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  1. Honest dialog can reach the point where the only option is to agree to disagree. This thread has clearly reached that point for me. I’m bowing out of this discussion.
  2. An authoritarian attitude, IMO, is necessary due to the nature of the job and the type of people the police often have to deal with. I will agree, however, police unions, like all unions, consider protecting their members their number #1 priority. That can result in poorly performing officers retaining their jobs when they shouldn’t. I see where 2 California Sheriffs Deputies were ambushed in their patrol car and shot. They may not survive. A crowd gathered outside the emergency room chanting, “Die cops Die”. If you were a police officer, how would you feel about that? Do you think it wou
  3. I think this power exists for extreme situations, like inbound nuclear warhead ICBM’s from China or N Korea. These powers exists in anticipation that the threat is so dire and immediate politics has to be removed from the process. Granting such power assumes the American people will elect a President and Commander In Chief with a sound mind and the will to protect the American people at all cost. I want to believe, if such an event were to occur, that both Biden and Trump would put the survival of the country above their personal political agenda’s.
  4. That isn’t literally true. The President has virtually unlimited power in times of a National emergency. I think it was Sixty Minutes that did a segment about this. There apparently actually is a law, that is considered top secret need to know only, that does exist. There is also the insurrection act that grants the President a broad range of power too. The need for these additional powers, during a national emergency, is obvious and necessary.
  5. In another topic I acknowledged that I intend to vote for Trump in Nov. I’m an atheist now. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a deity, angels, heaven, hell, etc. I’m not into any form of spirituality either. Another poster indicated they were mystified that I could be an atheist and vote for Trump. I’ve see surveys that show approximately 35% of Christians are politically liberal. So, why couldn’t an atheist be politically conservative? I’m confused what one has to do with the other. Now to clarify, I consider myself a political independent. I’m cons
  6. You may very well need some professional help with this issue. Sex therapist estimate 25% of all marriages are sexless. I believe sexless marriages are defined as couples that have sex less than once a month. Some marriages, are truly sexless, meaning there is no intimacy in their marriage. These couples are essentially roommates. Divorce rates for both religious and non-religious couples continues to hover around 50%. A lot of good information about this topic can be found on YouTube. Esther Peril and Dr. Linsey Doe have some really excellent videos on YouTube. Dr.Doe has a PHD in s
  7. “And the fact that crime is higher in black communities is NOT due to the color of their skin, it is due to the culture they grow up in. In many ways a culture they are locked into. When they try to break out of it, they find many obstacles to overcome. And the problem is more than our laws and policies....“ I agree with that. “It is a white mindset to "keep them in their place". A PLACE WE PUT THEM IN! I can understand their anger.......“ I do not agree with that. Your statement gives me the impression you’ve been indoctrinated by the liberal media
  8. Zen, what are your plans after you are EMT certified? My son is a year away from retiring from a 25 year career with the Fire Dept. He’s a Lt., Paramedic, and watch commander. He loves his job, it pays well, the benefits and retirement are excellent. Firemen have a lot of time off too. His rotation is on 24 off 24, on 24 off 24, on 24 off 24, then on 24 off 96. He also gets 30 days paid vacation a year. Obviously, every Fire Dept has different work schedules, benefits, and rotations. Cities with 100,000 or less population and no tall skyscrapers are the best places to be a fireman
  9. I agree that Trump is problematic for a whole host of reasons. I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I’ve said on other sites I think Donald Trump is the worst American President in History. That noted, I don’t personally hate the man and I’m fair minded enough to acknowledge his accomplishments as President. Trumps greatest strength, IMO, is his knowledge of business and the economy. He had the economy functioning at its highest levels in U.S. history. I think it’s an asset that he’s so narcissistic and such a loose cannon that our enemies are afraid to mess with him because he’s just cra
  10. First, we’ve become familiar with each other, through our posts, over the last eight years. I believe we are usually on the same page, at least when it comes to religion. I have come to respect both you personally and your opinions. I classify myself politically as an independent. I’m conservative politically when it comes to law and order, the military, and the economy. I’m a capitalist and former self employed business owner. When it comes to social issues I’m liberal...very liberal in fact. I’m former military and very patriotic. My BIL was a Police officer, detective,
  11. Many cities have citizen review boards that, along with internal affairs, review police actions and charges of unnecessary use of force. The belief that there is systemic racism in this country and that police are murdering black people for no reason is simply not backed up by any creditable evidence. It appears both of these charges are politically based and are nothing more than political rhetoric. There is evidence, along with their own admission, that BLM and Antifa are Marxists communist groups. Their goal is to fundamentally change the political landscape of American and eliminat
  12. The radical left is Trumps best asset right now. It’s seems almost like they are trying to get him re-elected. Florduh is way too intelligent to not see what’s going on with the radical left. The Nazi were a political minority in Germany. They could never get more than 37% of the German voters so they used threats, intimidation, and violence to take control of the government. That is history, fact check it. BLM and Antifa are using the same tactics. Those opposing them must be silenced or eliminated. The leaders of BLM have publicly admitted they are trained Marxist and it’s thei
  13. Interesting that you reference the Bill of Rights. I’ll add the Constitution to that. It’s the political left that came up with political correctness, which is essentially censorship of speech. The Constitution actually allows people to be racists, as long as they don’t violate another persons rights. Libel, slander, physical, economic, and emotional harm are actionable offenses. Simply disliking someone or some group isn’t against the law. We are legally free to associate or shun whoever we want. I see BLM and Antifa copying the same playbook the Nazi used to take control of Germany
  14. One of the issues that’s driving the current political unrest Is focused on the issue of police brutality. The common charge is that police officers treat black and other ethnic groups differently than Caucasian’s. Let’s assume, just for argument sake, that is true. The obvious question, that I haven’t heard, is WHY? I assume the most common answer would be racism. They are simply racists cops. That’s possible but it’s also possible there are other reasons. There is an old saying, “Don’t judge another person until you’ve walked in their shoes.” So, how about doing that. How
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