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  1. Christianity uses fear, threats, and intimidation to achieve their agenda’s. No one familiar with Christianity should be surprised by their well established tactics.
  2. That has to be one of the best analyst of Christianity I’ve read. I think you nailed it.
  3. There are lots of places in the Midwest and South where a nice 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft home in a stable neighborhood can be purchased for $250,000 to $350,000 and the property taxes will be $2500 to $5000 annually. Decent homes under $200,000 are available too. That kind of money won’t even get you a decent condo/apartment on the East and West coast or Chicago. Employers, of course, typically pay more in those areas too so the cost verses the benefit has to be weighed. Interestingly enough the homeless seem to prefer the most expensive places in the country to hang out.
  4. I would assume it’s the overall high cost of living for such things has housing, food, utilities, taxes, & transportation that has a lot to do with people seeking a better overall quality of life. They are likely seeking a place where the cost for a better quality of life is more affordable. One of my sisters lives near the Illinois Indiana state lines. The overall cost of living in Illinois is significantly more than it is in Indiana. Thus people are leaving Illinois and moving over into Indiana. The little rural community she lives in is growing rapidly with folks leaving Illinois. And that is good for the Indiana economy and especially the home market. Climate and weather conditions are probably a factor too along with living in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.
  5. I hope this theory isn’t true. God seems to be stretched pretty thin now just trying to manage this universe.
  6. I think you’re onto something older. Market it on social media and you might become rich and famous. Then I can tell my friends I used to post stuff to you before you became rich and famous.
  7. One can only assume the dude has an underwear fetish. Embarrassing and sad. Get a life dude.
  8. Assuming scholars are correct, Genesis was written during the Babylonian captivity. As many as five different contributors to those writings have been identified. Genesis, of course, is simply a collection of stories that are correctly classified as theological myths. The author of this story is apparently attempting to modify the original myth and add his own updated version and/or interpretation to it.
  9. Sorry, that isn't the way I interpreted your post. Your post implied, at least to me, that you were concerned about your eternal destiny.
  10. The victim card, the race card, & the persecution card are all too often played for money, or to obtain or achieve something that cannot be obtained by more difficult means; like hard work for example. Life ain’t fair thus the need for victims to level the playing field. That is not to deny there are legitimate victims and it is sometimes difficult to identify the real victims from the players.
  11. Trump’s diehard supports are mostly Christian fundamentalist, so why would anyone be surprised by their loyalty and disregard for anything that doesn’t validate their beliefs?
  12. Geezer


    Get a GOOD divorce lawyer and let them advise you ASAP.
  13. Yes, but millions of years from now humanoids will argue and debate whether our advanced civilization ever existed. We will become their Atlantis.
  14. The Bible is a collection of myths, legends, folklore, and fictional stories with fictional characters. It is not true literally or historically, so why would it matter what it says about anyone going to a fictional place called Hell? Both Heaven and Hell are fictional places mentioned in a fictional story. If you think the Bible is an actual historical record of events I would encourage you to stop reading apologists and start reading historians like Bart Ehrman, Robert M Price, and Richard Carrier among the many that are out there.
  15. Preventing others from killing us is also a reason why we make these weapons. If everyone would play nice we wouldn’t need weapons, but there are always those that refuse to mind their own business and play nice. If science can find a way to change human nature Utopia might become a reality. Until then freedom will have to be obtained and retained by force, and that is sad.
  16. When people take up a cause they often become so fixated and dogmatic about it they attempt to turn it into a religion. Dissenters are vilified and mocked because that has proven to be an effective way of silencing them. Follow the money and the truth will often be revealed. And this issue involves a lot of money. Al Gore, as an example, has become very wealthy championing this issue and he isn’t the only one. JP has eloquently and effectively diagnosed the problem. The planet is warming, humans are contributing to that warming, but they didn’t cause it. The planet will continue to warm and humans cannot stop that from happening. Humans can, however, make plans to deal with the effects of a warmer planet. I’ve read where some scientists believe the Sun is causing the planet to warm. The sun is a star and the heat it generates varies. I’m not a scientists so I don’t know if that is true or not. We have a lot of years to work on this problem before Florida disappears under the waves, so there is no pressing need to sell your beach property anytime soon.
  17. Matthew 7:22-23 …22Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness!’ Favorite verses in the Church of Christ. Members were constantly reminded they could never be sure they were saved.
  18. I don’t agree that Christianity has collapsed. It is losing popularity and getting smaller but it isn’t going away any time soon, or maybe ever. Like any living organism it will evolve and change in order to survive.
  19. I think Limbaugh’s point is valid and your post is confirming it. The pro climate change folks seem fixated on arguing whether climate change is real, rather than offering solutions. I accept that it’s real, but simply acknowledging that it’s real doesn’t solve the problem. I think the time has come to focus on potential solutions rather than continuing to beat a dead horse. If Florida is going to disappear under water maybe ought to be seeking ways to prevent that from happening. I think it would also be helpful to at least try to get politics out of it too. As I understand it reducing carbon in the atmosphere isn’t going to solve the problem. And we may not be able to solve the problem, so that may mandate we will have to figure out ways to survive. And, of course, the estimated time it will take for all of this to happen indicates few, if any, of us will be alive at that time. That would mean we are planning to save future generations rather than ourselves.
  20. There are very few people that can actually do anything about the climate problem, so why are people being congratulated or lambasted about their views on climate change? People that aren’t convinced climate change is real, or believe it’s real but its a natural occurrence that mankind can do very little about, or folks that believe the end of the world, as we know it, is at hand are simply voicing their opinion. In all likelihood none of us on this board can do one damn thing about climate change, except voice an opinion. It matters not if we believe it’s real or not because we can’t do anything about it one way or the other. I think it was Rush Limbaugh that said, “The left is more concerned about symbolism than substance.” What he meant by that is expressing concern about a problem is more important to the left than doing something about it. And I think that applies to climate change. As as long as we all express grave concern about climate change the leftist are happy. The fact we aren’t in a position to do anything about it is apparently irrelevant. So, I say climate change is real and we have less that a hundred years before our civilization becomes extinct. Here’s another fact, I’m 73 years old so this isn’t a problem I’m losing any sleep over. So, rave on lefties, wring your hands in dismay, denounce the skeptics and warn them they are condemning their children to an early death, and when you’re finished with all of that, and as a last resort, why not try to find a solution that might actually work? Thank you, rant over.
  21. Geezer


    Welcome, glad you found us. I’m certain you will find this site helpful and encouraging.
  22. Putting aside his reference to wresting I think the overall point he was making was valid. The media’s job these days is to sell advertising and make profit, reporting the news doesn’t do either of those things. Therefore, the news media is now part of the entertainment industry. Reporters want to be commentators, so they can claim celebrity status and the big paychecks that come with being a celebrity. Bill O’Reilly was hauling in $25 M annually from Fox News plus all the revenue he was making from his book sales. Reporters don’t make that kind of money. He was paid that because he had the largest cable TV audience in the business.
  23. It sounds to me like the religious indoctrination you were likely subjected to is still influencing you Learnagain. I’ve been out of religion for several years now, and I haven’t found non-religious people to be any more or less moral than religious people. Speaking only for myself, I am decidedly more happy being away from religion than I was when I was a Christian.
  24. Welcome, glad you came back for another look. I hope you find this site helpful.
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