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  1. Geezer

    Ooops! Did I go too far?

    Experience has taught me that religious people, actually anyone that deeply believes in something or someone, develop blind spots, as you noted. I've come to accept their minds are incapable of logically or rationally processing information that challenges a deeply held belief. Religious folk actually do seem to believe agnostics/atheists are literally agents of the Devil. They apparently are convinced we have become possessed by demonic forces that now control our minds. Never underestimate the power of religious indoctrination. It might be best to avoid discussions that involve religion as much as possible.
  2. Geezer

    I’m now one of you

    Deleted Double post. Am I the only one having issues with this site? I've been having issues for several days now.
  3. Geezer

    I’m now one of you

    Welcome aboard. I was a fundamentalists Christian for 47 years before I saw the light & became a non-believer. I've been a non-believer for several years now. My wife is still a believer though but we've been able to work it out. I told I would go to church with her but only if she found a liberal version of Christianity. She left the Church of Christ and jointed the United Methodists. They're nice folks and they don't much care what you believe, they are very non-judgemental. I'm not a believer but I can tolerate the Methodist folk. My point being my wife and I found a way to compromise. We've been married for 52 years & we were not going to let religion destroy our marriage or our love for each other. I hope you and your husband can find a way to compromise too. It would be a shame to allow religion to destroy your marriage.
  4. Geezer

    Why be good if there is no God

    Societies have developed laws, courts, law enforcements agencies, jails, & prisons as a way of encouraging people to behave themselves, and to separate those from society that don't obey those laws. That has worked pretty well for a long time now.
  5. Geezer

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    Trump is a loose cannon for sure. He certainly isn't presidential but that might be because he isn't a politician..He has a lot of negatives but he also has some pretty strong positives. He understands how business works and he has got the economy running strong again. He has put a lot of people back to work. Other world leaders seem to fear him because he's unpredictable and I think that has proven to be a positive for his administration. He's the first president that has had the courage to address our trade deficients and do something about it. His negatives are self evident so I see no need to address those. I think it's unlikely he'll be elected to a second term. Unlikely but not impossible. The American people can be as fickle as Trump is.
  6. Geezer

    hi there

    Welcome. Leaving Christianity is difficult. I'd been a Christian fundamentalists for 47 years when it began unraveling. Obviously the doubt set in before that but I tried to ignore it or rationalize all of my increasing doubts. I love history so I decided to study and research to origins and evolution of both the Bible & the Christian Faith. That lead me to Dr. Bart Ehrman. After reading just one of his books I was convinced the Bible wasn't true either literally or historically. And that realization lead me to years of studing & researching religious history. And that lead me to acknowledge the Bible & Christianity is all man made nonsense. Leaving your faith is a journey not an event. It often takes years to complete the process. There are a lot of good books & YouTube videos out there that will confirm there is nothing sacred about the Bible. Lots of good info on this site too. Again, welcome aboard I'm glad your found this site.
  7. A lot of good points. I think for most folks porn is simply a way to experience sexual fantasies, things most folks will never experience in real life. I think that's why 50 Shades of Gray was so popular. If Hollyword produces (soft) porn that's okay and acceptable, because it's just nudity without actual penetration. (Except occasionally, according to some reports, there is actual penetration, but that's another story.)
  8. Why would you want to stop watching porn? It's a perfectly acceptable form of adult entertainment. Neither porn or masturbation is a sin unless you're a religious person. It's legal and for most people it fills a need. It can also be informative & educational. Men & women are often clueless about the opposite genders body. Porn will teach & show you all the body parts & how to make your partner feel good during sex. And don't kid yourself Christians watched as much porn as secular people do, they just feel guilty about, but there is nothing to feel guilty about.
  9. Geezer

