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  1. Christians seem to have a difficult time relating to people outside their religious environment. Their environment demands likemindedness and obedience. When they venture out into the real world where their beliefs are challenged, or worse ridiculed, they don’t seem to know how to handle that. That, and the fact many of them consider non-believers to be immoral and evil, and that puts them on edge and makes them defensive. There are two distinctive worlds on our planet. One is the reality of the secular world as it actually exist and the other one is the religious world where gods, angels, and demons exist. Those two worlds are incompatible.
  2. I thought this was pretty much common knowledge. Historians know the Israelites were originally Canaanites, so it would be logical for them to adopt a Canaanite god as their one true god. Jews, at least those in academia, are aware they were originally Canaanites.
  3. Geezer

    Maybe Atheist

    Welcome back Mandy. I truly believe you will find this site helpful. All of our stories seem to have similarities, so we understand how difficult it is to get all that indoctrination out of our heads. Our journeys are often long and difficult, especially if we were associated with some form of Christian fundamentalism.
  4. Welcome, and I’m sure you will find this site helpful in your journey.
  5. It seems Jesus once invincible power and influence isn’t what it once was. And it appears Jesus is slowly becoming less and less relevant in politics.
  6. Trump isn’t religious and that would seem to be obvious to anyone that isn’t worshiping at his alter. Religion is loosing its dominate influence in then U.S., but it’s a slow process. It was just on Jan 1 of this year that grocery stores could start selling liquor and wine on Sundays where I live. And it was only a year ago that grocery stores could sell wine at all. In the Bible Belt any politician that made it public knowledge they were atheists would have little or no chance of being elected to any political office. I don’t see that changing for a very long time into the future.
  7. YouTube has a series on this topic. A guy sitting on a junkie car trys to pick up a beautiful woman. He asked her to get a drink with him and she says no. They talk for a few minutes and he says okay maybe some other time then. He gets off the junkie car and walks over to an expensive high end sports car gets in it and starts the engine. She flashes him a big smile and walks over to the car. After she confirms it is his car she decides she has time to get a drink with him after all. I think the series is called Gold Diggers.
  8. Lots of UK folk here. We have folks from NZ, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the UK here, and other countries too, so pull up a chair and join the party. Christianity is a worldwide problem. Glad you dropped back in for a visit. I am bilingual myself. I both speak and write American Deep South and Midwestern.
  9. You have been missed. So glad to find out you’ve finished your deconversion journey and that you’re happy and healthy. Thanks for the update. I hope you will still drop by occasionally.
  10. Being on either the military or police bomb squad. Deactivating a live bomb.....no thank you. I can’t even imagine why anyone would do that. Hard work made me successful. I tried it once, and decided there had to be a better way to earn a living. So I got an office job in an air conditioned building, with attractive coworkers, and no physical labor required.
  11. Congrats on shedding your indoctrinated beliefs and disconnecting from the crazies. The intellectual journey out of religion is often long and sometimes treacherous but, in the end, the freedom gained from religion is more that worth the trials of the journey.
  12. Excellent post, and you have stated the reason rejecting religion requires studying and researching the historical realities of the Bible and the Christian faith. Just saying neither heaven or hell exists isn’t sufficient for most people. There is plenty of evidence that exposes the Bible as a collection of fictional stories with fictional characters.Those that are in the process of deconverting must familiarize themselves with the historical realities of religion and the Bible in order to free themselves from it’s grip. Until a person is convinced hell simply does not exist they will live in fear and uncertainty. Religious brainwashing is extremely effective and it requires effort to reverse it and get a firm grasp on reality.
  13. It takes 25 posts before all the options become available.
  14. I listened to it too. Looking forward to more podcasts.
  15. She was a Christian before converting to Judaism. I don’t know which version of Judaism she embraces, but I believe she has studied with Rabbi’s. She is very intelligent and has several college degrees. I think her knowledge of Judaism would qualify her as a scholar. As I understand it Judaism and Christianity are different religions, that worship the same God, but in very different ways. Jews find meaning in metaphor and symbolism, while Christians tend to think their Bible must be literally and historically accurate, except for liberal versions of Christianity. Much like Jews liberal Christians find meaning in metaphor and symbolism too. It’s the fundamentalist Christians that believe the Bible is literally true and historically accurate, but the evidence doesn’t support their beliefs.
  16. On another site there is a Jewish lady that converted from Christianity 40 or so years ago. She is very knowledgeable about Judaism. We communicate regularly and have for several years. I would say that she would qualify as an expert in both Christianity and Judaism. I have learned a lot from her about both religions. I don’t think Jewish people know scripture better than Christians. I would say they understand it differently. Christians generally read/interpret their Bible literally. Jews read and interpret scripture symbolicly, and interpret the same scripture in numerous ways. In fact, as I understand it, they seek as many ways as possible to interpret scripture believing that each scripture can have many meanings. She is an acknowledged agnostic. She has pointed out that one does not have to believe in God to be a Jew, but if a Jew believes in God they “encourage” that belief to be in the God of Abraham. That doesn’t really answer your question it’s just my .02 cents that I’m throwing into the pot.
  17. I have no words for that. It seems there is no limit to the stupid things people do. The gene pool that some folks come out of is appently extremely shallow.
  18. Hey mom and dad, I want to introduce you to my live in lover and the man that took my virginity. Well, gotta run now. Love to all. Write soon. Once you get to know him, I'm sure you'll love him too. Bye now! Okay, so maybe not great advice, but definitely effective. I'm sure you'll come up with some better ideas though.
  19. When people examine a preponderance of evidence and form a conclusion, based on that evidence, they do not have a closed mind. They have the truth.
  20. Grace is a word that applies almost exclusively in the religious realm, much like the word sin. These words do not resonate in the secular realm because they are not applicable to secular thinking.
  21. This is an informative video and deals with a subject that needs to be brought out of the closet. My only negative comment is that the video is too long. Few people are likely to listen for the full hour and twenty minutes. It needs to be condensed, IMO, to no more than 15-20 minutes. Most preachers know their audience will not listen for more than 20 minutes and I believe that is true for instructional videos too.
  22. The Bible is a collection of theological myths that reflect the beliefs of the cultures that produced them.
  23. Our younger generation does not seem to understand either the concept, or the need, for free speech. The purpose of free speech laws is to protect speech that some find offensive. They don’t seem to understand speech that isn’t offensive doesn’t need protecting. But they will if their speech is ever declared to be offensive and therefore not protected.
  24. A case can be made for life beginning at conception, but I think a stronger case can be made for abortion to be illegal if their is a heart beat. At that point, at least in my mind, it is a viable human being. I am comfortable with calling aborting a viable baby, with a heart beat, murder or at least manslaughter. Our laws are often confusing and contradicting. Aborting a viable baby isn’t even illegal, but a DUI driver that kills a pregnant woman will likely be charged with double homicide. At least one of those two scenarios is very wrong IMO.
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