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  1. The Baptist are rather benign compared to the Church of Christ and Pentecostals. The c of C and Pentecostals is where you find the seriously batshit crazy beliefs and traditions. I know because I was an Elder in the c of C. Being a member of those groups takes some serious professional grade brainwashing.
  2. Welcome aboard, I’m certain you will find this site helpful and encouraging. Just a heads up, it takes 25 posts before you can edit your posts and use the other amenities.
  3. The extremists on the left are becoming more and more bizarre with each passing day.
  4. Welcome, many of us have been there and done that, so we understand what you’re going through. I’m certain you will find this site helpful and informative.
  5. The Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway is maybe the funniest guy on the planet. MASH, Andy Griffith Show, The Old SNL Show, Gomer Pile USMC, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Jerry Seinfeld Show.
  6. Planting seeds. That is all that can be expected when we engage believers. We should expect Christians to initially reject our arguments and evidence when we present them. I feel certain all of us did too when we were first exposed to evidence that challenged the Bible and the Christian faith.....our faith. However, once the seeds have been planted, they tend to linger in the subconscious. When believers are exposed to more challenges this information tends to stick in their minds even if they appear to reject it. Sometimes this seed produces fruit and sometimes it doesn’t. Generally speaking, until a believer develops doubts about their beliefs they will not act on information that challenges their faith. Until then the seeds that have been planted will remain dormant. At least that has been my experience.
  7. I though historians have established that YHWH and Baal were two of many Canaanite Gods. And that the Israelites were originally Canaanites, and were never slaves in Egypt. If so, then it would make sense that they would seek out one of their own Gods and declare Him the one true God. Oops, sorry I already posted that. What do you expect, I’m old and I forget stuff pretty regularly now.
  8. There was only one gospel story, with three additional revised and edited versions. Dr.Richard Carrier makes a good case for the original gospel story being fictional rather than historical.
  9. I would say that Jesus made it unambiguously clear, in the Gospels, that Judaism was the one true religion, and that the law would never pass away. Actual historians generally agree the book of Acts is fiction. Jesus never said anything about starting a new religion to worship him. Dr Robert Price addresses the problems with Paul in his book, The Colossal Apostle. Price like Detering, believes the evidence suggest Paul, like Jesus, was a literary character. Many historians believe Simon Magus and Marcion were the authors of “Paul’s” Epistles and the founders of Christianity. They were Gnostics and Christianity is a Gnostic religion.
  10. Engaging Christians in an intellectual discussion about religion and faith is a pointless endeavor. Believers and non-believers live in a different universe, so there is no common ground. We look to science, history, logic, and reason for answers. Christians believe the. Bible is literally true and historically accurate. Therefore, they believe the Bible has the answer for all of life’s problems. That is why, primary fundamentalist, will quote scripture when they are questioned. We end up debating the Bible instead of the person. And if we attempt to present evidence to show the Bible is not literally true or historically accurate, we are accused of being agents of Satan. Therefore, unless a person enjoys frustration and being upset, there is no purpose engaging Christians.
  11. I can recommend the book, “The Fabricated Paul” by Hermann Detering. The author presents evidence that Paul was a literary character not a real person.
  12. I’m up to date on all the episodes. Good stuff. I love to hear about the hypocrisy that is common in all versions of Christianity. Hypocrisy and legalism seem to go hand in hand. And the fundamentalist remedy for that is to be even more legalistic. Go figure.
  13. You were indoctrinate, just like the rest of us. Indoctrinated minds do not process information rationally. Indoctrinated minds process information in the way they have been trained to process it. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. You were smart enough to figure out what was happening and you overcame it. That was a major accomplishment. Congrats.
  14. I previously noted that we lost our DIL to cancer this past June. She fought it for 10.5 years before losing her battle. In 2012 she made out her bucket list. She wanted to travel all over the country before she died. My son is a fireman and is able to get a lot of time off. My son bought a motor home and for the next 6 years they traveled all over the country NSE&W. My son made sure her bucket list was completed or nearly so. Their last trip was in Sept of 2017. She became extremely ill during that trip & never really recovered before she passed away. She was bedridden after that. When my son bought the motor home he traded his Harley for 97 Jeep Wrangler. He pulled the Jeep behind the motor home so they’d have transportation when they stopped for a few days on their travels. The Jeep is an off color of blue that looks a little purple.My DIL named the Jeep. Blurple. My wife noticed on Facebook that our son had just bought a new 4 door fully loaded Jeep. I sent him a text and asked if he’d traded blurple. He said no that he was going to sell blurple. I told him I wanted to buy it and asked how much he wanted. It’s a 1997 Wrangler in great shape with only 115,000 miles on it. He text me that he’d give me the friends and family price. I inquired what that might be and noted I really wanted to keep blurple in the family to remember and honor our DIL. He text me back that if I wanted blurple to come and get it. I tried to pay him but he wouldn’t take any money. My daughter called soon afterwards and told her brother she wanted to buy blurple. My son told her that dad had beat her by a couple of hours. She was not happy and tried to negotiate a deal with me. So, I got plurple and spent 2 days cleaning it up inside and out. Then I gave it a good wax job. I’ve always wanted a Jeep Wrangler but I’ve been too practical, and too poor, to buy something as impractical as a Jeep Wrangler. I called my Grandson, my son’s son. He’s a GM Mechanic for a local dealer. I told him I wanted plurple tricked out, customized to the hilt. I told him that I wanted him to turn plurple into a very cool 1979 Jeep Wrangler. Needless to say he was ecstatic. Then he asked what his budget would be I told him he didn’t have one. His one word reply was ALLRIGHT! He’s changing all the exterior lights to LED’s, New LED Fog Lights, and a LED Light Bar Above the Windshield so far. Some interior work too. My son already put chrome rims and new tires on it a year or so ago. The paint is good so no need to repaint it, and we don’t want to change the color. New outside mirrors too. I assume this will be a continuous work in progress. My son took good care of blurple so it’s mechanicslly sound. He also put a high end Pioneer sound system in it too. Blurple’s off road days days are over for now. This will be a top off driving on paved roads just for fun for blurple’s foreseeable future. My daughter has made it know she is next in line for blurple when I’m done with it, which will be when I’m dead or incapacitated. It feels pretty great to do something so impractical just for the fun of it. I just don’t do things like that; this is a new experience for me and so far I have no regrets. I am looking forward to summer.
  15. Geezer

