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  1. Eventually the truth becomes so obvious that continuing to make excuses for God becomes impossible. At that point it becomes much easier to admit the Bible is filled with inconsistencies & endless contradictions. I’m happy to learn you are interested in giving this site another look. I’m sure you will find it helpful in your search for truth.
  2. I think it has been pretty well established that emotion trumps logic, reason, and evidence in most, if not nearly all, debates, discussions, & arguments. Maybe that has always been the case. Without emotion religion likely wouldn’t exist.
  3. Geezer


    Something is definite wrong. I still have tot but I had trouble logging on yesterday. I had to change my pw to log on. I have a new iPad so that may have, or probably did have, something to do with my problem. Then again maybe we’re experiencing a cyber attack by a group of militant fundies.
  4. I am absolutely positive that God did it. I feel certain Jesus is saddling up right now. The end is near....repent before it’s to late sinners!
  5. I was Church of Christ for 27 years. They are bat shit crazy fundies, but I think the Pentecostals are even crazier. I’m glad you found this site, I know you will find it informative and helpful. You will find likeminded folks here that understand how difficult it is to leave Christianity because we’ve taken that journey ourselves. In time it gets better and easier. I found studying and researching the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith to be enormously helpful. That information confirms it’s all man made BS. Glad and you found this site, it will be helpful in your journey out of religion.
  6. Welcome J. I’m certain you’ll find this site helpful. A lot of likeminded folks and shared experiences here. In other words, we get it. We’ve been there, done that, and got the tee shirt.
  7. Everything seems to be working okay again, so I notified my lawyer not to proceed with the law suit.
  8. It seems the board is having technical issues, or maybe it's just my new Ipad. I just replaced my old mini Ipad with a new 9.7 Ipad. When I tried to log on it wouldn't let me. I had to create a new password before it would let me log on. And now it's requiring me to log on again each time and I've clicked the remember me button but it doesn't seem to care. It doesn't remember me, in fact, I don't think it even likes me anymore. So now, I am now feeling rejected and my feelings have been deeply injured. All of the years I've participated here, and all the brilliant and informative posts I'm made, all for naught. I feel like an outsider now. I'm sorry, but I feel I must report this site to the AARP and request legal advice for the personal injury I've suffered. You know, pain and suffering. I'm old so I'm expecting the jury to be VERY sympathetic.
  9. Geezer


    It seems some of you have been bad little boys & girls, so unseen forces of the dark have decided you must be put in timeout to think about what you’ve done wrong. Confess sinners & repent! Least ye spend eternity in utter darkness never again to venture into TOT!
  10. Geezer


    Totally of Topic ((TOT) is still there.
  11. Yo! The doors open, so come on in and sit a spell. And tell us what’s on your mind.
  12. Geezer

    Love Y'all

    May the “Force” be with you! I’ve enjoyed reading your perspectives. Go in peace.
  13. Glad you found us Jup. I’ve noticed similarities in many of the deconversion stories. The sense of betrayal, the shock when the truth is discovered, and then the anger sets in. Leaving religion is difficult, especially when family members are still active fundamentalists, but in the end it’s all worth it. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way out of religion. It takes time to overcome the intense brainwashing, and often a lot of time. You’ve done your homework so you know Christianity is man made BS. That is often a big hurtle to overcome and you’ve done that so you’re already ahead of the game. Like you, my study and research into the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith convinced me both Jesus and Paul were literary figures not real people and that all of it is man made. Heaven and Hell are both fictional as is the Bible God. So pull up a chair and join the fun. Oh yeah, you have to make 25 posts before you can edit and do other fun stuff.
  14. Calvinism is a perverse theology. Christianity is full of contradictions & inconsistences but Calvanism is just plain bizarre.
  15. For me it was studing and researching the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian Faith. It soon became quite clear it is all manmade nonsense. Drs Bart Ehrman, Richard Carrier, and Robert M Price are excellent historians to read or watch on YouTube. And there are many others too, of course, like Richard Dawkins. In other words, education is the key IMO.
  16. Cancer patients find its helpful for pain control. I don't see the risks as any greater than alcohol and it seems people are recognizing that too.
  17. Well stated Josh. There is a strong tenancy in this country these days to turn politics and political parties into a fundamentalist religion. Once a person identifies with a political party they are expected to endorse and eagerly support everything that party puts forth. Today's political parties are basically political cults. I don't claim loyality to any of them.
  18. I think the obvious political element, that is part of the climate change debates, makes a percentage of people skeptical. The historical component indicates climate change has occurred many times in the earth's history, so that is a factor too. Politicians want to use climate change as an excuse to raise taxes. and claim its a way of limiting/reducing carbon in the atmosphere to slow down the effects of a warmer planet. I have no doubt climate change is real, but I have doubts that human's are causing it. I think the money could be better spent planning on how civilizations are going to deal with these coming changes in our planet while there is still time to do that.
  19. There was a 20 something lady at the gym today I noticed while working out. I think she is part of the staff, but this was the first time I've seen her. She was wearing yoga pants that had to have been painted on. She was in excellent physical shape and she had the most absolutely perfect legs and butt I've ever seen on any female. She didn't seem to mind the stares she was getting from the guys working out. A few even stopped their workout when she walked by to check her out. There was no panty line or thong lines, so I'm assuming she was going commando, and that only added to the show she was putting on. I know I'm old but I ain't dead yet, and I still have a vivid imagination.
  20. Welcome aboard. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts & perceptions.
  21. The opportunities to enjoy intimacy are admittedly limited & restricted but the desire and hope for those rare opportunities is very much alive....even if they are imaginary. The anticipation is admittedly a bit more exciting than the actual event, but the memories are still vivid.....even if they are exaggerated and enhanced for dramatic effect.
  22. If such a person did exist he would not have been a Caucasian, but there is no evidence such a person ever existed in the flesh. He was more than likely just a fictional character in a fictional story.
  23. Flattering names for a penis and names that indicate the wife/significant other is a satisfied mate. Goliath, Big bad John, T Rex, Spearman, Rodman, ET (Erectious Giganticous), Long John Silver, Lancer, Yardstick. Not so flattering names that imply the guy might have some shortcomings. Tiny Tim, Wee Willy, Lil Dinky, Shorty, Lil Guy, Pea shooter, Lil Dickey, Tom Thumb
  24. I assume he chose that name because it rises from the dead?
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