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    Hiratsuka, Japan & Sydney, Australia
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    Japanese history and martial culture. Hoplology.
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    I am an ExChrisitian born and raised in Sydney Australia. I went to a Catholic primary school (St. Joseph's) and a Catholic high school (Marist Bros.).

    I gave up believing in the Christian fairy-tales in 1992, after having many doubts and questions for years before.

    I am a practising Zen Buddhist priest. I took the precepts in 1997 in Japan.

    I am a student/teacher of Japanese history and culture and a regular contributor to two Japanese martial history magazines in Japan. I am a member of the Japanese Sword Preservation Society and founder of the Samurai History Study Group.

    I practice several Samurai martial traditions and regularly train with the JGSDF in defensive tactics and close quarter combat. I am a student of hoplology with an avid interest in the evolution and development of human combative behaviour.

    I live and practice most of the year in Japan. I have a small Zendo in Australia that I visit, so I spend some time in Australia also.

    I have recently co-authored a book in Japanese on Buddhism and it's place in modern society that is available from the Shosan Kenshokai in Atsuke Japan.

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