen


      There's a lot more Egyptian gods than the one christian mountain brat. THEY'RE THE EMPTY ONES!


    3. blackpudd1n


      Well, today is my birthday and I am working on an assignment I have due on Sunday. There are no drugs or alcohol in my life or on the horizon. Guess I suck at denying the christian gawd :P

    4. highrishman


      Happy belated birthday blackpudd1n! Hope it was a great one! But way to go on denying gawd! I see it's really been a struggle for you *rolls eyes* haha


      And I agree with you other guys too. I especially agree luna, they're the empty ones. I get tired of the same old arguements christians present.

  4. When I first deconverted, I looked fondly back on christian memories. But the more christians I interact with daily, the more I despise the religion as a whole.

    1. roadrunner


      Ignorance is bliss. They look so stupid and they have no idea.

  5. I should clarify, fun to read was the wrong statement. I meant that kind of as sarcasm towards the people who treated you so badly, if that makes sense.
  6. Very fun to read. Welcome! Youll find many of us have gone through similar times in our life. Its funny how the bible, and church itself are the things that push so many people away. Not to mention the nasty, hate-spewing christians. Oh well, their lives are the ones to be wasted, not mine. Enjoy the free-ness of being able to use your own mind, and the ability to decide for yourself whats right for your life! There are still bumps in the road, but its great to know that you have the ability to overcome those yourself, and you dont have to rely on prayer to get you through. Thats handy, especially considering prayer is a waste of time. Anyways, welcome! Enjoy the ride!
  7. Silly man-kind, with your thoughts and such.

    1. darwinfish


      Things Dr Manhattan says for $1,000, Alex.

  8. Why do christians feel so persecuted all the time? They force their beliefe down your throats, but if you speak one word about atheism you're practically invoking the devil right there. Crazy.

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    2. mymistake


      Persecution is part of their theology. They have to be persecuted because the Bible says they will.

    3. buffettphan


      Because they have to do something to make themselves believe they're speshul.

    4. highrishman


      You all three bring valid points.


      @ GardenerGal that's just craziness haha. As sad as it is I can recall feeling "persecuted" anytime I felt my christian beliefs or rights were even tested. I'm so glad I'm free of that.

  9. Welcome! I felt and still feel the same as you, in that I want to tell everyone about my newfound freedom as well. But for fear of rejection from some of my closest friends, I can't So I too tell little lies to evade telling them that. I've finally started expressing doubts to many of them, but not full blown expressed my extreme disbelief. Anyways, welcome to the forum! You'll find much knowledge is to be acquired here. Good luck in the future!
  10. I've done similar things. I used to have a little miniature wheel (like you'd see on a pirates of the carribbean boat, don't know what it's called) that had a picture of jesus and said something like "Jesus Guide Me" or something like that. I loved it as a kid, don't know where it is now.
  11. Thanks MerryG! It's been quite an experience. That Footprints In The Sand think is ridiculous. Of course I loved it when I was a xtian, but now I see it's as ridiculous as the rest haha. It makes us seem so weak and helpless, when in fact we should be teaching the opposite! We're all going to go through hard times, but you can't rely on an imaginary person to carry your burdens for you.
  12. I am human, hear me roar!

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    2. darwinfish


      That sound's lion-ish, but it sounds better than, I am human, hear me present a logical argument with three bullet points!

    3. highrishman


      @illusion That is hilarious.


      @Serendipity Rose I totally agree! Happy to be alive :)

    4. Serendipity Rose
  13. Thanks for the responses everyone! Had a LONG weekend, and unfortunately it was not a fun one, what with moving and whatnot. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in struggling with mortality. But I'm glad to see that others who've had the same questions as me have found some peace. It gives me hope that understanding this life and the struggles we go through are possible to overcome. That reminds me, one thing that always bothered me about christianity is that it devalues your sense of self, and accomplishment. You're constantly told you can't go it alone, and that the only way through this life is a life through christ. It's ridiculous, and I'll never tell my kids they're not strong enough to make it through their struggles without help. I'm not saying that any of us never need help. In fact, we all do at some points. But that's why we have friends and family. We have each other to lean on. But the point is, that you should never doubt your own strength to overcome obstacles in your life. Sometimes when faced with a seemingly overwhelming problem, I like to say something like "I am human, hear me roar!" I think to myself, all the things humans have struggled through, I know that I can make it through this. I'm not going to rely on an imaginary figure to solve my problems for me. It's up to ME! I don't know, just my thoughts this morning. I guess after having such a long, hard weekend, it's nice to be on the other side and know that everything's finally finished, for the most part. Just remember, you're tough! You can make it through any struggles your facing. We humans are the top of the food chain here on earth, and deservedly so. Surprise yourself, you never know how strong and tough you are till you're pushed to the edge.
  14. Sounds like a lot of us have similar issues when it comes to coming out to family and friends. I must admit, seeing as I live in a close, loving family I'm fortunate. It's a shame that religion has such a hold on people that they'll even turn their backs on loved ones.
  15. Lots of good advice everyone, thanks! I totally jive with what you're all saying. I'm not saying I have to find something to believe in, because it's great to think with a free mind, and I wouldn't want to move from one controlling religion and/or belief, right into another. But I do think it's important to explore religions and other belief systems to better understand this world. T2M your response about not being aware for the 13 billion years or whatever, and I've never thought of it that way. Quite the insight there! I guess my qualms with mortality are that there's so much to experience in this world. I'm generally pretty happy with what the universe has thrown my way, so on one hand I'm not worried about it, what I don't want to be on my death bed asking myself what I've could've done differently. But thinking about that, I don't think that I will be, seeing as I'm rather optimistic.
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