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    Now I have escaped fundamentalist religion I am rebuilding my life by going to University Majoring in Writing where I will learn things like writing of all types, editing, journalism and a bit of photography. I also battle with Bipolar on a regular basis which keeps me in and out of functioning.

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  1. Thanks again everyone. I already have a great non-Christian therapist. I just need a good secular psychiatrist. Saw my current Christian psychiatrist today and he was still spewing Christian terms and told me God is working in my life. Sigh...I am seeing a new psychiatrist in two weeks. Can't wait and hope he is the right fit. Apparently he is more medical and scientific which sounds great. Hope he is willing to take me on. My mood is 'up' at the moment so I need to watch out for mania. So much to juggle in my life right now. I have trauma issues coming up and university starting soon. So
  2. Thanks for your support everyone. This has been a very difficult thing to go through, especially with a history of spiritual abuse. On 7th February I am seeing the same doctor again as he wants to keep an eye on me since he realises this has been very destabilising. He wants my parents to come along ( I am 40) to help them help me. I think he is covering his arse and worried I will take drastic action over it. One thing he has got right is my medication so at least that is in order. I am stressed and angry, and a little scared, but ok. Can't wait to see the new Psychiatrist. Just hope he is a
  3. Thanks for asking insightful. I'm calming down. See a prospective new psychiatrist on Feb 22nd. Hoping that will go well and I can move on. Still seeing the Christian psychiatrist until at least then. He has apologised for the distress he caused me and admits he can't separate his faith from his profession. Typical fundamentalist. I am still angry but ready to let it go and move on. Been very anxious due to this but coping well.
  4. Feeling really down about this and possibly getting depressed. Hard to tell but it is common after a manic episode. Either way I feel awful and this issue with my psychiatrist is really getting to me. I feel mistreated and it hurts. I see him again on the 4th January and I don't know what to say. I am scared. Never been good with confronting people. The idea of changing doctors is stressful too, especially when so fragile. I need a smooth transition and continuous treatment and luck with a great new doctor and my old doctor being gracious in handing me over with all the right information etc.
  5. Thanks for your posts everyone. I really appreciate the support. I live in Australia so if I report it it will be to the relevant boards here. I am kind of stuck as i live in a small city with only two private psychiatric hospitals and I have been affiliated with one for nearly 7 years. If I change doctors it has to be to one who admits to that hospital which really narrows down the field. Basically, I have to trust my current psychiatrist to write on the referral that I want someone who is non-religious or at least able to treat me without mixing their beliefs in the treatment. I don't know w
  6. wanderingstar, good to hear from you although I am so sorry you are hurting right now. I would definitely search out a secular professional. Anyone who wants you to depend on a 'higher power' will make you crazy. Maybe for now you could contact Dr. Marlene Winell. She has a phone number and she does consults to help people. I'm not sure what she charges but she helps those who has left the cult and also deals with the emotions and the detrimental effects of leaving the fold. Have a look at her website and see if she might be able to help. But definitely try to find someone who is a non bel
  7. Hi everyone, I am a new old member from a few years ago. I just wanted to run this issue by a few ex-ers. For four years my psychiatrist has been treating me for Bipolar and PTSD. He knew I was an ex-christian (de-converted June 2012) so several times tried to coax me back into the fold. This infuriated me as I felt he had crossed boundaries so I politely and strongly explained my intellectual reasons for not believing and asked to be left alone in that regard. He respected that and dropped the topic. He was a good doctor by most regards and genuinely cared for my welfare helping me through ma
  8. That is pure satire(to us at least)...and it makes me very sad to read, along with occasional bursts of laughter. Those poor people trying to escape one cult by being dragged into another.
  9. Welcome true4u! I am so sorry to hear of your suffering. Religion is a dangerous beast which you will be far better without. It really effects mental health too. I have Bipolar and PTSD and christianity nearly killed me with its oppression and controlling ways. It also kept me from professional help and now two years after deconverting and receiving excellent treatment I can say I am doing so much better than while I was a christian...and I was a passionate christian who truly loved god/jesus and did all I could to follow his commands. I know this must be an incredibly difficult time for you s
  10. I regret ever being a christian as it cost me dearly. During my 15 years as a christian I was psychologically abused and kept from receiving proper treatment for mental health issues. I endured 5 years of deliverance prayer ministry which was incredibly damaging. I made many bad decisions because of my faith too. On the positive side I have all that experience under my belt which has grown me as a person and helped me be more compassionate to christians still stuck in the faith. So much pain related to my time though, it would take pages for me to describe but I don't have the heart too right
  11. Welcome! I am glad you are feeling lighter. It is a great feeling.
  12. Moanareina, I am so sorry to hear your story, So much trauma and pain to bear. I really feel for you and wish I could help but I can think of nothing special to say. I am glad you are here with us. Keep posting, if it helps and we will do our best to support you. Growing up with a Narcissistic parent is incredibly challenging. My brother in law is very narcissistic and the way he treats his children is reprehensible. It tears me up to watch. Thankfully my sister has left him to keep her children safe from him. I wish you all the best in life. Take care.
  13. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have no wise words but I feel for you and hope you both can work together to find peace
  14. Welcome! Good to have you with us. I am sorry about your pain, it must be difficult to live with.
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