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    Science, technology, running, Family friendly activities to do with my kids.
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    Father of three, learning to live as an atheist in a christian culture now that I've woken up from the cult.

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  1. Have an interview for a better job today. Second interview so hopefully it will end with an offer!

  2. Tired of Christian preconceived notions ruining my relationships

  3. Here is one I just saw today......I love how they derail his post to talk about how not following god has caused every possible bad thing to happen, including today's events. (elementary school killings) Why didnt god do this to a country that really doesn't believe in him? Like Iceland? Pretty stupid of him if you ask me since here in the US more than 80% believe Hurt and pain push people into becoming monsters like we saw today. As more and more children become victims of these monsters, we're going to see more kids become monsters as a result. We need to keep our eyes open for any
  4. The two that still want to remain in contact really do care, even though they are hopelessly deluded by their beliefs. The myriad of others that used to call, text, FB, and spend time with me are the ones that piss me off. None of the time we spent, the conversations we had, or the relationship we tried to grow means anything to them now that they know I am a heathen. I guess they never really did care about me, just the idea of interacting with another believer like they "should". My family,(mom, dad, brothers and sisters) are the only ones that truly seem to care for me just the same as th
  5. For me it was the response of my christian "friends" to my questions about the bible, and the illogical aspects of god. "I try not to think about that", "just have faith", "we cant understand everything, just accept it as true", "be careful where you are going with this, it is dangerous" Once I realized that my "faith" required ignorance in order to keep living, I knew there was no god. Once My friends knew I didn't believe anymore, I heard from exactly 2 of them in the last few months. The others just contact my wife to tell her how sad they are for her. See how wonderful the lov
  6. BDPApostate


    Fun pics about god or atheism
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