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    I am 18 {almost 19} years old. I have had a life of doubt, confusion and sin. While I have studied the Bible quite alot {especially end-time prophecy} I never really believed in it enough to "Fight the good fight of faith". Finally, I truly accepted the Lord and I'm now a soldier of Christ.

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    Jesus Christ
  1. Will he come from space or transfer through dimensions? How will you recongize him since we don't know what he looks like? What specific actions will he do so that you will say "this IS jesus". All I remember him doing is riding a white horse out of the sky and killing people with a sword from his mouth. Is that how you will know it is him? I believe everyone is convicted by the Spirit of God at some point in our life to know that Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be. When Jesus comes back He will appear with the sound of a great trumpet, with all the holy angels, and with all the saints.
  2. I don't think Christians will be deceived. Some people who previously "appeared" to be Christians will be deceived. I have two questions for you Ramen. 1. What did you mean when you said the AntiChrist is better than Jesus? 2. Do you hate God or do you just not believe He exists? If you don't believe He exists, then what is the significance of the thee six's?
  3. It's not that I'm afraid to deny Jesus. In my spirit I feel love for Him. You're right, I can't, at least not right now, intellectually justify my belief in Jesus. That's what I meant when I said my spirit believes in Him. I have felt His presence so much in my life. I have felt His presence around me, and through the testimonies of others. Although my mind doubts it and wonders if it's true, my spirit believes it with no trouble.
  4. By all means, then... elaborate! The more I think about it, the more I see that I have been fed Christianity all my life. I can find no valid reasons to believe in it, aside from what I feel was God in my life and that I was raised to believe in it. I guess I would call myself a spiritual Christian but a mental agnostic. In my spirit I believe that Christianity is true, but I have no facts or intellectual evidence to back up my claims. I am not saying that I am denying Jesus, the Bible, or the existence of God in anyway. I am saying that I need more intellectual proof for the claims of
  5. Goddamn, bud... do you praise Jesus with that mouth? Actually, I've changed my position a bit.
  6. Nick, you are guilty of the same pride as Satan. You think God is not worthy of you? He's not worthy of your presence? Give me a friggin' break! God is far beyond you, and he has every reason to crush you, just like he does everyone else. Nevertheless, He grants us a choice to follow Jesus, or suffer His judgment in Hell. His judgment is righteous. You say He is not worthy of you, then you say He is arrogant? Please, do grow up, you arrogant peice of worthless shit.
  7. I don't deny that some of the people here are intellectually smarter than I am. However, without faith, all the "knowledge" in the world amounts to absolutely nothing.
  8. Yeah it should... because there are none because jesus isn't real Christians would think its a joke because they're nearly as heartless and cruel as the demon they worship. You sound like a spoiled little brat that didn't get his way in life so you got pissed off at God. Grow up! You also haven't done any studying on your own, you just believe what you are fed because you're "angwy at God :angry:". Also, even if you call God a demon, putting us in the same picture with Him is an H-O-N-O-U-R. When are you gonna get this? Take your head out of your ass and pay attention.
  9. It's common knowledge that Jesus of Nazareth existed. There is no way He could have had such a following if He never even existed.
  10. Jesus will come back in the sky. I don't know if the Antichrist will be like the one in the Omen. The Bible doesn't say much, or anything, about his childhood.
  11. Nick, you are the meaning of stupidity. Do a little historical study. Whether Jesus was the Son of God or not {and He is}, He was an actual figure in history.
  12. Nick, you will never know the truth as long as you deny Jesus Christ. I mean, come on! That picture on your signature is evil. You have no idea what the truth is, and it is quite possilbe, you never will.
  13. Really? How old are you? During the time I was Christian I managed to get several different versions of how the "rapture" would be. I don't hold a rapture view. The rapture, even if it happens at the Second Coming, is not the same exact thing as when Jesus returns to the earth. I was speaking of the time Jesus actually come back.
  14. Do you think I'm blind? I can see you have been laughing. You are laughing at the truth just like St. Peter said you would. I don't really care if you all think this is a joke or not, especially a sick, twisted, deceived, blind soul like yourself, Nick5
  15. Because the Bible gives us clear detail of how Jesus will come back, and how to Antichrist will rise to power.
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