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    Born in a horse and buggy Mennonite community. Unable to find the intellectual stimulation I needed, at age 40 I broke with tradition and got myself a university education. This resulted in alienation from family, friends, and the only lifestyle I knew. I am now trying to find my way in "the world."

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  1. Originally posted under Sarah Bowman here. Q. Why are so many Quora users antagonistic against Christians? Answer: Because Christians keep asking us. If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask. Questions like this assume that Christians should be “respected” for their “faith.” They are like needles and they cause resentment. We resent the attitude that Christianity should be given special status. We resent that Christians oppress (mock, call to account, fire, refuse to hire) anyone who does not worship their god. Oh, it’s more subtle th
  2. Horse and buggy Mennonite for the first forty years of my life. Mennonite Brethren is a "car" Mennonite denomination that has all the modern technology but is fundamentalist in theology if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Your story sounds very similar to mine. The others "know" I have a screw loose, maybe a couple more than one. They are forever strategizing on how to bring me back to where they can manipulate me to be what I "should" be. I've basically distanced myself so far from my bio family by now for the sake of my own well-being that they find it hard to simply tolerate me--I'm too far away. But that was the case for many decades. When I moved to a new address two years ago, I refused to give it to them. I also set other definite boundaries because I could no longer tolerate their "mere tolerating" atti
  4. Not a Christian apologist here. Atheist with a Masters Degree in Theology, to be precise. I read the other responses. The one about the truth really hit home. I'm not the only one in my family who left the traditional horse and buggy community. Two of my sisters left, too, so I thought they might be more open-minded. I showed them Ken R. Miller's DVD Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps (https://www.hhmi.org/order-materials/holiday-lecture/evolution-fossils-genes-and-mousetraps), which is a simple scientific introduction for Christian high school students on what evolution is
  5. Thanks for explaining about "word salad." Thanks for explaining. That makes a lot of sense. I never thought to put it that way. I wanted to believe humans with brains and education were better than that. But what you say agrees with the arguments I've seen on William Lane Craig's forums. It's really sad.
  6. To answer the question in the title: Are atheists happy? I feel happier and freer now that I don't have to somehow relate to an invisible intangible unknowable entity. It takes too much energy to have the "right feelings" of respect, love, worship, and thankfulness toward an entity whose existence one can't perceive somehow with the senses, intellect, or emotions--let alone trust and have faith in this entity. As for feeling connected with the people around them, that is a matter of choice. I find there are atheists who don't want community. I myself want community but
  7. First of all, those paragraphs are not word salad as defined by Google, i.e. a "mixture of random words and phrases." They are intelligently strung together to make an argument, albeit using language normally not encountered outside doctoral dissertations and the like. It's an argument I've seen many a time when on William Lane Craig's forums. I'm guessing the author is one of those students who went on to get a PhD in science for the specific reason of debunking evolution. I know people were doing it. On Craig's forums, the argument was expressed in ordinary English. It's been qu
  8. I'm very well, thank you. I think that's why I no longer get around to posting here. Come on over to Quora. They want writers who have lots of life experience and insight on every topic under the sun--from parenting to healthcare to computers to gaming to education to American presidents to... Anyway, professors post there, doctors, lawyers. So do a lot of nut cases but Quora enforces strict Be Respectful Be Nice policies that get your posts collapsed if you're not civil. That keeps the nut cases under control. Different kind of moderation, though. Everyone is a mod, and can report
  9. Here's the link to my profile and posts. https://www.quora.com/profile/Sarah-Bowman-28 Wasn't thinking straight when writing the post. Should have included it there. Feel free to visit.
  10. I see there's still a lot of old-timers posting. Just popping in to say I'm now posting under the name Sarah Bowman on Quora, which is basically an information site formatted in Question and Answer style. More on this below. I looked at my profile here and I see I posted my age as forty. Must have been a while ago. I also said I was trying to find my way in "the world" after coming out of the horse and buggy community. I feel like I have found my way by now. ExChristian was a big part of that and I'd like to acknowledge that for all the newer folk here who don't know me. I was a ba
  11. Here's some more friendly stuff, quoted from memory, might contain numerous errors: Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. In all things be thankful for he lets his rain and sun shine on the just and unjust. The peace of God shall fill thee. God bless thee and protect thee and let his face shine upon thee. Do all these things that thy life may be long in the land of they fathers. Philippians 4:8-9 King James Version (KJV) This verse proved a good guide to keep my thoughts positive: The following verse w
  12. I tried to tune her out but it was hard. All of us were in the doctor's waiting room. The blue veins sticking our from the bottom of the very important church president's Capri pants weren't quite a dark as on the calves of one or two other women, and her age wrinkles were made up to make her appear like a chubby doll. To her neighbour she recited all the very many things she, as church president, must do on a Sunday. The waiting room was packed; every chair taken. She spoke just loud enough to be clearly heard by all. I wanted to say, "Tell them (those peo
  13. Lost? I was born into it. Things were taken before I could claim them: self-respect, identity, freedom to be who I am, the list goes on. *I* was demolished before I could form an identity. It's taken sixty years to re-grow myself from scratch. Some parts are irreplaceable and the scars will never heal.
  14. Yes. And since I'd been seeking for decades for a definition of "sin" I felt incensed to find out that "sin" really meant this active little male member. But since human males came into existence a very long time ago, and all of them have a male parent, there really should be no "unsuspecting" guys. Those preachers diminish in my sight by the second.
  15. When I first came to exC, I got the impression that men and their penises were the root of all evil. I was so disgusted with the male preachers of my old church forever preaching about sin and repentance, if the only real sins were their wandering and lustful penises. That left us women--more than half the membership--off the hook, but they certainly never preached it that way.
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