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    Married since Adam and Eve finally died. Retired. 5 grown children. Reassessed Christianity and became an agnostic about 5 years ago. My wife is an active Christian, but not a fundamentalist, thank goodness.But we are having some conflicts because of my agnosticism.

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  1. My thought is for you to see your doctor. It can't hurt. I just wouldn't put up with those symptoms at 20 years old. Look for professional help. This could be the best time of your life. Don't give up until you get the right answer as to why this is happening to you. Good look and keep us informed. Rip
  2. I simply don't talk with my Xtian friends about Xtianity. They don't know I am an exchristian. What's the point of telling them? We go to different churches.. They don't go to the church we all used to go to, so they don't know that I don't go to any church. We see each other only in social settings. I avoid religion if the subject is brought up. There are all kinds of Xtians, aren't there? Most are good folks and harmless, though they have not thought through their faith, just as I hadn't for many years. To these type of Xtians telling people what they must believe was "over the top".
  3. Ask: The god one prays to is in his head. So, in reality, it's all about the one praying.. That's all. Think about it. To the one praying, only people who believe exactly as he does are worth anything. Isn't self indulgence fun? Well, it had to be that way because, otherwise, the world just wouldn't be fair-- to him. To hell with all the others, Literally. This is one of the great flaws of Xtianity, its unfettered selfishness Rip
  4. Worthless: Come to think of it, thank you for reminding me of one of the many reasons I stopped buying into the Xtian myth. Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruits." And that's could advice in assessing people in general., unless you are in the business of selling the Xtian myth, can be very lucrative. I first became a Xtian because of gold nuggets tike 1 Corinthians 1:13. Which includes the following jewel: "....and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I posses to the poor, " and surrender my body to
  5. Worthless: You make Xtianity even more cruel and inhumane than I thought possible. How can you believe in a god as cruel as you describe him? The unpardonable sin is to think honestly? Rip
  6. I have found that every change in life's circumstances can be an opportunity for self improvement--or not. The good news is that every change will make a difference in your life. What kind of difference depends both upon your new circumstances and how you handle them. If each change makes no difference in your life, you will know the problem is not your circumstances but how you handle them. If that is the case, get help, In other words, for an emotionally healthy person there are some situations in which you can e happy and fulfilled. Otherwise you have mental or emotional problems for whic
  7. Good topic. There should be clear laws guaranteeing citizens hospitals without influence of religions of any kind, Violations would result in the loss of hospital licenses. Even better, these patient rights should be declared Constitutional rights by the Supreme Court. But with the current Court, I doubt that will happen. We really are still living in the dark ages.. Rip
  8. I think religion has done some good to mankind. But the bad results far outweigh the good overall. It is never a question of will a particular religion become corrupt.; It's a question of when. And how corrupt. It really is like the genie out of the bottle and out of control. Government will also get corrupt to the extend it allows religion to influence it. Boy does it ever. I don't know what would fill up the time of the faithful of all faiths if religion vanished. Could that (whatever it becomes) be as bad or worse than religion? If it is, that would be a major disaster for mankind. Rip
  9. This priest thinks it adds to the reliability of Catholicism because it is more "ancient" than other denominations? Gad! He wants to have us take a look at Catholic history?. What an idiot. The crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, rampant lying, the slaughter of Jews and Muslims and other "non believers", the exploitation of the masses in just about every way conceivable? Which of these would the idiot like to start with? Rip
  10. I read a book a while ago in which the author said that if you want to understand Xtians better, substitute the word "pretend" for "faith" and then you will better understand what xtians are doing better. And that is what they are doing, However, they would never admit this. Worthless, your suggestion that Xtians return to the fold because its risky not to, comes pretty close to actually saying to Xtians that in order to protect themselves from hell they should return to Xtianity and pretend that they have faith, You don't use those words but that is their meaning. What else could the exchri
  11. You have made number of mistakes in your OP, but I'll address only one for now. You are mistaking the Xtian concept of faith as being freely available to everybody. That one cannot, in truth ,lose her faith in the Xtian god if she has made a knowledgeable and thoughtful determination that Xtianity is not true. God will prevent that. You will probably want to say that if she were a true Xtian she could not lose her faith because god would not let that happen. Forgive my French, but that is bullshit. Can you see how arrogant that belief is? To take that position you must blithely discount the
  12. Let's skip to the truth that almost everyone here knows. God doesn't stop terrible things because he does not exist or, if he does exist, he does not have the power or doesn't want to involve himself in human affairs fir reasons we don't know. Nothing complicated about it. It's only when humans make up things about god that things get complicated. Then they meet themselves coming back trying to explain it all. Remember the poem: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" That's Xtianity in a nutshell. Rip
  13. Welcome RA. This is a good time to be in Australia. Fundamentalists family members can really be a pain. Mainly because you love them despite their illogical faith, as you should. Rip
  14. There is a lot of religious music that I love and I am not going to stop listening to it merely because I am an agnostic. Why should I? It's not going to lull me into the trap of Xtianity again. I listen to secular songs that have lyrics which I don' agree with. The Beatles' song "Imagine" is beautiful, but it seems to endorse communism which I am opposed to for the simple reason that I don't think it would accomplish what it is intended to. Who could be relied upon to maintain it as intended? But I still love the song. The same applies to religious songs that I enjoy. I don't buy into the do
  15. mym: Maybe your wife would have no objection to your either writing or talking with the teacher or principal and make your point. Along the same lines, my 5 year old granddaughter was given an on an assignment in which she was to color in a drawn outline of a zebra. She colored it in pink which was the reason the teacher gave for giving her an F. This is a pre-school run b y protestant church. Incidentally. my granddaughter is mixed race of white and black. Who the hell gives a pre-school child an F in anything? That is not only stupid; it is cruel. My wife and I were livid. So were
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