    Finding Hope

    Hiding in plain sight.
  16. Least we forget how we viewed the world when we were Christians. Our Christian world revolved around Jesus, God, and Paul. They were the truth, everything else was of Satan. Atheists were agents of the Devil and they spewed nothing from their mouths but lies, falsehoods, and immorally. The physical world was Evil and ruled by Satan, the master of lies and deceit, and his Demons. The Spiritual world, ruled by God and his angels, was our promised home, but only if we remained faithful. The real truth terrifies Christians so they are not about to listen to anything we have to day. We can provide all the evidence in the world, and thousands of testimonies that relate the horors of religion, but it will fall on the deaf ears of Christians because they fear us, because they believe we are agents of Satan Himself. Make no mistake about it William’s goal is to bring some lost sheep back into the fold. He isn’t here to learn anything, because he’s on a mission.
  17. Geezer

    Finding Hope

    Yep, you speak for many on this site. Many of us have been there and done that.
  18. Just throwing my $.02 cent into the pot. Religion is based on emotion not intellect. And emotion has proven to be far more powerful than education for many people. Religion is all about “beliefs” aka faith, not evidence, science, logic, or reason. Religion teaches belief without evidence is a desirable virtue, even though Thomas required proof. Anytime people are told to take anything on faith, rather than evidence, that should send up red flags.
  19. Geezer

    Finding Hope

    Welcome Bug. I know you will find this site helpful and encouraging as you journey out of your religious indoctrination into true freedom.
  20. When people buy into the idea the Bible is literally true and historically accurate, they willingly relinquish their brain to the church and become obedient mind numbed slaves. They become part of the cult and are soon fluent in Christian speak. The church and the Bible becomes their master and they lose track of reality.
  21. I read a couple of pages from the link and I honestly don’t see the point of engaging Christians about theological issues. I know what they are going to say and they know what I’m going to say. Even if the conversation can be kept civil and respectful nothing of substance is going to be accomplished by either party. The reality is that they don’t hear a word that we are saying, and we aren’t listening to them either. Until a believer developes doubt, on their own, they have no interest in why we left the faith. And the reverse is also true. Unless we have some sort of religious epiphany we aren’t interested in what they have to say either. An atheists and a Christian discussing theology is a total waste of time and effort. I’ve been down that road too many times to waste another trek knowing that road leads nowhere.
  22. Let us not forget there are some seriously shitty Christians out there too. Wife beaters, child abusers, believers with serious narcissist personality disorders & OCD issues. In other words, every group has some bad apples.
  23. Christian forums typically censor posts and they usually ban problem posters too. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. They carefully control content so the indoctrination process isn’t disturbed with problematic questions or faith challenging evidence.
  24. I see no purpose in debates. I’ve never heard of a debate changing anyone’s mind. Debates tend to enforce what people already believe and both sides always seem to think their side won. The Church of Christ loved to debate representatives from denominations. And they always believed they won those debates, mostly because they only heard what they wanted to hear.
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