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  1. Just a curious being here

    You might actually want to investigate the origins & evolution of the Bible & the Christian Faith before you start lecturing anyone about what you believe. You will discover folks here know considerably more about the Bible & the Christian Faith than believers do. I suggest you stop reading apologist. & start reading historians like Dr. Bart Ehrman. And by the way the "God" you are worshipping is actually a Canaanite war God that was adopted as the one true God by the Israelites, who were originally Canaanite's too & were never slaves in Egypt. Oh yeah, Moses & the Exodists story are not true. That never happened.
  2. You might find the book The Fabricated Paul by Hermann Detering or The Colossal Apostle by Robert M Price helpful. They are but two of many scholars that believe the evidence indicates Paul was a literary character not a real person. Just as the evidence suggest Jesus wasn't a real person either. They believe the evidence indicates the Epistles were written by Marcion & Simon Magus. Christianity is a Gnostic religion. The Gospel of John & the Epistles are Gnostic. There were different versions of the Gnostic beliefs just as there are different versions of Christianity. Marcion & Simon Magus "discovered" Pauls Epistles in the early part of the second century. It is common knowledge among all scholars the Bible has been edited, redacted, and parts completely rewritten, as Ehrman noted in one of his books, more times than there are even words in it. That makes present day Bible's virtually useless as a reliable source for much of anything, that and the fact the Bible is literature (fictional stories) not an accurate historical record of anything. If you enjoy reading parables then you would enjoy reading the Bible. Problems arise when the reader starts believing the stories they are reading are about things that actually happened. If if you want to know what really happened you have to read a historian not an apologist, but we all know Christians would never do that because they really don't want to know the truth.
  3. Jonah and the whale

    It's definitely a "fishy" story for sure.
  4. I do wonder why she waited so long to say something, and why she decided now was the time to make this public. I am not in any way defending him, I'm just wondering what her motivation is to make this public now.
  5. The Bible is often advertised as "The Greatest Story Ever Told." And in this case that's true. It is a story or to be specific 66 stories combined into one book. These are all myths, fictional stories with fictional characters. The Bible isn't history it's fiction. Both Heaven & Hell were created by humans. Christianity is a rewards (Heaven) punishment (Hell) religion. The reward is to lure people in & keep them, the punishment is there to scare people & make them easier to control. It's a simple and effect formula. This formula, rewards & punishment, is found in many religions because it works, but it ain't true. Heaven & Hell are imaginary places. When we die we just go to sleep & never wake up again. There is no afterlife.
  6. Judge Tells Jurors that God...

    The judge needs to be sent off to a padded room & kept there for a long time. The truth more than likely is that he is just a deeply brainwashed fundamentalists that has lost contact with reality, but he needs to be removed from the bench.
  7. God obeys his mother

    I'll second the poor judgement part. The Bible is a collection of fictional stories with fictional characters & historians have a mountain of evidence that proves that; but believers don't care about such things as facts, evidence, science or reality for that matter. Believers are content to live in their little make believe world living in constant fear they won't do enough to make it to heaven. Wisdom is usually achieved through education & experiencing life not by believing in supernatural non-sense.
  8. History of the 'F' Word

    It is an amazingly versatile word that is pronounced the same way in many languages. And can also be communicated silently by simply raising the middle finger. It might be the most important word in the entire world, because it needs no translation. When screamed loudly during sex it has been known to bring people to their happy place much sooner, immediately. It's kind of like a Swiss Army knife, it has multiple uses & people are always coming up with new uses for it. It communicates well in a picture format too. A truly remarkable word............and it's been known to make Jesus cry too, when shouted out in anger or during sex by a baptized believer! .
  9. As I've noted in other posts my wife left her fundamentalists roots two years ago and joined the Methodist Church. Honestly, the Methodist seem to be pretty sane people as far as Christians go. My wife also attends a weekly independent interdenominational bible study, but we never discuss religion. It's a forbidden subject in our home. She is fully aware why I am no longer a believer, but that is not a subject open for discussion. We went out for breakfast today and out of the blue she says, "We're studying the Epistles in my Bible Study Class and Paul makes no sense to me. He's all over the place and I can't figure out why." As I previously noted, as part of our compromise we have agreed not to discuss religion. Knowing our deal I said, "I can tell you why Paul is inconsistent and contradictory in his teaching, but if you would rather I not talk about it then I won't." She was silent for a moment or two and then she said, "No, go ahead, but don't lecture me." So I noted first that she was reading the Bible literally and then noted the Bible is literature not history. That's the first problem. Then I carefully went through the historical research that has been done on Paul and noted it is a very real possibility that Paul was a literary figure only. He was a character in a story not a real person. They I provided reasons why scholars have come to that conclusion. After that I told her about Marcion and Simon Magus and how they "found" Paul's Epistles in the 2nd Century and the popularity of the Marcionite Churches that came out of those Epistles. And noted again that all of that occured in the second century. Then I noted that many scholars believe Marcion and Simon Magus were the real authors of Paul's Epistles. And I gave her the back story behind all of that and how the Catholic Church became the ultimately survivor. I pointed out the differences between the Orthodox and Gnostic teaching and beliefs. Then I noted that the Christian faith, the Gospel of John, and the Epistles (Whoever wrote them) are all Gnostic. When I got to that point she cut me off and said, "That's enough for now. Let me think about all of that. I may want to talk more about this later, but don't bring it up unless I tell you I want to talk about it some more." I said okay and that is where we left it.
  10. It's my 5-year deconversionversary!

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! There is nothing quite like being free from religious indoctrination & the fear that usually accompanies it..
  11. Christians against Masturbation

    I think they should have brought a religious historian on the show to challenged her beliefs and interpretations of scripture. And also to challenge the idea that the Bible is literally true in the first place. I actually feel sorry for this girl. The fundies have messed her brain up really bad.
  12. Christians against Masturbation

    Can there really be any doubt that religious fundamentalism is a form of mental illness?
  13. Proposal: Thur's Law

    Getting a bag of popcorn & sitting down in my easy chair to watch the show. .
  14. Unequally yoked and angry

    If you can look at this problem from his perspective, he probably thinks you've lost your mind or the Devil has taken control of your body. He's pushing back. You both believe your children are at risk but for different reasons. Unfortunately this issue could destroy your marriage. Fundamentalists are deeply, deeply, brainwashed. He is simply incapable of thinking logically or rationally. I watched a video yesterday by Alan Watts on YouTube. The title was "Why don't facts matter?" The problem is cognitive dissonance & information bias. It is enormously difficult for humans to change their world view. Your husbands world view view is all about God & Jesus he is not able to think outside that box and he may never be able to. At the least you will need some professional counseling, but that doesn't always work. I've come to the conclusion that religious fundamentalism is a form of mental illness, and there may not be a cure for it. This unequally yoked business can be quite serious when your mate is a fundamentalist because compromise will be difficult & maybe impossible.