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  1. My definition of sin is the breaking of some religious law, rule, command, or tradition. Therefore, IMO, “sin” only exist in religion and therefore only applies to those who are, by some definition, religious. In the secular world there is no such thing as “sin”. Actions are either lawful or unlawful. Unlawful actions are subject to punishment by the judicial system. God doesn’t factor into any of that. If it isn’t illegal then it’s okay to do it.
  2. I stopped participating on that board back in April of this year.
  3. When an issue/problem is driven by emotion logical, reason, facts, & evidence become irrelevant. Those of us that have left/rejected religion are keenly aware of that. The current protest movement is being fueled by emotion. And It is being driven by a victimhood mentality. Logic, reason, facts, and evidence will be useless when it comes to combating the violence. Unfortunately, overwhelming force is the only thing that will stop the violence and it appears that isn’t a political option in this current environment. This threat is real and the outcome seems likely to permanently change the traditional American culture. And I don’t think history will view those changes in a positive way.
  4. Continuing with my thoughts from above. “All lives matter” has now been designated as a racist slur by the Marxists Revolutionaries. Apparently only black lives matter now. These revolutionary’s have essentially taken control of our language and they have obtained the power to determine what is and is not acceptable verbiage. Use of unacceptable language now has severe life changing consequences. The “victim” has no legal right to defend themselves. There is no due process, no assumption of innocence, no preponderance of evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Mob justice now rules. Being charged equals guilt. The accused has no rights. The mere accusation is sufficient for the harshest punishment as determined by the mob. The mobs power has become so great major corporations fear them and submit to their “demands” when ordered, as do government authorities. There is absolutely no way the accused officers in the Minnesota debacle can possibly receive a “fair” trial. Their guilt was established the moment the video hit the national airways. They are literally walking dead men. Some Major League sports franchises have been “ordered” to change their names and logos. Corporate America jumped on the Mobs PC bandwagon and threatened to pull their advertising dollars if the targeted teams didn’t comply with the mobs demands. If anyone doesn’t think this revolution is real, just look at what they’ve accomplished in a matter of weeks. Never mind these team names were intended to honor the cultures they were named for and to acknowledge their strengths and contributions to the American culture. Redskins has been determined to be racist, but “Redtails” the most popular potential new team name isn’t. Even though Redtails refers to an all African American U.S. Air Force fighter squadron in WWII. Are the Redtails worthy of such an honor? Absolutely. Ask any WWII Veteran that was a B-17 flight crew member flying bombing missions over Europe. The Redtails saved a lot of American lives protecting our bombers from German fighters.They were very good and very brave pilots. German fighter planes were superior to allied fighter planes. Individual pilot skills often determined who lived and who died. The Redtails were skilled pilots. I like the name too, but why is Redskins racists but Redtails isn’t. Both are honoring an America ethnic group, but I do understand “Redskins” could be interpreted as a racial slur so I’ll acknowledge that is one of the few required name changes that has some validity, even though it’s been around since 1933. How and when will this end? That is a scary question, especially with a National upcoming election looming.
  5. Jordan Peterson, in a YouTube Video, I recently watched has made the connection between Marxism and the current unraveling of law and order. Marxist required a revolution to overthrow the reining government to obtain control. It certainly appears to many that is what is going on now with these “supposed” protest. Peterson thinks these protestors are really Marxist revolutionaries. They are using “racial injustice” as cover for their true intent. Defunding and dismantling the police is obviously a necessary component in overthrowing organized resistance and government authority. Our politicians at the local, state, and federal level appear to be oblivious to what is actually happening. They have already successfully turned a large section of the public and news sources against the police. The entertainment and sports industry jumped on this Marxist bandwagon a long time ago. Any opposing speech has been effectively shut down through the use of public shaming. People are too intimidated and fearful of the consequences to voice any opposition. Peterson also indicated this movement originated and is being fed in our universities by far left professors and administrators. These protest have become a predictable cycle and have been going on now for a long. They grow in strength, numbers, and credibility with each new cycle. This movement has become so strong that it is now a legitimate threat to the survival of the United States as we now know it. History records that many ancient invincible Empires fell from within. Many of these Empires lasted hundreds, even thousands of years. The United States isn’t even 250 years old yet. The unimaginable can happen if people are to fearful to speak up and take a stand and that seems to be the situation now. If we aren’t there yet, we are dangerously close. These aren’t political demonstrations, these are acts of war. This is a revolution and if government officials don’t wake up soon it may become impossible to stop. If the liberals take control of the government in this upcoming election it might be the beginning of the end of this country as we know it. And I honestly don’t think that’s an overstatement.
  6. Not according to Ephesians 2:8-10. Believers are saved by faith through grace, not of works, least anyone boast. The book of James, of course, emphasizes works as proof of true faith. The author of James makes a valid point, that faith without works is a dead faith. That, of course, means the author of Ephesians is wrong and that would indicate the Bible isn’t inerrant. And so it goes.....
