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  1. You would only do that if you were Yahweh. Awesome post Yunea!
  2. *gets horny thinking about Jesus coming inside of him* Damn... It looks like I'm not making it into heaven after all. Oh well, it's not like I was going there anyway. See you in Hell guys. That's where all of the fun will be happening anyway.
  3. I also think Sauron is an asshole for creating the one ring and causing so much suffering in Middle Earth. Good thing he, like Yahweh, is imaginary.
  4. crazyguy123


    After having been out of the loop for so long, it was a shock to come back here and find out about this. Even though I didn't know him personally, I was always fascinated by the things he posted, even though half the time I had to spend hours doing research to understand what he was talking about. I also had a lot of respect for how calm he was when arguing with religious fanatics. Other people would get worked up, but he would still be the voice of reason, even in the Lion's Den. I fully understand what his friends and family are going through. I lost two people that I cared deeply about last year and it's still difficult sometimes. His beautifully written "good-bye" message that he left behind for his loved ones was difficult to read, because it made me think about my own experiences. These forums will be a very different place without him but at least he gets to be a part of the universe now.
  5. I've thought for a long time that all of those fun things the pastor used to rant about all the time during church services, are quite enjoyable. Does that mean I want to sin? No, not really. It means I like doing things that religious nuts like to tell me are sinful. Christians probably can't tell that there is a difference between those things, but as long as we know it, then their preaching is meaningless to us. It makes them fun to chew on when they're in the Lion's Den though. OM NOM!
  6. A Gnostic Christian is still a Christian. They are just another version of Christians, but are still Christians.
  7. He doesn't understand because the hand of the Lard is using him as a sock puppet and is speaking BS through him! Accept Kryasst today!
  8. I do not want them to worry about me. The stress is only going to worsen their failing health so no good will come from it.
  9. It is fundamentalist, but they've been nice enough not to accuse me of anything, they just keep their thoughts about it to themselves.
  10. What complicates the situation even further is that they do not know that I no longer believe, only that I stopped going to church and they do not know why. Fortunately we still get along good, but the only thing is I can't be as open with them as I was before. Keeping it a secret from them has been difficult.
  11. It would sure be nice if I could free my religious family members from the trappings of their Christian delusions, but the majority of them that are stuck in the religion are elderly and it would cause more harm than good if they were to leave their religion now. I doubt there is anything I could do to accomplish such a thing anyway. If they were to have doubts themselves and typical Christian answers to their questions failed to satisfy them, then I would be willing to help any way I could. Since I have left Christianity, I have wished this entire time that my grandparents had never been Christians to begin with because I feel like the close relationship that I had with them when I was still a Christian was damaged when I left the religion. I found myself in a situation where I couldn't say everything that was on my mind anymore, out of fear that they would have panic attacks over their belief that I was going to get roasted in some imaginary lake of fire. Things would have been so much better for us if it weren't for them being trapped, but there is nothing I can do about it.
  12. The bible is made up of several different documents that were all written by different authors. One especially good reason why someone would make up a bunch of lies and declare it as truth that other people must believe/follow is if they are looking to control other people. If you are able to convince a lot of people that you speak for a god and that those who disagree with you or do not obey you are going to burn, you would find yourself with a lot of power. People would listen to you while you got rich off of their gullibility. Religious leaders and politicians can make quite a profit off of lying to people.
  13. I also vote yes, but a variety should be taught. It makes sense to teach the kids about all of the religions without indoctrinating them into believing in any of them, so that they can at least understand what the believers of each religion believe and how they think. It could be beneficial in helping them to interact with people who have differing religious views without being ignorant about what others believe.
  14. Congratulations! Hopefully these religious nutters are wrong and the end of the world holds off for a while so you guys can enjoy being together a bit longer.
  15. I remember believing that Noah had baby dinosaurs on the ark and that they went extinct later on because humans killed them off. I also believed that the Bible was historically accurate and that the earth was created in 6 days, the exodus happened, and all sorts of other things. Probably the weirdest thing was that I believed that Kent and Eric Hovind understood science, but all of those "evolutionists" didn't LOL.