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  1. Geezer

    Secular Grace

    I was a member of a religious sect that believed grace had to be earned. Another example for why there are 30,000+ versions of Christianity.
  2. Geezer

    How do Christians view God?

    If scripture was true then your posts would have meaning, but scripture isn't true in any literal or historic sense. It is well documented that humans create God's in their image and have been doing this for thousands of years. Believers that interpret the Bible literally have totally missed the boat, because they have been so deeply brainwashed they are unable to think logically or rationally. The Bible is a collection of (fictional) stories with fictional characters. Religion is basically a collection of historized myths but believers have been exposed to intense indoctrination that has convinced them the Bible is an accurate record of historical events. And that is sad.
  3. Geezer

    Hello :)

    Welcome Ruby. May I suggest you spend some time reading some post to kind of figure out the lay of the land and get your bearings? It's okay if you love Jesus but folks here require evidence not beliefs. In fact beliefs, without evidence, don't carry any weight at all around here. If ya got questions this is a good place to find answers & reference material. So, hop aboard and hang on because this ride gets bumpy from time to time.
  4. Geezer

    Hello :)

    Welcome. I'm not sure this site might be exactly what you're looking for but you'll have to determine that. If historians are correct, there never was a historical Jesus. The evidence indicates the Biblical Jesus was a literary character not a real person. I'm assuming, from your post, that could be a problem for you.
  5. Geezer

    Citing the Bible

    Deeply indoctrinated minds do not process information that challenges their beliefs rationally or logically. They tend to just ignore such information.
  6. The genealogy problem is one piece of evidence that questions the legitimacy of the Bible & the Christian Faith. I don't think there is any ONE thing that proves the Bible isn't true. It's the accumulation of a lot of evidence that proves it's all manmade myth, IMO.
  7. I think Jesus real name being Joshua is a clue. The Jews were looking for a warrior Messiah, in other words a reincarnated Joshua who would lead them to victory over the Roman's.
  8. Geezer

    Sex and Marriage: Bible Style!

    I assume you're saying you have a problem with all of that?
  9. Geezer

    The Politcs of Christianity

    Wow, you must have been in a really, really, liberal c of C. You guys were definitely apostate. Happy, but lost. What a shame, you thought you were bound for heaven, but you weren't. So sad, so very sad.
  10. Geezer

    The Politcs of Christianity

    The Church of Christ literally believes they are the only true Church on earth. And obviously they also believe they are the only true Christians on earth. Everyone else, especially those that are members of a denomination, are lost. Just to second Rivens point. The Church of Christ does not believe everyone in the Church of Christ is saved or that every Church of Christ congregation is part of the one true church. They frequently disfellowship members and even other congregations for being "unscriptural". Some even believe every time a Christian sins they lose their salvation and remain lost until they confess their sin and repent. They take Acts 2: 38 literally, meaning they believe baptism is what saves a sinner. When Christians can't even agree with each other, when they are part of the same group, why would anyone expect members of different Christian sects to agree on much of anything?
  11. Geezer

    90% of animals appeared at same time?

    Absolute positive proof that Genesis is correct. God definitely did it! Yeah, God did it! Excuse me, I must go now & repent for my sin of unbelief. Thank you for posting this amazing proof that God really did do it!
  12. When a testimoney is lengthy I usually don't read all of it, because they are often similar to what all of us have experienced. I read every word of your story because it was so interesting and well written. I am happy for you that you got out and that you found this site. I read all of your posts because you write interesting & thought provoking posts. You're an asset to our little community.
  13. Geezer

    When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA?

    Good video. Very professional.
  14. When a fundamentalists quotes the Bible the conversation is over. If the Bible says it, then God said it first, and God's word is final. End of discussion. Southern Baptist aren't going to change their doctrines or beliefs for anyone,.....and certainly not because some women don't like the role God assigned to them. Ladies join the Methodist Church......problem solved. if women think the Southern Baptist are anti-woman, then don't get within a hundred miles of a Church of Christ. They made Southern Baptist look like liberals when it comes to gender roles.
  15. Geezer

    Unconditional Love is Garbage

    Preachers tend to preach a lot about the sins they are struggling with......just say'n.