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  1. ughh...my mom was just saying how she will "never give up on my going back into the ffold" i said 'ok if that makes you feel better'. then she said i was "confused because of the pyschologist i was seeing" and how i should read 'the great thinkers of xianity and that i can still be rational and be a xian' I JUST UGH... i TOLD her i didn't want to talk about this mostly bc it makes us both upset.

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    2. greylight
    3. GypsyMoon


      Hang in there my mum took five years to give up she comments about xianity sometimes i just smile and nod and thats the end of it. She prays for me i just say thanks n roll my eyes

    4. greylight


      thanks gypsy, yeah that's the route i try and take

  2. my mom is having her bible study downstairs so i've barricaded myself in my room....but i really want cookies which are downstairs. what a dilemma

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    2. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden


      Run downstairs and grab one!

    3. mymistake
    4. greylight


      i ended up going downstairs to get cookies, however my blood pressure rose immediately hearing really ignorant topics. worrrrrthhhh it.

  3. This aquaintance on my facebook was like "im sad to see so many athesists on my facebook who dont know god personally" and goes on to say something about how he was saved. I was like lol ok dude fuck you, you don't know me. I used to be "saved" just like him but now im an atheist sooooo. I don't really fucking care if they are talking about god in their lives personally (i.e. god is so good to me, praise the lard!) But don't go fucking applying your beliefs on a group of people and assume they are lost. At least the comments under his status were reasonable, for the most part.
  4. Dead on! My question now. As a longtime anti-theist. Is attacking those who push their faith quite blatantly to their face harm? I don't think attacking their beliefs is really the way to go. This will just make them cling to their beliefs more tightly and then get even more of a martyr complex.
  5. I also remember when ppl would say not to be ashamed when trying to convert people to god. Don't be ashamed of your beliefs that are no longer revlevant to culture and that discriminate against a whole group of people. They would have to pound away about that enspecially to the youth group, that "we shouldn't be ashamed when talking about god". Well, I realize now that that "shame" was just called BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING, who didn't feel right about telling people that their life style was a sin, or that they needed jesus in their lives even if they were living as a good person. Now that I think about it, it's a truly incidous thing. As much as they preach the idea of acceptance, acceptance is actually shunned because that would include respect and acceptance of people whose lifestyles don't align with the biblegod.
  6. So my mom keeps trying to get me back involved with the church even though she knows I am an ex-christian. She asked me to "do a painting during worship" because she's a worship director and into making the experience more ceative I guess. I almost said 'what do you want me to paint?? the word bullshit across the canvass?" It's bizarre she would ask a non-believer to take part in the worship service.

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    2. Deva


      Tell her it kills your inspiration.

    3. kolaida


      My mom was trying to tell me how I'd be interested in some guy at their church. Never mind I live in the midwest and they live in ALASKA. Kinda of a problem. I like the idea of painting bullshit across the canvas! LOL!

    4. pawn


      If I ever step foot in a church again, it will be a test of my willpower not to burst out in blasphemies...probably better just not to go in their.

  7. Okay first of all, this is the stupidest thing I have read. Second, yeah, we know brains exist because we can SEE and TOUCH them. ALSO, I'm pretty sure there is the version where the kid says WIND instead of brain. Which is just as stupid, but at least it makes more sense and doesn't sound like it's trying to fucking parody itself. Who writes this shit?!?!
  8. So I just talked to my mom, and now she knows that my bf is moving in with me.. I could tell she was disappointed/upset.. I know I'm lucky that she is not the type of person to not talk to me again or something like that... it still hurts though...

    1. Adrianime


      That sucks! I will only marry a girl if I live with her first. At least a year!

    2. Akheia


      Gotta live your own life. Congrats on the BF moving in! That's going to be so fun. Don't let anybody rain on that parade. She'll figure herself out eventually.

    3. greylight
  9. "Sometimes God let's you hit rock bottom so you will discover He is the rock at the bottom." siiiggghh
  10. Thanks so much for this series, it gave me the comfort and inspiration that I sorely needed. It is really frustrating to hear Xians say that when people leave the faith, 'they never truly believed in the first place'. The subject is uncomfortable for them so they sweep it under the rug with a blanket excuse.
  11. Auuugh I just saw this word for word with a picture of a bible "I believe every word in this book and I don't care if you think I'm an idiot because of it" The lady who posted it is a sweetheart so i don't want to make fun of her...so this just made me sad
  12. When I was coming out of xianity i had what you described, that intense fear of dying. I went through an existential crisis of sorts. I had this bizarre phobia that I've never had to such a degree where I was afraid that at any moment, the world would end in some catastrophic way. I think this issue is something I'm still grappling with it. I know that fearing death wastes energy, and it's something I need to be at peace with. I think I'm slowly getting there, but it's hard. This article did help though, so thank you Akheia.
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