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  1. You may very well need some professional help with this issue. Sex therapist estimate 25% of all marriages are sexless. I believe sexless marriages are defined as couples that have sex less than once a month. Some marriages, are truly sexless, meaning there is no intimacy in their marriage. These couples are essentially roommates. Divorce rates for both religious and non-religious couples continues to hover around 50%. A lot of good information about this topic can be found on YouTube. Esther Peril and Dr. Linsey Doe have some really excellent videos on YouTube. Dr.Doe has a PHD in sexology. I wasn’t aware such a degree exist but it does. I really want to encourage you to seek some professional help before you get married. Lack of satisfying intimacy in a marriage is almost certain to end in divorce or affairs.
  2. Zen, what are your plans after you are EMT certified? My son is a year away from retiring from a 25 year career with the Fire Dept. He’s a Lt., Paramedic, and watch commander. He loves his job, it pays well, the benefits and retirement are excellent. Firemen have a lot of time off too. His rotation is on 24 off 24, on 24 off 24, on 24 off 24, then on 24 off 96. He also gets 30 days paid vacation a year. Obviously, every Fire Dept has different work schedules, benefits, and rotations. Cities with 100,000 or less population and no tall skyscrapers are the best places to be a fireman. Fire Dept’s are begging for paramedics. They are required to have paramedics on their trucks now, at lest in Tennessee. If you get paramedic certified you should not have a problem getting hired as a fireman. Obviously it’s a dangerous job, but not as dangerous as law enforcement. Just something to think about.
  3. My definition of sin is the breaking of some religious law, rule, command, or tradition. Therefore, IMO, “sin” only exist in religion and therefore only applies to those who are, by some definition, religious. In the secular world there is no such thing as “sin”. Actions are either lawful or unlawful. Unlawful actions are subject to punishment by the judicial system. God doesn’t factor into any of that. If it isn’t illegal then it’s okay to do it.
  4. I stopped participating on that board back in April of this year.
  5. Not according to Ephesians 2:8-10. Believers are saved by faith through grace, not of works, least anyone boast. The book of James, of course, emphasizes works as proof of true faith. The author of James makes a valid point, that faith without works is a dead faith. That, of course, means the author of Ephesians is wrong and that would indicate the Bible isn’t inerrant. And so it goes.....
  6. Saved by faith or works? Scripture can be found that says a believer is saved by faith and faith alone. Scripture can also be found that indicates “works” are required. What kind of works and how many works are required is not revealed. A strong indication, at least to me, that scripture has human origins because it’s filled with contradictory and inconsistent instructions and statements. A true believer, blinded by faith, never sees those problems though, and if they do they simply rationalize them away.
  7. Now I get it. You’ve been attacked by a Demon, and more than once. I don’t know about you, but I just hate it when that happens. It tends to screw up my whole day. And the smell.....wow. The ones that have attacked me really smell bad. And you just can’t get that smell out of your clothes. You pretty much just have to throw them away and get new clothes. Apparently Demons have never heard about deodorant, or maybe deodorants just don’t work on them. I’m pretty sure doctors have medications now that will keep Demons away.....as long as you take your meds. You might want to check into that.
  8. Your “truth” is based on intense religious indoctrination. Apologetics is not a accredited historical scholarship. The Bible is NOT a history book. Truly informed Christians recognize the Bible is a collection of theological myths. These Christians are commonly identified as “liberal” Christians. They do not interpret the Bible literally because they know it is neither literally or historically true. They find truth in myth, metaphor, and symbolism. They don’t interpret heaven or hell as being literal places. They are symbols of good and evil. Sin and the fear of Devine punishment doesn’t control their lives. They can accept that Jesus was either a mythical figure or just a man whose life has been exaggerated and mythologized. I don’t have any real issues with liberal Christians, it’s the Bible literalists that are troubling and give Christianity a bad name.
  9. Obi Wan the Force is strong with this one. It’s unfortunate he’s gone over to the dark side.
  10. Truth is based on verifiable evidence, facts, historical evidence, and science. Truth is not based on personal unsubstantiated beliefs, myths, folklore, fiction, and fairytales. If you possess some actual verifiable, scholarly peer reviewed documentation, validated evidence authenticated by historical accredited scholars (apologist are not historical scholars) then please present that. If you cannot do that then I must assume you have no actual verifiable evidence, and thus you are simply expressing your personal religious beliefs based on years of religious indoctrination.
  11. There is no proof that anyone has ever experienced a miracle. Miracles are based on hearsay......with no documentation or accompanying verifiable evidence. Additionally, there is no verifiable historical evidence that even suggest Moses and Aaron were real people or the events written about them in the Bible were anything other than myths, stories, & folklore. No Egyptian records have yet been found that indicate the Israelites were ever captive slaves in Egypt or that they escaped from Egypt and wandered in the desert for 40 years. It took them 40 years to travel to Canaan. It should have taken 11 days. History indicated the Israelites were originally Canaanites and thus chose the Canaanite God Yahweh as their one true God from among the many Gods the Canaanites worshipped. Baal was also a Canaanite God and thus Yahweh’s nemesis. Jews know full well they were originally Canaanites and that their Numerous Canaanite Gods were all manmade.
