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  1. Good posts and very relevant for today's culture. When I left religion I didn't, and haven't, acquiesced to being pressured into joining all the nonreligious atheists causes, political movements, and general mindset. 


    As a Christian I was a political conservative. When I left religion I didn't become a political flame throwing liberal. I still tend to be more politically conservative than liberal, except for social issues. I am a social liberal.


    I see no conflict in holding both conservative and liberal views because neither view has all the right solutions. Once you identify with any group you're expected to a agree with their entire agenda be it religion or politics. I won't do that so I don't identify with any particular group.


    My wife is a Methodist and they are a pretty benign denomination and they certainly do a lot of good benevolent work, but I have no intention of ever identifying myself as a Methodist or an atheist  either. I am satisfied identifying myself as a non-believer and a political independent. 


    That eliminates the need to become one of the sheep in somebodies herd. ;) 



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  2. Very few Christians are aware of the historical critical field of study. Mainline denominational preachers study this in seminary, but as noted they don't tell their congregations about the true history of the Bible & the Christian Faith. If they did they would likely be fired or they would lose a lot of members. So they teach & preach the Sunday School version of the Bible.


    Hard core conservative versions of Xianity do not teach the historical/critical perspective. Their seminaries & schools of preaching teach the traditional Sunday School version of the Bible &.Christianity. Any professor that deviates from that would be fired on the spot. 


    Its all a farce. 

  3. I have a friend that was a major in the Air Force during the Vietnam Nam war. He flew a lot of combat missions. When he got out of the Air Force he was hired by the airlines & eventually became a Captain. He had a masters degree.


    Years  later he was seriously injuried in a head on collision. An odd coincidence the man that hit him was also a friend of mine. Anyway, he was so seriously injuried in the accident he could no longer fly. 


    He was unemployed for several years. In desperation to find some kind of employment he went to truck drivers school. He has been driving long haul rigs since then. Quite a come down from being a Capt. of a commercial airliner. He swallowed his pride in order to bring a paycheck home to his family. You have to respect a man like that. 

  4. I read stories like this & I realize I've lived a very uneventful life, but that is probably because we were devout Christians & scared that we'd be going to hell if we sinned. The rule for most of our lives has been don't sin or even think about sinning or God will torture you forever. Stupid? Yes. Effective....most definitely. :(

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  5. At my age my political leanings have changed multiple times. When I was a Member of the Church of Christ I proudly stood with the Christian right, but with the passing of time, even though I was still a Christian fundamentalists, I began to question and even reject some of the right's thinking and agenda. I can honestly say I never bought into the Christian right's gay bashing. And that eventually caused me some problems with my fellow fundamentalists.


    I'd like to believe that I'm politically neutral now. There are concepts on both the right and left I can support. I don't fear the Christian right taking control of the country. Their doctrines and beliefs are to divergent, and their support seems to be waning not growing. I don't think they will never be able to create a census large enough that they can even get a majority of their own members to support. Even when they have political power and an advantage they don't seem to know what to do with it. Their internal squabbles nullifies their advantage.  


    The left has some good ideas that I can support but the way they are going about trying to gain support for their agenda baffles me. Their tactics are dividing their supporters not rallying them. Their protest marches, IMO, are not helping their cause. Physically attacking people, burning buildings down, looting and shutting down free speech strikes me as an odd way to try and promote your agenda. I think those tactics have run off some of their supporters who do not want to be identified with that kind of behavior.


    Some say none of that matters because the country will always survive. I believe the Roman citizens said that too and they lasted a whole lot longer than we have up to now. Internal corruption eventually destroyed Rome and that is also true for many fallen empires. I do believe we are on the cusp of wide spread anarchy and/or another civil war. The states are pretty much divided politically the same as they were when the first civil war broke out. Some of these very serious differences don't seem to have a solution that will please either side, and that isn't good.


    I'm kind of glad I'm not 20 and venturing out into the world to make my own way. My parents probably thought the same thing back in the 60's. I was a teenager and young adult during the 60's and that was a terrifying period in our country's history. The country survived, so maybe there is hope.




  6. I love Price, but he is hard to read because he tends to write to other scholars rather than the general public. Your summary was excellent. 


    Price has a lot of good books on the market. I like him because he doesn't shy away from controversy, and he let's the evidence speak for itself & then he stands by his findings & conclusions. He doesn't appear to be afraid of peer ridicule either or to go where others fear to tread. 

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