    Once a sinner always a sinner

    Sin tends to have a fluid definition. Even within Christianity there is disagreement on what is and is not sinful. Essentially sin is breaking a church or biblical rule or command. Christianity is basically a voluntary agreement to live a self disciplined life and adhere to the laws, rules, & commands of the church & bible, even though there is often no agreement on exactly what those are.
  10. I think it's far more importent to stop as much of the senseless killing of innocent people as possible & Congress has done nothing to address that problem.
  11. Since it was a multi-nation response I don't have a problem with it.
  12. Geezer

    The Thing About Religion

    That is sad, but very true. Religion is a prison without locks.
  13. The thing about religion is that, ultimately, participation is voluntary. That is not to deny that religion uses, maybe even depends, on coersion to accomplish their goals, but they cannot keep anyone from walking out the door. Coersion definitely plays a big role in religion, but they cannot force anyone to be a member or to believe their dogma. And they sure can't force anyone to attend their services. And members that don't like the rules and traditions of the church they attend are free to find a different version of Christianity if they want. It's not like there isn't a multitude of different versions of Christianity to choose from. I participate on a Christian site too, and have noted some folks saying they just can't leave. Really, do they have armed guards at the door preventing you from leaving? Leaving religion may be emotionally difficult but no one can force you to stay. Coercison is where religion gets it's power along with their ability to indoctrinate, which is coersion in another form.
  14. I am involved in a discussion regarding Paul & Marcion on another site. Christians on that site routinely pull up some apologist to defend their argument that Paul was a real person and personally wrote the Epistles. They, of course, denounce Ehrman and scholars like him as being biased and therefore their findings are not trustworthy because they are anti-Christian. I"m posting this persons response because I though it was excellent. ........Here is my opinion and I am degreed in history with graduate study in the subject. I would beware of what any apologist defending Christianity has to say. Check your sources everytime. They can and often do lie or will take original sources out of context. They will also keep repeating old arguments proven wrong long ago. I also advise being wary of non-believing critics of the Bible too and for a different reason. I do not catch them lying so much as ommitting a lot of what they know from the general public. They have a lot more they could share that would not help Christianity or Judaism at all if the public knew what they knew but I think do not share for their own econonomic security (jobs at these liberal seminaries or university religion positions) Even though they are non-believers they make their living critiquing and studying a religion half the worlds population nominally belongs too. If they destroy Christianity they destroy their own livelyhoods. Ironically, the nonbelieving critical theologians like Erhman are actually just as parasitical of religion as the preachers are in some ways. The unbelieveing theologian scholars cater to the atheist community because the evidence leads them honestly towards that position, but they will only share so much because if there were no believers around there would be no one who cared about their arguments (ironically) why the Bible is unreliable or why Noah's ark story is wrong, ect. I bet believ ers buy a whole lot more of the critics books than the unbelievers do truth be told. And how many people do you see writing books about why the great god Baal or Asshur or Shamash probaby doesn't exist and why their sacred writings have been added too or taken from over the years? No one argues's Horus's scriptures are corrupted and that possibly the evil lesser god Set tempted some wicked priests into putting some bad advice into the wisdom literature of the Egyptians claiming it was from good ol' Horus? No. Because no one believes in those gods anymore and there is no market to write books about that subject matter anymore. People could literally care a shit less than nothing what Horus, Baal, Chemosh, Ur-Nina, Shamash, Thor, Enki, Enlil, Molech, ect have to say about anything. Theology degrees are practically of no value outside teaching, preaching or chaplaincy. No religion, no demand for nice jobs at universities teaching about these religions whether believing in them or not. I bet if you took a survey of 100 universities I bet you may only find one or two professors studying the theology of the ancient god Asshur for example and he's the one no one cares to take classes from if it can be avoided. The person that submitted this post isn't a Christian, he's a Muslim.
  15. Geezer

    How can I answer this Christian?

    Well, there is no evidence that any of those things actually happened. The Bible is a collection of fictional stories, it is not a historical record of anything. Christians, of course, don't believe that & you will never convince them the Bible is a collection of myths with mythical characters. I don't think it's even worth the effort to try.