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  1. There is a YouTube series called “Closer to Truth”. It’s about a scientists that wants to believe in God. He travels around the world, speaking with intellectuals, that believe in God, asking them why they believe in God. I’ve watched several of his videos and interviews with physicists, metaphysicians, genetics and other intellectuals with advanced college degrees and doctorates in science that profess a belief in God. So far, both he and I, remained unconvinced that any of them have uncovered a rational path to God. So far it seems a belief in God, aka faith, is what it appears to be. Belief without evidence. In other words some people just choose to believe God exists because they want God to exists. It appears education, or lack thereof, has little or nothing to do with belief in God.
  2. Why do Christians think their “beliefs” should be respected? Do Christians respect Mormon beliefs, Muslim beliefs, Hindu beliefs, Scientologist beliefs? I don’t think so, but they expect their beliefs to be respected and accepted by people that don’t share their beliefs. Why is that? I can respect a persons right to believe whatever they want, without respecting their beliefs.
  3. I doubt it, because that would require an actual miracle. It is kind of strange how God only communicates with one person and then only when they are alone. Hmm?
  4. You were fortunate. I was a member of a religious cult aka the Church of Christ. They successfully brain washed me. I was a true believer...until I wasn’t. It took 27 years for me to overcome my brainwashing. .
  5. Christians live in their own world. Facts, logic, reason, & science are irrelevant in their world. Their world is all about faith, trust, and obedience to the Word of God.
  6. The toilet paper manufactures have confirmed over and over there is no shortage of toilet paper. There are producing toilet paper at their normal capacity. Toilet paper is available on amazon and in chain stores in my area. Costco, the countries biggest seller of toilet paper and paper towels, is sold out in my area though, even though they limit customers to one package of each. Kroger only offers it as an online order with a minimum of a $35 purchase for other non paper items. They limit toilet paper purchase to 2 packages. If folks would just buy what they need there wouldn’t be a problem. I think the news media’s nonstop negative reporting Is fueling most of this panic buying. I wonder what cowboys and Indians, back in the Wild West days, wiped their butts with?
  7. Religion has achieved this protective barrier around their “beliefs”. It is an unspoken rule that people’s religious “beliefs” are not to be criticized, and under no circumstances ridiculed......."because that’s what they believe.” I can’t think of anything else society has set aside and declared that it cannot be criticized. It is somewhat amazing the declared and undeclared power religion has obtained on this planet. Even if their beliefs are obviously absurd and ridiculous it’s socially unacceptable to point that out in pubic. So when someone says a cracker turns into the actual body of Christ, during a communion ritual, it’s considered rude to even smile at such an absurd statement.
  8. Leaving your faith is a journey not an event. It’s often a long and sometimes treacherous road. And it’s not unusual for it to takes years to complete your travels and explorations. Perseverance and education are the key’s to extricating yourself from the grasps of religion.
  9. Geezer