  12. Academics often refer to Christianity as the Christian Cult for a reason. All religions practice some form of mind control aka indoctrination and brainwashing, as essential tools necessary to obtain blind obedience and control of their members minds and lives. Congratulations on your successful escape from the cult. Life without the fear of Hell is exhilarating. True freedom is freedom FROM religion.
  13. No politician in America has the courage to challenge religions tax exempt status. That is America’s version of a sacred cow.
  14. As has been noted, marriage is essentially a legal contract. Pre Nuptial agreements are more common these days and are probably a good idea. Due to religions influence marriage, in past times, was seen as a commitment to God as well as to each other. Marriage was viewed as something Holy and sacred. Sex was also viewed as a sacred act. Those perceptions are clearly a minority view now and becoming more so with the passing of time. That, IMO, is a good thing. Marriage is a legal commitment and all parties entering into a marriage contract should be aware of that and obtain legal counsel to draw up their contract so they clearly know their rights and obligations on the front end. That also provides them both with full knowledge of the consequences if the contract is breached by either party.
  15. The famous and never ending Christian litmus test. Are you, were you, a real Christian? What a crock of bullshit. The real purpose of that question is to instill doubt and fear so the individual will give more money, time, and effort to the church as evidence they are real true believers. It’s a con game that never ends because it works.
  16. I was 19 she was 21 when we got married. I was in the Navy. That was 54 years ago and we’re still very happily married. That was a different time though, I wouldn’t recommend it now. I think you ought to live together for a while first now. My wife was a Christian when we got married, so living together first or even having sex, was out of the question. It worked out for us but I wouldn’t recommend that approach now.
  17. I think Steviejay deserves a nomination for best post of the month.......on second thought....best post of the year. That was awesome.
  18. Praise God and hallelujah brother! That was the best sermon I’ve ever read. Good job. Somebody pass the offering plate and then you’re dismissed. Go in peace brothers and sisters and God be with ya. Amen and Amen!
  19. I think intent determines what qualifies as worship. If a person intends to be in a worshiping state of mind, then I think they are worshipping by some definition of the word worship.
  20. Welcome and as my name implies I’m an old coot. I was a Christian fundamentalist for 47 years. Elder, deacon, teacher, and evangelist. Doubts began setting in the late 90’s. Mentally I was gone by 2005 but didn’t officially cut all ties until 2012. Leaving was/is hard but freedom proved to be worth all the trauma. My group ostracizes those that become apostate. It was difficult to lose close friends, but I eventually realized they weren’t really friends. They were simply fellow believers and I was no longer a member of their cult. I don’t miss that nonsense and would never go back. Glad you found like minded folk that understand what leaving religion is like and have experienced some version of religious trauma syndrome.
  21. There is a terrific YouTube series’s called Closer To Truth. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, a scientist, wants to believe in God. In this series he travels the world interviewing intellectual Christians to find out why, as academics and intellectuals, they believe in God. He acknowledges he cannot overcome his logic, reason, rationally, and knowledge of science and just accept God as a reality on faith. I found this to be a very interesting and informative series. Kuhn challenges each of their arguments for believing in a supernatural entity with reasoned arguments. Spoiler alert, he never finds new or supportable reasons to believe. He does, however, present strong defensible reasons not to believe. Just put Closer To Truth in the search engine in You Tube to find the series.
  22. Hermann Detering, in his book The Fabricated Paul, presents a creditable theory that Marcion and Simon Magus were the real creators of Christianity. He presents his evidence that Paul was a fictional character and that his Epistles were written by Marcion and Simon Magus in the early part of the second century. I recommend his book, it’s an interesting and believable read. Dr. Robert Price also speculates in his book, The Amazing Colossal Apostle, that Paul was a fictional character. As others have noted Paul does not appear to have known anything about an earthly Jesus. Based on the evidence I’ve examined I think Paul, like Jesus, was a fictional character.
  23. I think what you’re referring to is called rationalizing a cognitive dissonance. All religious people have to do this in order for the Bible to make sense in their minds. Why do intelligent people believe things that are not believable or scientifically possible? Google the term “cognitive bias” and you will find the answer.
  24. Believers are not deep thinkers. Critical thinking is linked with sin for obvious reasons. Nothing concerns fundamentalist more than members that ask questions because the answers to those questions often leads to apostasy.......and that leads to fewer members and, heaven forbid, less money in the coffers!
  25. Georgia, I was a very involved Christian for 47 years. I’m sure I understand the concept of faith. I’ve never regretted leaving the faith and I’ve never considered returning to the faith I left many years ago.
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