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  1. In order for me to move on I had to find evidence that Christianity wasn't true. In other words that it's man made and that the Bible is just a collection of myths. To my surprise that was easy to do. I discovered Bart Ehrman, Robert M.Price, David Fitzgerald, Hermann Detering, Richard Carrier, Richard Dawkins, and many other similar scholars. As it turns out there is a huge amount of evidence that the Bible is a collection of myrhical stories and Christianity is just one of many man made religions. Once I discovered that it was easy to walk away and not look back.
  2. Geezer

    My second chance at life

    Just realizing that there is no such thing as "sin" made my life a 100% better and more enjoyable. Add the fact that heaven and hell are imaginary places too, along with Jesus, who is also an imaginary figure that only exist in the fictional gospel stories. That information freed me from the fear religion uses to control people. welcome to Ex-C. I'm sure you will find this site helpful.
  3. Geezer

    The Bicameral Mind

    When I was active on an ex-church of Christ board there was a Muslim that was active there too.I asked him how he went from the church of Christ to Muslim; he told me Allah appeared to him and informed him Christianity was a human religion and that Islam & the Koran is the only true religion and the Koran is the only true Holy Scripture. I said, okay good to know. Allah hasn't paid me a visit yet, and it would take a personal visit from Allah to convince me too. I don't question his sincerity but I have some doubts about his mental stability. Until this incident, I wasn't aware Allah made house calls.
  4. Geezer

    Your worst nightmare.

    It is probably much easier to turn a mythical literary figure into a deity, and convince the world wide masses that he was God disguised as a human being in the form of God's son, than it would be to convince the world a real human being is a God. Real human beings are too flawed and subsepable to fleshly temptations to pull that off on a mass world wide scale.
  5. Geezer

    The Bicameral Mind

    Every fundamentalists has a "Personal" relationship with God & Jesus. According to them they have daily conversations with Jesus and many claim to literally hear his voice. It is amazing how effective brainwashing is and the power it gives to those that do the brainwashing. It's interesting that Christians can spot brainwashing and cultish traits in every religion but theirs.
  6. Geezer

    Samuel from SoCal

    Welcome aboard, glad you found this site. I believe you will find the folks here helpful & empathetic.
  7. Geezer

    Bundled Belief Systems

    Good posts and very relevant for today's culture. When I left religion I didn't, and haven't, acquiesced to being pressured into joining all the nonreligious atheists causes, political movements, and general mindset. As a Christian I was a political conservative. When I left religion I didn't become a political flame throwing liberal. I still tend to be more politically conservative than liberal, except for social issues. I am a social liberal. I see no conflict in holding both conservative and liberal views because neither view has all the right solutions. Once you identify with any group you're expected to a agree with their entire agenda be it religion or politics. I won't do that so I don't identify with any particular group. My wife is a Methodist and they are a pretty benign denomination and they certainly do a lot of good benevolent work, but I have no intention of ever identifying myself as a Methodist or an atheist either. I am satisfied identifying myself as a non-believer and a political independent. That eliminates the need to become one of the sheep in somebodies herd.
  8. Geezer

    I just said fuck it

    Ask a mod but I think you have to have a minimum of 25 posts to react or edit posts. Not sure 25 is the correct number though.
  9. Geezer

    The Survivors of Noah's Flood

    If believers only knew how many other cultures had this same story, almost exactly, and long before the Israelites picked it up and added it to their folklore. Many of the OT bible stories were taken from other ancient cultures myths.
  10. Geezer

    How to have sex in a canoe

    I love that story and have told it many times myself. I have no doubt that it's true.
  11. Geezer

    I just said fuck it

    Wow, I rarely read all of a long testimoney, but yours was so interesting I read every word. Sadly, it took me 47 years to figure out that Christianity is all manmade bullshit, as are all religions. Now, I wonder why I ever believed any of it. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.
  12. Christianity is essentially about pretending to be holy, sinless, caring, & righteous in public. Hiding your true desires & personality traits is a full time job for religious people. Some are better at it than others. Those that aren't very good at it live in fear of discovery.
  13. Geezer

    Amusing Christian tells me God is dead

    It sounds like your friend is a Deist but apparently doesn't realize it. Deists claim it's a thinking man's religion but critics say it's just another form of atheism.
  14. Geezer

    slow learner

    Something smells here.
  15. Geezer

    Just another Sunday

    Nobody said being unequally yoked would be easy. Obviously, there are no easy solutions.