    Sorry Women

    No apology was necessary, but if it makes you feel better......you’re forgiven.
  10. Mrs Geezer is still a Christian (Methodist) but no longer attends church services. She’s okay with me being a nonBeliever. Religion doesn’t come up much anymore. She still attends some of her church social functions and I’m okay with that.
  11. Say 10 Hail Mary’s and send me $50 and I’ll smooth it over with Jesus for ya. I promise all will be forgiven. (All transaction are final. No refunds or Exchanges) Prayer cloths are available for an extra $100 (doesn’t include local taxes or shipping and handling) Supplies are limited order now!
  12. How do you turn a believer into a non-believer? Make them actually read and study the Bible!
  13. Religion’s survival depends on making their adherents feel guilty & fearful. No believer can ever know for sure that they’re “saved” and that is by design. One can never do enough to feel safe and be certain they’re destined for heaven. For every verse in the Bible that offers hope and assurance, there is an offsetting verse that cast doubt and uncertainly. Doubt and uncertainty makes the faithful work harder and give more money in the hope that they can somehow please the God they worship and fear. Congrats for figuring out their game and freeing yourself from their clutches.
  14. Thank you. My wife recently showed me a bunch of text messages, from the internet, that auto correct changed. We both laughed so hard we had tears running down our cheeks. One I remember. A mother text her adult daughter telling her she had lost her g spot, but later found it in the backseat of her car. I don’t remember what she intended to post but auto correct changed it to g spot.
  15. Did I forget to mention she has a kinky side too? Autocorrect does tend to make for some interesting post.
  16. Esther Perel and Dr. Lindsey Doe have some terrific sex education YouTube videos. I grew up in NW Indiana in the 60’s. My father was an atheists and my mother, believed in God, but wasn’t religious. That noted, religions influence was so strong I don’t remember ever hearing the word “sex” being spoken in our home. I learned about sex from other kids my age. The information was mostly incorrect. Porn consisted of “dirty” pictures. At that time Playboy and other “men’s” magazines didn’t show anything more than a woman’s breasts and butt. A woman’s vagina was a total mystery for boys my age. I was married before I knew what a clit was, where it was, and why it was important. I was in the Navy before I learned what going down on a woman was all about. My wife, a Baptist from birth, and I had been married for at least 5 years when she bought a book* called, “Everything you wanted to know about sex, but are afraid to ask.” Just reading it felt like were were doing something wrong.The book lead to our first experience with oral sex, and we both felt like we were sinning. It took years for us to work through the belief that sex, even married sex, was in some way sinful if it was anything other than missionary, lights out, coverers pulled up. My wife is still not comfortable with nudity. All of this came from being a Christian Fundamentalists for 47 years. We somehow managed to have two children. Esther Perel is from Belgium, I think. She sees sex education in America as pathetic. She indicates appropriate sex education begins around age 5 in Europe. I have no idea what sex education is like in our schools this day and age. I assume watching porn, on the internet, is where most people get their sexual education these days. I believe we have religion to thank for the lack of quality sex education in America.
  17. Read other testimonies and you will see that what you’re experiencing is pretty much what all of us experienced when we pulled the plug on religion. IMO, education is the key to making your journey out of religion less traumatic. Read, research, and study what religious historians have discovered about the Bible and the Christian faith. Dr. Bart Ehrman is a great scholar to read. He’s recognized as one of the worlds most knowledgeable scholars, and he is easy to read. He doesn’t write on a scholarly level. Anything he’s written is worth reading. There are lots of other scholars to read too, and you’ll become familiar with them as you study and research the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith. Dr. Karen Armstrong’s book, “A History of God” is worth reading too. And stick around here for support.
  18. You and lots of other men and women, both straight and gay, have been totally messed up when it comes to being able to enjoy sex. Even married believers still feel guilty about their sexual desires and needs. Guilt about their bodies and nudity are also some of the repercussions of having been exposed to religious sexual indoctrination. Married women who won’t allow their husbands to see them naked, because they’re embarrassed and also because they think being naked in front of their spouse is a sin. I imagine having sex under the covers, lights out, missionary position only, isn’t uncommon in Christian marriages. And oral sex is simply out of the question. It’s no wonder the Christian divorce rate hovers around 50%, even though divorce is a sin in the eyes of God.
  19. Christianity’s teaching and beliefs about sex and human sexuality, IMO, is one of the most evil aspects of Christianity and other religions such as Islam & Mormonism. Religion, IMO, is the proximate cause for most of the worlds sexuality related bigotry. Homosexuality, gender issues, and misogyny have their roots firmly planted in religious teachings and beliefs. Purity teaching, and its associated functions, for young Christian girls does untold damage to their sexual development and understanding of their body and sexual needs. Labeling masturbation as a sin for both boys and girls should be a crime because it caused so much psychological damage to young immature minds. How many divorces are the result of the damaging and inaccurate teaching about sex couples were exposed to by their religions? The list of negative consequences that are the direct result of religious teaching and beliefs relating to sex and human sexuality would likely fill a small library.
  20. No, you’re not highjacking the thread. You are simply acknowledging the reality of what Christianity is like and what it does to people, especially teens. It is simply not possible for any human to be “perfect”. And the pressure to be a perfect Christian often leads to mental health issues. Living in fear of a supernatural deity’s vengeance and punishment 24/7 results in a miserable life. Fear is, and has always been, the big club religion uses to obtain and retain their adherents.
  21. There is a strong desire, once a believer finds the real truth, to educate and tell others what you’ve discovered. Unfortunately, attempting to educate a brainwashed believer is usually a real life, “Mission Impossible”. Their minds are simply unable tp process anything that challenges their “beliefs”. This is true regardless of the level of education they may have. A Graduate level educated mind, once indoctrinated, is just as closed and bias as a high school dropout’s mind. You might as well be talking to a brick wall, and essentially you are.
  22. Geezer

    My Story

    “Normal Churches of Christ?” I think that’s an oxymoron! There isn’t much that’s normal about the Church of Christ.
  23. Creationists are deeply, deeply, brainwashed folk. Essentially they are not in their right mind. I think they should be pitied rather than scorned. Reversing brainwashing is nearly impossible. They have to figure it out on their own and that doesn’t happen very often.
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