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  1. That is one of the groups I think is a rung or two above the Church of Christ when it comes the legalism and just plain crazy beliefs and traditions.
  2. Greetings

    Welcome. Glad you found this site. I think you will find this site helpful.
  3. You're right Older. As I remember "Mustang" officers (Enlisted personnel that got their college degrees & went thru OCS and became commissioned officers), were never really accepted into the regular officer's social circles. I assume that blue collar stained them for life. I was a plane captain for our squadron XO who was a Mustang Lt Commander. He'd flown numerous combat mission in Nam, but was retiring because he knew he'd never make commander. I think Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers got more respect from the regular Officer corps than Mustangs regardless of their rank. As I remember an E-9 Master Chief Petty Office was the best rank in the Navy. I don''t recall nobody messing with a Master Chief including officers.
  4. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    Modern art has been infected with political correctness. Stick figures become great works of art if they are drawn by someone that is a member of a recognized minority. Paint thrown on a blank canvass becomes inspired art. That's why a blank canvas with the artist signature on it can be sold for a six figure number. That really did happen by the way & It was referenced in the video.
  5. And of course the Flood Story was taken from the Epic of Gilgamesh & then edited.
  6. One would hope not, but there is that old saying, "There is the right way the wrong way and the Navy way". Hopefully he voiced his disapproval to the pilot. If he didn't it could be interpreted that he was on board with what the pilot did and if so, then the Navy would likely consider him guilty too. I would assume he wouldn't get anything more than a reprimand though and that's survivable. I seriously doubt he'll get a free pass on this incident though.
  7. All religious people look to those that agree with their theology & beliefs.
  8. If the bible is right, maybe you're looking at hell & there is no escaping hell's black hole.
  9. What a stupid move. Why do this Mr. Trump? A lot of people are going to die because you wanted to please your whacko base, and this move will accomplish absolutely nothing worthwhile.
  10. @ObstacleChick Isn't it amazing the seemingly small and insignificant things that open our eyes. It was the story of Ananias & Sapphira that did it for me. I'd heard that story hundreds of times and even taught it too. Then one day in a Sunday School class this was the lesson. When the teacher got to their execution it suddenly hit me that this story was bullshit. It wasn't true and none of that ever happened. The point of the story was to scare people into being obedient. Well, if that isn't true, what else in the Bible isn't true. After years of studying the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith from a purely historical perspective I can now say with great confidence that none of it is true. The Bible is a collection of myths and Christianity is no different from any other ancient mythical religion. Oh yeah, glad you found us and welcome aboard.
  11. That's also known as a Captain's Mast. It's a step below a court martial. The base or squadron Commanding Officer decides the punishment, but it does become part of the offenders permanent record. In the case of an officer, it pretty much guarantees you will not get promoted the next time you're eligible. This incident brings into question the pilots maturity and fitness for leadership and that's a huge deal for an officer. This pilots career is pretty much over. The Navy isn't going to kick him out, but if he stays in it isn't likely he'll ever be promoted higher than Lt Commander (Major in the Army/Marines) if he even makes it that far. Career Officers are looking to make it to at least a full Captain in the Navy (Bird Colonel) in the Army/Marines/Air Force. At that point if they aren't on the promotion list to Admiral or General they usually retire.
  12. Quantum Leap

    I realized some time ago that there are people that simply must have God or a god in their lives. Penny, after reading your post I don't think this is a good place for you to be. It sounds like your friend wants to get you away from religion and is frustrated with your lack of cooperation. We have lots of examples on this site where things aren't working out well for unequally yoked folks. If your friend can't accept you & your beliefs then maybe they aren't really your friend.
  13. In the Beginning, Mothafuckas.

    And neither is anyone else. We're all human & trying to live a perfect life will drive you crazy. Christianity is a great destroyer of self esteem.
  14. In the Beginning, Mothafuckas.

    I think your friend is just frustrated. Penny, as I noted in another post, we're here to educate not change your beliefs. You mentioned in another post that you thought atheists think Christians are ignorant. That is no more true that Christians saying all atheists are sin loving scumbags. I doubt many people, if any, had a sudden change in their morals when they left Xianity. Believers and non-believers have some wrong headed beliefs and opinions about each other. I assure you the Devil doesn't have a condo on this site.
  15. Quantum Leap

    Thank you so much for that information Penny. I am familiar with the Pentecostal faith. I assume you are not in church now because you've developed some questions and possibly some doubts too. If that is so, then this is a great place for you to be. You will find a lot of good information here. Just about everybody develops questions and doubts about their beliefs at some point in their life. There are some really smart and nice folks here. If you ask honest questions I promise you that you will receive honest answers. It's not anyone's role here to de-convert you from your faith. I think most of us see our role as one of education. In other words, just to present you with the other side of the coin so to speak. What you do with that information is strictly up to you. One of our mods Margee was pentecostal. She is the sweetheart of all sweethearts. I know Margee would love to talk with you. So, is there anything specific on your mind, or do you just want to look around a bit and read some posts? I'm retired so I'm on the board pretty much every day. Feel free to PM me if you want. I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to be your grandfather, so you can ask me anything.