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  1. Carrier's theory of the origins of Christianity is the most plausible scenario I've heard.
  2. Geezer

    On a serious note to all

    Personal liability coverage is included in virtually all renters policies. That provides legal defense, with no limit for things like your dog biting someone, accidentally shooting a fellow hunter, and coverage for damage to other people's property, loss of use of the rented dwelling, additional living expenses, etc. Frankly, it's insane to rent and not have a renters policy. It you get sued by the property owner, or someone else, you're looking at a Minimum of $25,000 just in legal fees, if you're lucky. And if you lose the suit you're potentially looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be awarded the plaintiff. Just an example my agency paid $300,000 to settle a dog bite case. A pit bull attacked a 5 year old child and severely injuried her. And the $300,000 did not include another $100,000 in medical cost and attorney's fees.
  3. Tennessee is the buckle of the Bible Belt. Lots of political ads on TV but I haven't noticed religious connections in these ads, but that may be because people in this part of the country just assume everyone running for a political office is a Christian. Either that or I've just reached the point where I just tune religious references completely out.
  4. It seems to me that intellectuals fear taking a stand on much of anything for fear they might be proven wrong, and that might damage their scholarly reputation and make them the object of ridicule. And that would ruin them & their careers. Since I am in no danger of being mistaken for an intellectual; I'm fearless when it comes to expressing my opinions.
  5. It is interesting that Sumerians, for example, claim their knowledge and skills were given to them by the Anunaki. Other cultures, in South American for example, also claim their knowledge came from white men with beards they referred to as Sages. The obvious similarities in these various groups agricultural & engineering skills appears to come from transferred knowledge from some outside source. There is also evidence these various cultures from different continents were interacting with each other.. I think there is sufficient evidence to support Hancock's, and others, theories that there were advanced civilizations that existed in antiquity. I also believe there is sufficent evidence to support the theory that there has been at least 3 extinction events in earths history.
  6. Geezer

    Thank GOD I found this... Lol

    "Thank God I Found This .......". As soon as I saw that I knew I had to read your introduction. I agree that humor is a great way to handle adversity. Your story was interesting. Welcome aboard, I'm really looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.
  7. Your desire to make your left leaning political bias well known isn't helping your credibility. I have no issue with anyone's political bias but it does place their objectivity into question. I admit I have both a left and right political bias. My bias is directly connected to the issue being discussed. Does that label me as an independent or just politically cautious? As far as climate change I think the left is feeding us political BS. I accept climate change is real but I'm not convinced humans are causing it. And I don't trust the so called evidence the left is feeding us.
  8. I see a connection between "consensus" and religion. A handful of people with authority and power decide what is true based on their agenda. The rank and file go along to get along in order to keep their jobs & professional reputations creditable. Academia is just as corrupt as politics. What your posts says to me is that an unknown percentage of that 97% of climate experts have been coerced into going along to get along. The fact academia and politics are bedfellows is a big part of the problem. I am skeptical when anyone claims 97% of people agree on anything.
  9. There is a difference between speaking in generalities and summerizing well researched data and submitting that data as fact. It seems to me, but I admit I haven't run the numbers, that most (there is that word again) of the posts on this site are opinion based. When that is not the case the poster normally (another bad word choice) would reference a particular scholar or scholars and a specific book, paper, or theory that is intended to validate the posters POV or beliefs. Therefore, when I say "most" I am intentionally generalizing what is essentially a personal opinion, thought, or POV. It is really not necessary to point out that my statement isn't accurate, because it should be obvious that I am simply expressing a personal opinion.
  10. I get it. You hate men. I'm sure you have reasons for your hatred of men. I am truly sorry for whatever has caused you to feel so negative about men. I can tell you, from a male perspective, you women aren't a bundle of joy to be around 23/7 365 days a year either.
  11. That is simply not the reality of the world. Most men are good guys that deeply respect women. There is a small minority that doesn't think that way and they are dangerous. Ultimately, as I noted, it comes down to each and every single citizen choosing to protect themselves or become defensely victims. That is unfortunate, but it is also reality.
  12. Geezer

    Glad to be here

    Welcome Jen. You will find a lot of positive information on this site and likeminded folks that have been where you are now. All of our stories have some similarities, as do our journey's out of religion. It took me 47 years to pull the plug. All versions of Christianity display cult like traits, some more than others. Fundamentalists are the worst and I think some of them are definitely cults. I have found that true freedom from religion.
  13. Geezer

    Hurricane Michael, heads up Panhandle.

    Hats off to the Cajun Navy. Those folks are all volunteers and have saved a lot of folks. Just saw a story about those guys.They have crews in 6 States now rescuing folks and helping rebuild homes. They have had crews in N Carolina since the floods hit helping folks rebuild.
  14. My daughter has a handgun carry permit. When she goes for a run she is armed. It's an unfortunate reality of the times. I would recommend single women that date, run, or go for walks take steps to protect themselves whether you do so alone or with someone else. I read today a female employee at a Starbucks was attacked by a customer and severely beaten. Another customer was armed and killed the attacker. It was ruled a justifiable shooting. If you have no way to defend yourself you become a victim.