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  1. Geezer

    The scars of breaking free

    It seems I am a very fortunate person. I was a long time member of an extreme version of Christianity, but for me it was simply a matter of re-education. Once I became aware of the scholarship dedicated to the actual historical records of the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith (Historical Critical field of study), and I studied and researched that information the indoctrination just went away. Leaving Christianity was relatively easy and I haven't second guessed my decision to walk away from religion, or the authenticity of the historical records that I studied. I was lucky, for me it was much like turning off a light switch. Knowing the historical facts made leaving easy because there was no reason to stay.
  2. Geezer

    Been Lurkin'

    Scholars often refer to Christianity as a cult and for good reason. Consider the traits normally associated with cults and then think about how many of those same traits can be found in Christianity. That is why leaving Christianity is so difficult. True freedom is freedom from religion. Glad you found this site, I’m certain you will find it helpful.,
  3. Geezer

    God of the bible is not a scientist

    The Bible is a collection of myths that reflect the knowledge and theological beliefs of the cultures that produced them. It takes a deeply indoctrinated mind not to recognize that.
  4. The reason faith, not evidence, is required to be a believer becomes crystal clear when you no longer have faith. There is a reason why obtaining faith requires intense indoctrination. It’s more than a little concerning to acknowledge how easy it is to indoctrinate people. The earth is filled with Billions of brainwashed people, that have absolutely no clue that they are brainwashed. And many of these brainwashed folks are very willing to die for their “beliefs”, or to kill those that don’t believe as they do. That is scary.
  5. Geezer

    Slave to Christ

    I’m certain God and Jesus don’t control any atheists public or private life. I know for certain they don’t even influence my life much less control it.
  6. Geezer

    Hatred of Paul

    The Fabricated Paul by Hermann Detering. You might also check out The Colossal Apostle by Robert Price.
  7. Geezer

    Hatred of Paul

    I don’t believe Paul or Jesus were real people. The evidence leans towards both of them being fictional characters in a fictional story. Those that believed those stories were the ones that created an empire ( Christianity and the Christian Church) and then became powerful & wealthy.
  8. Geezer

    Slave to Christ

    God and Jesus control a believers “public” life. Their private life is another issue.
  9. Geezer

    Hatred of Paul

    The Church of Christ is an example of Pauline worshippers. They believe every word Paul spoke, or wrote, came directly from God. The 12 Apostles never “got it”, so Jesus was forced to find someone else (Paul) to finish His work and mission. Paul wasn’t God incarnate but he was #3 in the chain of command, at least in the minds of those in the Church of Christ.
  10. Geezer

    Religion, and what it did

    Brainwashing is effective precisely because the victims don’t believe they’re brainwashed. Cults are effective for the same reason. Those that are members of a cult don’t believe they are in a cult.
  11. Geezer

    Former Christian

    Christian love in action.
  12. With the bloody history of the Catholic Church, and now with the endless sex scandals and abuse of children, why would anyone want to be a Catholic? It seems to me the Priests are the ones that need to be confessing their sins, not the people.
  13. Basically the c of C worships the Bible. They, of course, would deny that but they do. They follow the Bible as literally as humanly possible. They interpret examples found in the NT as commands, thus communion must be observed every Sunday morning because that is the first day of the week as noted in the NT. There basically must be a scriptural reference for everything the c of C does. “Is that scriptural?” Is a common question for anything and every thing the c of C does. Marriage Divorce & Remarriage is an issue in the c of C. Divorce is sin unless it is for a scriptural reason and adultery is the only scriptural reason in the Bible. Unscripturally divorced people can never remarry and must remain celibate the rest of their lives or be doomed to Hell for eternity. Unscripturally divorced people would not be accepted as members in the c of C. The c of C does not allow instrumental music in their buildings/worship service because there is no scripture in the N T that authorizes it. They operate by something referred to as CENI. That means Biblical Commands, Examples, and Necessary Inference. NI basically means it’s up to the Elders (those recognized as leaders of the congregation) to determine if something is okay or not when the Bible doesn’t specifically address the issue. Things like even having a church building, parking lots, air conditioning and heat, etc. All congregations are autonomous, there is no central authority. It is not uncommon for one congregation to disfellowship another congregation for a scriptural reason. Such things as having a kitchen and fellowship hall in the building are considered scriptural issues by some congregations, but not others. It is common for one congregation to disfellowship another congregation for issues like this. Members are disfellowshipped for scriptural reasons. Questioning the doctrine or teaching can get a person disfellowshiped. The c of C is extremely legalistic and they believe water baptism is how a person is saved Acts 2: 38. The concept of grace is not something that the c of C promotes. The c of C is a works based religion. They teach salvation can be lost when a person sins and they will remain lost until they repent and are restored to the Church. The c of C is all about fear and punishment. And they think they are headed for extinction because they are not legalistic enough. Oh yeah, they believe they are the only restored church from AD33 and thus the only true Christians on earth. They believe denomination churches are man made and their members are destined for hell because they aren’t real Christians.
  14. The Baptist are rather benign compared to the Church of Christ and Pentecostals. The c of C and Pentecostals is where you find the seriously batshit crazy beliefs and traditions. I know because I was an Elder in the c of C. Being a member of those groups takes some serious professional grade brainwashing.
  15. The Mormon promise of endless sex is a pretty good recruiting tool, at least for the guys. Then, again, Christianity teaches sex is sinful but that hasn’t hurt their recruiting new members. The Mormon belief that anyone can become a God is attractive as opposed to Christian teaching that everyone is an evil disgusting sinner deserving of eternal punishment. The Mormons believe when a person becomes a God they will have endless sex with unlimited partners. All of that makes me wonder why Christianity has more adherents than Mormonism? The Mormons clearly have a better marketing plan.