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  1. How to be saved

    Here's some more friendly stuff, quoted from memory, might contain numerous errors: Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. In all things be thankful for he lets his rain and sun shine on the just and unjust. The peace of God shall fill thee. God bless thee and protect thee and let his face shine upon thee. Do all these things that thy life may be long in the land of they fathers. Philippians 4:8-9 King James Version (KJV) This verse proved a good guide to keep my thoughts positive: The following verse was concrete evidence to me that the Bible doesn't work. Because, after obeying all the rules for decades, I still lacked greatly in the "peace of God," or inner peace as I translated it. The peace of god came only after I disobeyed every rule in the book.
  2. Very Important Church President

    I tried to tune her out but it was hard. All of us were in the doctor's waiting room. The blue veins sticking our from the bottom of the very important church president's Capri pants weren't quite a dark as on the calves of one or two other women, and her age wrinkles were made up to make her appear like a chubby doll. To her neighbour she recited all the very many things she, as church president, must do on a Sunday. The waiting room was packed; every chair taken. She spoke just loud enough to be clearly heard by all. I wanted to say, "Tell them (those people who are making you do all that stuff) that Sunday is a day of rest." I didn't. I had a bad feeling about saying it. Finally, the woman beside me asked if her congregation was quite large. No, it wasn't! It's not as big as she would have wished! No one responded. "Morningside!" she said, as though everyone would be impressed. Maybe that's the name of her Very Important Church. No one responded. Suddenly the Very Important Church President quit responding. I would have liked to poll the general non-belief in that room.
  3. Professor said Moses did not exist

    Thus, the prof who said Moses did not exist was not debunking the Old Testament and all its contents per se. I didn't watch the video but that's how it works. Profs say one specific thing and the masses run with it, claiming a prof said a whole lot more than he actually did. That's the value of education--you learn how to isolate specific details based on very specific and obscure data. However, these details and data make no sense without the education to give it foundation; education is merely information, and the knowledge how to use it. Denigrating education is a harmful waste of time and energy. The person who, for whatever reason, cannot acquire a post-secondary education is better served by self-educating. However, do NOT depend on the internet for this self-education. The real knowledge is stored in books on university library shelves. To the best of my knowledge, public citizens who are polite and respectful of property are welcome to use university libraries. You can't take books out, but you can sit and read in the library. Present yourself as a person seeking information on a specific topic, or by a specific author, and they will probably help you find it. Be willing to answer any security questions. NOTE: You do not say, "I'm an atheist seeking to debunk religion." You say, "I'd like to read Bertrand Russel."
  4. Lost? I was born into it. Things were taken before I could claim them: self-respect, identity, freedom to be who I am, the list goes on. *I* was demolished before I could form an identity. It's taken sixty years to re-grow myself from scratch. Some parts are irreplaceable and the scars will never heal.
  5. Professor said Moses did not exist

    The Babylonian Captivity and Jeremiah are also historical to some extent, correct? Likewise, I would expect to find evidence for the existence of Christian communities at some of the places referenced in the New Testament.
  6. Why do Christians hate the flesh so badly?

    Yes. And since I'd been seeking for decades for a definition of "sin" I felt incensed to find out that "sin" really meant this active little male member. But since human males came into existence a very long time ago, and all of them have a male parent, there really should be no "unsuspecting" guys. Those preachers diminish in my sight by the second.
  7. Why do Christians hate the flesh so badly?

    When I first came to exC, I got the impression that men and their penises were the root of all evil. I was so disgusted with the male preachers of my old church forever preaching about sin and repentance, if the only real sins were their wandering and lustful penises. That left us women--more than half the membership--off the hook, but they certainly never preached it that way.
  8. The mistake of painting a group with a broad brush

    I like your point, LF, because so much I see on these forums does not apply to some respected deep-thinking Christians I know.
  9. Hell corrupts

    You're so right, Deva. Not even in city planning are individuals important. It's the group or city as a whole that counts. I did my best yesterday to persuade a strapping young fellow that my seventy-five-year-old friend with a walker will not be able to walk the distance the public transit expects her to walk to visit her sister in the nursing home. All he knew were numbers. If we change the bus route, she will gain ten minutes here, giving her five extra minutes for her walk, no time lost. No amount of explanation clued him in to the exhaustion an elderly woman with a walking devise experiences. Numbers and their calculations were all he could manage. For the greater good. It's not restricted to religion at all.
  10. Professor said Moses did not exist

    Logical Fallacy, what you say agrees with what my Christian OT professor taught twelve years ago. She exposed so many logical fallacies in the OT that a conservative Christian (I think he was a deacon or had some official position in the Asian church) dropped out of the program. I heard him protest in class about his superior recommending this school, yet this is what she teaches. He seemed to feel confused and betrayed by this "strange doctrine." I felt enlightened, dazzled, not sure what to make of it all but eager for more.
  11. Child Parro.... I mean, Preachers...

    Same here. He truly believed that shouting like a trumpet had spiritual value. I watched his eyes, his facial expression. That kid is innocent at this point, and genuinely wants to please, do what is right. His father is belligerent; you can hear it in his voice. Hopefully, the show planted a seed of doubt in the boy's mind that will sprout some day. However, he already has a bible verse to justify not being able to interpret his message. They really do get them young.
  12. Saving a brainwashed Christian

    I'm sorry for your loss. Many of us who were born into religion lost our families. Some lost spouses and children. Kids have gotten kicked out. Like the others say, don't date believers. Sooner or later (after the kids if not before) it will cause serious problems, most likely a breakup. Another tip, if you want to keep on posting. Please divide your posts into paragraphs. Four to six lines per paragraph is much easier on the eyes.
  13. How useless is prayer

    Jesus said it wouldn't work to pray about that, if I remember correctly. Choose your interpretation of Matt. 6:27 .
  14. Hell corrupts

    Yeah, just get rid of sin, then we don't have to worry about the doubts and fears of unbelief in our half-waking state. See above post.
  15. Hell corrupts

    Unbelief is forbidden to believers; belief and unbelief are mutually exclusive. Yet who doesn't doubt? All of them doubt! It's part and parcel of their doctrine and test of faith in their fight against evil. They have labelled the sin of doubt and unbelief as coming from the devil. Among themselves, Christians will talk at length and with pride about their doubts and fears. Look at all the songs and hymns about overcoming doubt and fear. Hymns of victory are about this, at least in part. Controlling one's language is an act of the will. Controlling one's feelings of doubt and fear is not; it creeps in during that time between waking and sleeping. I think that's it! That is why they consider unbelief a greater--or equal--sin to cursing the holy spirit.