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    Married since Adam and Eve finally died. Retired. 5 grown children. Reassessed Christianity and became an agnostic about 5 years ago. My wife is an active Christian, but not a fundamentalist, thank goodness.But we are having some conflicts because of my agnosticism.

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  1. Welcome RA. This is a good time to be in Australia. Fundamentalists family members can really be a pain. Mainly because you love them despite their illogical faith, as you should. Rip
  2. Welcome to a place where you are allowed to think "out of the box". The "box", of course, is Xtianity. I commend you for reading the whole bible. I agree it is obviously phony if you don't already believe that god demands that you believe it. Large parts of it are really boring, though. But it is good for us to know the bible better than as many Xtians as possible. Rip
  3. Sorry you've had it so hard, penguin. It's truly ironic that Xtians follow what their interpretation of bible verses to the letter even though many obviously make no sense. I talked to a woman who was told by her minister that it is a sin to get a divorce. This when her husband had recently refused to let her leave the house to go to work for several days, The trouble is that Xtians are more devoted to following the literal verses in the bible than they are to their spouses. Or children for that matter. It'd just like Abraham taking Isaac to be sacrificed to god because god told him to. But, unlike with Abraham, god never sends an angel to prevent the Xtian from doing what the stupid scripture says. How often has this been done in history? A horrible mistake could have been avoided had scripture not been followed. Like parents refusing to get their sick child needed medical treatment. I know it is difficult after one de-converts, especially when there are neither family nor friends that share your view. But thee are many here who do. So keep coming back and join in the discussions. Xtianity can be a sticky wicket when it comes to getting the lies out of your mind. Coming here frequently will help. Rip Xtian from dong what the sstupid scripture,
  4. OvercameFaith: I really like all of the posts on this thread, but yours (#3) was really exceptional. I always like your posts, but I give you an A+ on this one. Rip
  5. Insightful: Thanks for your comments. You live up to your "name". The fact that real life is hard to adjust to is, in my opinion, the real reason we have these myths to contend with, like Xtianity. We should rename religion as "escapism". But I still feel better off being an ex-christian., Rip
  6. Lost: I will tell you what question I asked myself that made all the difference. It was this: Am I better off spending my time researching and otherwise searching for the Truth about God and related matters or would I be better of accepting the Xtian view of God based upon faith without requiring evidence of the kind which I would require on any other major question in my life. This question did not eliminate from my consideration the Xtian God as being the road to the ultimate Truth. It simply meant I was willing to consider Xtianity along with all other roads to truth, if any, with no presumptions in favor or against any method. I had experienced much resistance to this approach from my Xtian friends. Once I decided to be as objective as possible, beliefs that had been part of me my whole life began to look questionable. I researched bible history, bible criticism,, Christian history and other related topics for a number of years. .I found my decision de-convert a tough one to make emotionally. But I found de-conversion right for me because it made sense. Xtianity did not make sense on many levels. This is the right place if your goal is the truth. If your goal is only to try to feel good , I doubt if you will want t pursue the truth, to the exclusion of emotions.But for intellectual satisfactio and feeling like a grownup seeking the truth can't be beat. Rip
  7. Dhyin: Very good post. May I ask which pagan religion you were referring to which involved a miracle working son of god who was hung on a tree, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven? Rip
  8. ax345: To tell the truth there is a lot f my consciousness I wouldn't mine losing. That's assuming memory is a part of my consciousness. There are a of of memories I would love to have eradicated. bill
  9. It takes some time and thinking to get used to your new world view. Think of it from the perspective of having never been presented with any religion. Nature granted us a life on earth which will never, in all probability, occur again. At least we have no reason to believe it will. After living an unknown period of time we are to be no longer. Now what are we going to do with the time we have? Lament the fact that one day it will end? Fail to take advantage of this incredible world teaming with life and beauty we can not even comprehend? Those ideas are stupid and can only come about if you lie to yourself and believe that a different existence was possible and we should have been given it. Those ideas are not any more logical or reasonable than Xtianity with its false promises. The only reason we would complain about the opportunity this life has given us is because we were misled by a deceptively inviting myth, making false promises that can't be kept. Without the myth we would not expect anything but what we were given and what we could do with what we had. We wouldn't be disappointed. We would simply enjoy our life by putting our mind and bodies into it for that purpose, while remembering to take part in the betterment of mankind, because there is no spook in the sky that will do it. bill
  10. Ginko12: You said you believe you are "brainwash resistant'. I think that is very possibly true. I was at least partly brainwash resistant in that during my years of Xtianity I was continuously in doubt about one thing or another. Xtianity didn't ever completely pass the smell test for me. Oh, I believed in Jesus, but it was never without a sliver of doubt. The only time it felt right was when I was emotionally involved, as during a compelling sermon or beautiful religious music. But I kept trying and trying to make contact with god, with no success. The question is why do some people become faithful Xtians virtually immediately while others, like myself always have doubts and are frequently questioning Xtianity? I think we are wired in a way more favorable to one or the other. I don't mean we are genetically predisposed to become or not become a Xtian. But I think some are born much more likely to question things and want to understand fully before accepting a doctrine or belief. Whether this is genetic or a variation of the central nervous system, I don't know. Perhaps someone here has read something about this idea. In any even you are welcome here. I think you will enjoy the candid discussions that we have. bill
  11. "THE AGE OF REASON" by Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the US, is an early version, but still very pertinent today. It's really good. bill
  12. Muckywater: I have a similar problem, but my children are all grown and through school. My wife and I have been married many years. We've reached an understanding whereby we simply won't discuss our religious differences, She doesn't want to anyway. She does not not like to argue at all. Bless her, she has no concept of critical; thinking. So we have kind of a detente, But I know how upsetting this can be for you and your husband. Xtians are kind of like chicken Little yelling, "The sky is falling." But neither your husband nor my wife are that type, thank goodness. We are lucky, You have a good marriage. In my judgment preserving that good marriage should be your number one priority. I know that "what to do about the children" is the biggest impediment. You don't want them to be "indoctrinated" and possibly even be part of the religious right. It is entirely unfair for your husband and my wife to claim the exclusive right to direct the children's religious thinking. But that where you might end up , Unless your husband is a very reasonable. What I am saying here is that I would not give your husband an ultimatum as to their religious education that might backfire. Instead, work with him and try to come to a mutual understanding whereby you both will have the right to discuss your respective views on god and Xtiaity so that they can make up their own mind about the subject when they are old enough to do so. And agreement is the best possible outcome, I think. If he won't agree to that, try to explain to him that as their mother, you believe that you have a parental duty to guide them in this area, as does he as their father. If he still doesn't agree that you do have that right my suggestion is that you do not tell him that you won't discuss religion with them and leave it at that. Instead, politely but firmly stick to your guns and see how things go. As long as you can more or less agree to disagree leave it at that until something changes, If it turns bad for you and he simply refuses despite your efforts, you then will have to decide whether you give up on counseling the children while hey are young or assertively demand that you will continue to counsel them At that point he will have to agree to let you counsel them or take some more drastic action, like separation or court action. Your hope would be that he would back down. This is the way I see it, I hope I am not being presumptuous in giving this advice. Saving the marriage is the most important thing. So if at any time you feel you must back off .and leave the religion issues with him or else the marriage would brake up, I would save the marriage. A good marriage is a precious thing. Becoming a Xtian is not a disaster, . And they can live a happy life as Xtians in in all likelihood. Good luck to you. Keep coming back because I think this site is a rel comfort at times. bill
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