  7. Saved by faith or works? Scripture can be found that says a believer is saved by faith and faith alone. Scripture can also be found that indicates “works” are required. What kind of works and how many works are required is not revealed. A strong indication, at least to me, that scripture has human origins because it’s filled with contradictory and inconsistent instructions and statements. A true believer, blinded by faith, never sees those problems though, and if they do they simply rationalize them away.
  8. IMO, this speech issue is tied to political correctness. Political Correctness, IMO, wants to punish thoughts as well as actions. PC was originally a way to control people through the use of intimidation, but it has now morphed into actual harmful actions against those accused of having unacceptable thoughts if such thoughts are verbalized. Essentially mobs have been allowed to become judges, juries, and prosecutors and they also determine the punishment for the accused. The accused has no rights or defenses. Actions detrimental to society should be subject to adjudication. Justice is being threatened and in some cases it’s unraveling and being replaced by vigilante “justice”. That’s scary. Politicians are failing to do their sworn duty because they are being intimidated by these mobs and submitting to their demands. Disbanding police forces is an insane idea and the though of having no police force is terrifying. If these mobs are successful in disbanding police departments anarchy and chaos will result. History tells us many of the great empires fell from within. I genuinely fear this could happen to the United States too if elected officials don’t stand up to this threat and take decisive action to get it under control. It appears Democrats will take political control in the upcoming election. If large Democratic cities are an example of what happens when the Democrats are in control then the U.S. could become a chaotic, lawless, country. And I fear this is a real possibility.
  9. I think part of this speech issue is defining what is and is not offensive or racist language. Intent is not considered when defining what is and is not offensive language. The definition of offensive or racists language is currently being decided by the group, groups, or individuals that are claiming to be offended. These groups are generally associated with some activist group that is claiming to be offended. They are acting as judge, jury, and prosecutor. Then they are being allowed to determine the punishment. That pretty much violates all the protection any accused has that is being charged with some offense in a Court of law. When it comes to speech the mere charge is sufficient to determine guilt and the offended group is also allowed to determine the punishment. The accused isn’t even allowed, in most cases, to defend themselves. In many of these instances the offense occurred many years ago, but that doesn’t matter. Apparently there is no statute of limitations for Such an offensive. Once offensive words are spoken the offender has no rights or defense. People do change and evolve. Maybe they were racists in years past but they’ve changed and they don’t think that way now. Once a racists always a racists? Change and forgiveness isn’t possible? We have, as a society and culture, descended into mob rule on this issue and that is pretty damn scary. As I’ve noted before, it appears a citizens right to free speech is now meaningless words on a piece of paper. Since hate speech, something that also needs to legally defined, is a serious crime then all the protections granted anyone charged with a criminal offense should apply. I don’t think employers should arbitrarily be allowed to fire any employee without some element of due process. Just my opinion and I’m retired so I’m not employed by anyone. And just for the record, I deplore racists and hate speech, but if that is all that it is.....just speech without a threat of violence, then I don’t see the justification criminalizing such speech. The individual using such language is certainly displaying their ignorance and I can see where people wouldn’t want anything to do with them. Just as an example. If one co-worker called another co-worker an ignorant SOB in the heat of anger. That shows their ignorance, but should that kind of speech be criminalized?
  10. The political system hasn’t offered the country much of a choice for this upcoming Presidential election. I can’t defend Trump, but I fear a Biden Presidency might be even worse. We are teetering on the brink of a another civil war and it seems to me that is exactly what the radical left wants. What does the radical left really want? I don’t think this uprising is about social justice, that is just a tactic to promote a cause. It seems to me the Civil Rights legislation passed in the 60’s achieved its goals. African Americans hold significant positions of power in the legislative, judicial, Law enforcement, entertainment, journalist, sports, educational, scientific, and corporate entities all across the country. There are numerous African American millionaires and billionaires. That indicates to me they are getting a fair shot at a better life. It also says to me that Dr.Kings wish that African Americans are being judged on the content of the character not the color of their skin, but that will never be 100% true for everyone regardless of their ethnicity because we are all flawed human beings. There is not now, nor will there ever be, such a thing a perfect fairness, perfect equality, or a perfect system of justice. When it comes to law enforcement the media is carefully avoiding telling their side of the story. Being a law enforcement officer and a combat solder has many similarities, IMO. That doesn’t excuse brutality or the use of excessive force but honesty dictates that will always be a issue because law enforcement officers are human beings and that makes them flawed and subject to emotional responses in stressful situations. In all too many situations a police officer going on duty is literally entering a combat zone and they are definitely putting their lives at risk. I think PTSD is an issue for police officers just as much as it is for soldiers. Then, of course, there are officers that should not be allowed to carry a badge and gun. They are mentally unsuited to be law enforcement officers. Weeding them out must be a priority. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is likely as close to forming a perfect Union as mankind will ever get. I see nothing being proposed by the radical left that will make the country better. I do see them as a real and significant threat to democracy though. Just my opinions and perceptions.
