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  1. Lesser offense, same mentality. I think of that poor women who came here a while back posting about her abusive father. Depraved lunatic. The torture he put her through. And it's no different than a lie, cheat or thief. Never mind, the imaginary being will sweep it under the rug until next time. Then sweep it under the rug again. And kick the can right on through a given life time. If left unchecked and unchanged. As a society, I do hope we can mature into mass identifying the problem here. Put the heat strongly on theistic thinking. Box it into a corner. Eradicate the problem. While at the same time elevating an actual sense of human morality and decency as it's happening and provoking social evolution. According to how we perceive human morality and decency in the contemporary period, at this time. Rather than towing along these bronze age myths full of indecent and immoral acts of both god and men, and parading it around as, "good." End, please try and follow along closely.
  2. Well, a lot these same said people will often profess how horrible they would be if there were no god. And then go to lengths to make dramatic examples. They like to say that if there were no god, they'd run a muck raping, murdering, stealing, because what does it matter if there's no god. They can behave within empathy, and yet they sound like total monsters being help back by an imaginary being. And worse, a good number of them do actually give in to these dark thoughts and desires. They just pray about it and chalk it up to being, "sinners," never ceasing their "sins." We have so many examples around here of this. People who have had religion beaten in to them by some other self righteous people. And at the same time raped, abused, tortured and other atrocities by these same said, and so called "christians," who are merely "sinners." The whole imaginary friend thing is a crutch. A crutch that all too often fails to restrain the beastly nature in people. That causes me to seriously question what's the use in letting it continue unchecked? If people don't have their imaginary friend, they'll run a muck. But far too many of them run a muck anyways, regardless of their imaginary friend and regardless of their belief in the existence of an imaginary hell. These imaginary threats don't stop them from acting out. They only give a crutch to where these people will continue to act out over and over again, and then forgive themselves within their own inner dialogue, until they do it again. Then they forgive themselves in their own minds again and again, as they continue to act out. The acting out continues regardless. I bet there's some guilty eye's reading this post. Guilty christians who I'm speaking right at. Some of which regularly read our forums. And confess versions of the above on their own forums. As if it's some badge of honor to speak of 'what a degenerate they'd be without god.' They are dark minded people congregated around common superstition in my opinion. And I find it sad, very sad that that is the only way in which they can find "morality." A morality that wasn't ever very moral to begin with......
  3. A morality that apparently would strain the very meaning of morality. And by default, remain immoral in comparison.
  4. Have you looked into moving out here to Florida? First of all, the taxes are cut dramatically. Everything is generally less expensive by comparison. My aunt and uncle moved to Orlando from the Santa Monica area a few years and were taken back by the savings. The hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in comparable real estate. I haven't looked into it concerning business, but I don't see why it would be any different. No state taxes is a huge plus. More money for helping people yourself, rather than the state coming in and taking a lion's share and squandering it!
  5. Endgarcito, once this sets in it's very difficult to go back to wondering in amazement as to where morality comes from. Or where babies come from, for the same reason. Babies don't drop down from a stork, nor does morality drop down from a supernatural entity up and away, beyond the observable universe. It's obvious and apparent. It's well explained and not very mysterious. And yet, still today, we find people racking their brains over questions like how morality can exist unless a supernatural, all good god exists. But then again we find people who think the world is flat. So there you have it. Bottom line: 1) Spherical earth. 2) Sexual reproduction. 3) Social evolution. Bada bing, bada bang, mystery solved!!!
  6. It's a tough argument for christians to face off against.
  7. Yeah, a while back we had to confront a NT verse condemning "slave traders." I don't remember who brought it up. But christians here in the US were arguing that slavery was denounced by the bible and citing that verse. But the terms being translated as "slave traders," was a bad translation and completely out of the surrounding context. So we looked at it and it turns out that the verse was referring to "slave stealers," as in thieving other people's property, the slaves. Stealing slaves was being condemned. And that makes sense in context. I remember the conversation well, but I forget where it sits in the archives.
  8. Cali, that may be the problem. Sorry you're going through a tough time. Communities are communities. Churches aren't the only ones. I like my surfing communities much better. We're very tribal and close. This can be true of many alternative sports, hobbies, and what have you. The church is just like minded people (I say that very loosely) hanging out together like any other type of club, or tribal type of in group setting. If church was your only line to that type of community, and then you stepped out without any comparable community, then there's the problem. This is just an online forum, but for what it's worth WE are a community too. We all care enough to continue hanging out here. It's kinda nice in my view. Because it's a unique type of community. Smart people. Good content. Thought provoking at times. I had a huge long day today. Drove all over the place. Come home, pop open the lap top, check right in to see what my friends are up to.
  9. As we've discussed, slavery was sanctioned in the bible right on through the New Testament. It isn't limited to just Mosaic Law. The problem here is that there's no command telling people to stop sinning by enslaving other people. It's not a sin. Slaves are told to obey their masters and not make waves, go along with it. Play their role in society. Because the bible is the product of human imagination, it reflects the narrow thinking of the people who were writing at the time. They had no clue, apparently, that slavery would later be considered highly immoral. As to picking and choosing christians, yeah, that's about it. They pick and choose what they will and will not except from the jewish scriptures. Take the Sabbath. The majority of christianity rejects the 4th commandment. They dump the other mosaic laws, keep the 10 commandments, but then side slip and try and substitute the 1st day of the week for the 7th and act as if they're adhering to the 10 commandments while breaking the 4th every Saturday. The picking and choosing knows no bounds.
  10. Welcome godless! Maybe spend some time just conversing with us. Generally speaking ex christian atheist's aren't exactly the cookie cutter "new atheist" lot. Maybe a few, but certainly not all. We discuss a lot of ideas that christians can't seem to stereo type. For instance, it's either god or everything came from nothing? Wrong. Atheist's arguing that everything came from nothing. Wrong again. There are answers that fall between the two extremes and many of us have found ourselves gravitating towards those middle grounds. Perhaps we could call it, "Newest Atheism?"
  11. My relatives were some of the naturally intellectual of the region. High school educations, but above average IQ. Many of which made big money via investments, real estate, stocks, and boat building. So we grew up in a bubble outside of the "Keys Disease" lot. But I know what you're talking about. No shortage of idiots.
  12. Island time! I grew up in Islamorada. Then moved to mainland. But visited Lower Matecumbe to my grandparents house regularly through life. You can feel very isolated from the rest of the world when you're down there. Sort of like you're in a time warp. After a while it's good to head back to the mainland. But I always liked going down for a while until I got tired of it. Sometimes that would be a few weeks or a few months. But I surf, so my interests always lead me back up coast. Good on you via the political realization. I think you'll get along much better that way.
  13. Excellent post! True on so many levels. I think a lot of people wind up being better people all around after leaving christianity and moving on with their lives. Of course not everyone will fit that mold, but I think a lot of people do go in this general direction.
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