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    golf, football, baseball, hockey, politics
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    So, Who am I?

    I am a paradox, a puzzle, and usually without a clue.

    I am a Middle-Class, overweight, Married male with two children who is a Libertarian, apostate, and a white Southerner. Yes that puts me squarely into the class of people that is perfectly ok to discriminate against.

    I am opinionated, I have my beliefs, but I AM open minded. I do look at each side to issues and weigh them against my core beliefs to determine my stance.

    I am a gamer, a golfer, a metal-head, and a father. I like my beer dark and my coffee with cream.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?

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Arkansan living in DFW. WPS! Family man, sports fan, P1, and wishing I were on a golf course.

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