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    Science, technology, running, Family friendly activities to do with my kids.
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    Father of three, learning to live as an atheist in a christian culture now that I've woken up from the cult.

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  1. An excellent telling of your story. The way you came to non-belief is so similar to many of us here on this site. I am especially happy that both you and your wife are on the same page with this. That will prevent terrible frustrations down the road. Welcome to the site!
  2. I totally agree with you on this. The vastness of the universe, and the fact that we are a happy accident in it, rather than the reason it was created, fills me with awe and wonder on a scale I never had when I was a Christian. Evolution itself is amazing. Think about the fact that you could trace your roots, if it were possible, to the very first single cell creature on this planet! Every one of your ancestors were successful breeders and survivalists! That is quite a legacy to live up to
  3. Have an interview for a better job today. Second interview so hopefully it will end with an offer!

  4. I have always loved nature, and now that I am no longer delusional, I do even more! The amazing chance I have to be alive, despite the apparent rarity of life in the universe, is just so awesome! That and every ancestor I have was a successful breeder! Really.....if you cannot be inspired by the vastness of the universe, and the chance you have to be a part of the fabric of life here, you are missing out. Spiritual? I don't think so...... Emotional and uplifting? Yes
  5. Welcome to the site! Keep us posted on how tings are going, and you will find more than enough advise and encouragement form these good people.
  6. Good luck with all of this electech... I hope the counseling will be beneficial.
  7. Tired of Christian preconceived notions ruining my relationships

  8. Here is one I just saw today......I love how they derail his post to talk about how not following god has caused every possible bad thing to happen, including today's events. (elementary school killings) Why didnt god do this to a country that really doesn't believe in him? Like Iceland? Pretty stupid of him if you ask me since here in the US more than 80% believe Hurt and pain push people into becoming monsters like we saw today. As more and more children become victims of these monsters, we're going to see more kids become monsters as a result. We need to keep our eyes open for any potential monsters. If you know an at risk kid or teen, be sure to show them extra love, attention, compassion. Your simple act of love today, may prevent a tragedy in the future. Monsters ARE responsible for their actions, but let's not be naive and fail to recognize how they became that way. One act of love to a hurting kid, may uproot any seeds of hurt and pain, that could drive them to hurt some in the future. Like · · about an hour ago · and 18 others like this. Absolutely. It's up to us to stop the decay. about an hour ago · Like t The vicious cycle needs to stop. Uggg. about an hour ago via mobile · Like Along with the fact gun free zones are the cause for not being able to protect these innocent children. Criminals DO NOT OBEY GUN LAWS! 43 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 3 Our country has gotten away from God. we have abortions, gay marriage, living together is a norm, not going to church, nurseries in schools, almost 50% on government dole, single parent families at almost 50%! 42 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 3
  9. Welcome to the forum! I feel embarrassed for myself, and still for my family and friends. The other day I was watching TV with my niece and nephew and there was some show on and one of the girls on the show said she loved another girl. (friendship style) My nephew who is 7 says, "girls cant marry girls...its bad" No child his age should be turned into a bigot before they can even think for themselves! Poor kid
  10. This is really touchy ground right now for me... The other day my kids were asking me about a Wizard of Oz Christmas ornament, that had the 4 main characters standing in front of the projected wizard, and behind it, the "real" wizard working the controls. It says a few lines from the movie scene, like"pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" My kids have never seen the movie and asked me about ti, and i was trying to explain the scene to them. My wife overheard, and actually got upset at me, because she was afraid I would be teaching them to not believe in god in the same way. Its not my fault that god is so similar to the wizard! I am walking on eggshells right now, but I continue to try and teach them critical thinking skills and the difference between real and fantasy. Maybe some time soon my wife will learn to be OK with it.
  11. I received a book By Bart Ehrman 3-4 years before I deconverted, which I could not finish because it shook my faith too much. Although I tried not to think about it, the questions must have been hiding in my subconsciousness because It was the first thing I read after I started to find my own issues in the bible. I think in a way I was primed by that, to a faster deconversion.
  12. Wow.... Are situations are so similar its almost scary. Two girls, a younger boy, Pastor FIL's that think they need to be the spiritual leader because we are not, and probably more! The only difference I see right now is that you are a done the road further from your coming out than I am. Keep posting, it is an encouragement to me to see other people who are trying to make things work.
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