  11. Academics often refer to Christianity as the Christian Cult for a reason. All religions practice some form of mind control aka indoctrination and brainwashing, as essential tools necessary to obtain blind obedience and control of their members minds and lives. Congratulations on your successful escape from the cult. Life without the fear of Hell is exhilarating. True freedom is freedom FROM religion.
  12. When it comes to national defense and economic issues I’m conservative. When it comes to social issues I was a moderate when I was a Christian fundamentalist. Even as a fundy I didn’t think homosexuality was a choice. I was never against any and all abortions without regard to the reasons or circumstances. As a fundy I avoided those subjects or kept silent when the conversation was about homosexuality or abortion. If asked directly about either subject I would say that’s between God and the individual. I’m not anybodies judge. As an ex-Christian I am open about my views on homosexuality, gender issues, race, equality, and abortion. I am very liberal on those issues. I don’t, however, endorse abortions if there is a heartbeat and/or brain activity. At that point I’m convinced the embryo has become a human being and is entitled to all the legal rights and protection granted any U.S. citizen. Aborting a child at that stage, IMO, is murder or at least manslaughter. I believe the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights are among the most important documents ever written by humans. I would take up arms to defend and protect those rights. I also believe Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I have a dream”,may be the greatest speech ever given by a human being. I get emotional whenever I hear it or read it. King was an enormously brave and highly intelligent man and deserves all the honor and accolades he’s been given. At this stage of my life I’m a political Independent. I both agree and disagree with the Republican and Democratic agenda's. It depends totally on the issue under consideration. I don’t financially support either party. As a Christian fundamentalist I was a hard core, Rush Limbaugh, Republican. I usually voted a straight Republican ticket. When my doubts about Christianity arose so did some of my political thinking. I realized I didn’t always agree with Limbaugh or the Republican position, especially on social issues. My religious & political beliefs began to evolve together. I left the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh about the same time I left religion.
  13. No politician in America has the courage to challenge religions tax exempt status. That is America’s version of a sacred cow.
  14. Bhim, I acknowledge Trumps successes. He understands business and how to make it grow and prosper. He had the economy roaring and unemployment figures were the lowest on record. That’s his strongest asset, IMO. He has negotiated better trade deals with foreign countries, something other administrations failed to do. On the negative side, he’s seriously narcissistic, he’s a bully, he fires anyone that disagrees with him. He refuses to listen to his advisors and his tweets make him look like a child throwing a tantrum. He fails to understand he needs to delegate his responses to criticism to surrogates, as other presidents have historically done. IMO, he simply does not know how to act Presidential. All of that noted the far left concerns me much more than Trump does. I get one vote, so it really doesn’t matter what I think. I do understand that any attempt to discuss politics in this political climate is dangerous and can have serious negative consequences. Discussing politics is even more problematic than discussing religion these days. And that’s unfortunate. Like I noted in another post, the right of free speech now appears to just be meaningless words on a piece of paper. I mean no offense to you or anyone else. I’m simply offering my assessment of Trumps positives and negatives. Unless something changes, in the political landscape, I will likely vote for Trump because I fear the radical left more than my concerns about Trump.
  15. Regardless of which party or candidate you prefer or dislike, I’m concerned that the Constitution has, or is dangerously close, to becoming irrelevant. Freedom of speech appears to me to have been rescinded. When employers can terminate employees based only on their political opinions, preferences, affiliations, and leanings then the Constitutional guarantee for freedom of speech and association has become meaningless words on a piece of paper. If just thinking about robbing a bank is not an actionable offense subjecting the individual to arrest and prosecution, then how can preferring not to associate with certain ethnic or political groups or organizations be grounds for an employer to dismiss an employee or take legal action against them? IMO, in order to qualify as a racists, bigot, or homophobic some form of economic, physical, or emotional damage must be done to a targeted group or individual. Merely disliking, disagreeing, or avoiding them, without causing them identifiable harm is not a crime. The term political correctness is the culprit. It is also known as “The thought police”. I am neither a Republican or Democrat but I will admit the far lefts political agenda troubles me much more than Trump or his followers. I find much on the political lefts agenda I can agree with, but their tactics and lawless acts trouble me greatly. I am more concerned with the left attempting to establish a dictatorship than Trump. IMO, Trump is the worst President in the history of the country, so when I say the far left concerns me more than Trump that is saying something. IMO, if Trump wins another term he can thank the far left for his victory. How in the world can a country with 350 million people come up with Trump and Biden as the choices for President? Demanding the Police be defunded or disbanded is a terrific strategy to get Trump re-elected. It’s a toss up between the far left and far right to determine which one is crazier. I’m stepping off my soapbox now. Hopefully, I didn’t offend anyone or I offended both the political left and right followers equally.
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