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  1. Welcome aboard! Yes, humanism is often used as a make-shift replacement for religion. With religious attitudes going around and all. Better leave it be. The concept makes sense, but the religious attitudes of many humanist's go the direction of group think and crowd control. In short, another version of the very thing you just got out of.
  2. An all knowing god would know and realize that contemporary witnesses and historical documentation and verification would be in order, IF demonstrating to the world that his son came to earth and lived and died a human life was the objective of the plan of salvation! The fact that no such strong contemporary evidences exist speak to the unlikely nature of the believer position. And it speaks to the historicist position of simply accepting the believer position, minus anything that sounds supernatural or too theological to be real. The continuity doesn't appear to be there to support a stripped down, secular historicist position. The fact remains that Paul's Jesus isn't historical and the interpolations show the intent of later scribes to try and color in the epistles to reflect the gospel content. When originally it doesn't look to be there.
  3. I started a thread on this next video: The mystery school transmission of content to early christianity is laid out in the first few minutes. They were largely solar mysteries oriented and therefore all else involved - astrotheology, probably precession mythology, astrological symbolism, etc.,etc. That's the connection to Paul that answers the questions here. Carrier lays out how global salvation was changed to a more personal salvation through the mysteries. And that Judea was late on the scene to invent a mystery school cult like this. Paul was doing a solar mysteries cult. Focused firmly on personal salvation in lock step with the previous solar mysteries. That solar mystery cult teaching apparently involved a "celestial spheres jesus" concept as part of the presentation. It really can't be either it's a solar myth or celestial being situation, both are part of the Osirian mysteries and others. There's not a choice between is Carrier right or are you right, you both pretty much have to be right because the solar mysteries that informed the early 1st century had been both all along. So when Mark comes in after Paul and lays out the global salvation allegories, it looks as though he was merely choosing to emphasize the older global salvation theme which had shifted in the mystery school cults to personal salvation. Carrier himself is basically saying that the global salvation idea had greater antiquity. If that's the case, and Mark was emphasizing that aspect, then Mark was bringing an older concept back into focus again, much more so than Paul's focus.
  4. Here it is folks: Carrier walks his way through a very likely scenario for christian origins. This way is completely objective by way of the evidences and how the evidences appear in historical order. It paints a different picture than what most people are used to. But he makes it very understandable in this interview.
  5. Yes, it's much more dramatic coming from the fundy sector. Hopefully these two brothers continue on with their journeys and find more answers as they move on with their lives.
  6. They are closed off to anything alternate to their respective interpretations and beliefs. Probably most people on this site have come out of fundamentalist sect's.
  7. Yeah, so many factors to consider. The 2001 study seems more like hype than anything else. That's the older study that sparked the TV programs I saw years ago. With the 80' surge being worst case scenario, but very unlikely. In any event, I've alerted by family on the coast to keep an eye on the news and watch the volcano with an evacuation plan in mind because of the 8 hr window to evacuate if necessary.
  8. Yeah that happened. I remember the story. It was minor enough to where they were able to ride it out. It made mention in the surfing community.
  9. I get the feeling these guys are still a little confused about the jesus issue and how it may relate to their beliefs now. Trying to hang on to some aspect of it which is entirely unnecessary at this point. Their spiritual ideas and veganism could just as well be eastern mystical and Hindu. Some people struggle to let of go trying to make jesus into whatever they evolve into after leaving their churches. And you can pretty much make jesus into anything you wish at that point. Except there will always be contradictions involved because as we know, jesus is a hybridized mythological character that represents diverse schools of thought with very scant evidence of a fixed core. If someone focuses on just one school of thought, like "Prince of Peace," they will be contradicted by another school of thought represented: '...I do not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword.' I see this as a situation of struggling ex christians more so than authentic christians. But I'd like to hear how they respond and converse to see for sure.
  10. So, the SDA church has pushed vegetarianism since it's inception. There's no meat allowed at school or church events. Although it is allowed to eat clean meats according to Mosaic Law. Just not at any church or school functions. My mother raised us vegetarian at home. She refused to cook meat. But we could eat it when we went out. It was a half vegetarian upbringing because she wanted to stick to the "rules" and my dad ate meat. When I got to boarding academy they didn't serve meat on campus. So kids who were not vegetarian were pretty much shafted at the cafeteria. I was half vegetarian so it didn't bother me any. I just ate what they served and ate whatever else when I was off campus.
  11. I'm going through it now. Sounds very similar to my upbringing in the SDA cult. We have you guys labeled here as authentic christian believers but you're dropping f bombs while slinging beers and detailing how fucked up these assholes were to you. I haven't made it through the whole video yet. But have we mislabeled your account? Are you guys ex christians?
  12. Grab a point breaking left that starts in Maine and shoulders off into the gulf off of Key West......
  13. The scenario for a mega tsunami is credible. It's supposed to fall towards the southwest as illustrated. And the estimates of 10-20 meter surge on Florida's east coast seems to check out against other estimates. If we see the volcano split in half live on tv, well, we have around 7-9 hrs to get ready. I'd need my family on the coast to haul ass over here where we're over 100' above sea level in the middle of the state. With 300' + above sea level not very far from here.
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