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    I'm an over 25 year deconvert. Gone off exploring a lot of science, religion, philosophy, biblical criticism, archaeology, eastern mystical content, and esoteric comparative content. Atheistic about gods with a spiritual side about nature.

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  1. '...you're looking for a donation for the coast guard, youth, auxiliary.'
  2. Then it up and disappeared. Then another one is found in Romania:
  3. Joshpantera: And a Lord who also says, 'Do not think that I come to bring peace on earth, I do not come to bring peace on earth but a sword. And to turn members of the same household against one another...' YODER: But, but, but you're taking that out of context!!! Joshpantera: Not so, the context is clear. The context is that the bible is extraordinarily self contradicting. Love your enemies, but bring not peace but a sword and turn families against one another within their own households for the "Lords" namesake. I call that passage, "psycho jesus," and
  4. He means the dialogue comes off as preachy. We get what you're doing. It's just that the forums are set up in terms of encouraging the deconverted and deconverting from christianity. By talking to peers and having community. That's the meaning of our existence here. Now when christians join, that's ok too. But what we don't really want (as mods and the admin) are proselytizing, hell, fire, brimstone sermons, and generally preachy attitudes all over the forum. So the Lion's Den is a place just for that. Anything proselytizing, preachy, or just plain pro-christian, gets moved to the
  5. It says, "Read Only Club." Can you read??? The simple answer is that you can't post there, because you literally can not post there. Not as long as the club is set up as "read only." If you read, you'll see why that is so....
  6. Well, Hello! We have some Florida locals on here. What was it that changed your beliefs? Care to elaborate? You're in good company in terms of non-belief, studying academic research about religions, and at least trying to use logic most of the time (no one seems to ace it across the board, but people try ). Welcome!!!
  7. That seems to be one of the problems with going too far left or right - free speech suffers regardless of direction. Communist Russia and China illustrate the left end, you and your christian views illustrate the right end of the extreme. Free speech doesn't gel with authoritarian views. And god is one of the biggest authoritarian views that exist. Or that could exists. What could be a bigger authoritarian view than a supernatural, infinite and eternal god with absolute say??? Thankfully, you're just some ordinary wanker and not in control of any government.
  8. Do you mean this as humor? The marine, for some reason, oblivious from the outset that burning in hell means burning for eternity? Who in the world would not be aware of what hell means in this day and age? Especially a Marine, growing up in a christian dominant nation where you can hardly go anywhere without exposure to christian beliefs? The big punch line in the end is, "Eternity!?, Noo!!!" Why yes Forest, that's what burning in hell means. Sorry, but this doesn't strike me as very creative at all. Better luck next time???
  9. Is this creative works or humor and satire??? I was confused at first. I guess if some christian wants to post this sort of evident nonsense at an ex christian site (with people who were formerly christian and now do not believe it), be my guest. But don't get ass hurt if you receive a negative review in the process. You should expect it.
  10. All nonsense, btw. Nothing to fear. If some god exists, which isn't established to begin with, he can send you to hell, which isn't established either. Not only are they not established as true in the first place, the likelihood of either being true is so remote as to remain insignificant as a possible truth. The existence of god and hell is possible, sure. But this scenario of a god and hell is about as possible as a pink elephant flying out of someone's butt. Possible, sure. Likely, not remotely......
  11. For the sake of discussing Australian politics briefly, what is your affiliation Robert? I know you're retired from the Australian government. Party affiliation? Independent of some type? Just curious.
  12. Major point many of us make to christian apologist's. Sometimes the comeback is that they used to be atheist then found jesus. A way of finding equal footing of experiencing both sides. But, more often than not, the apologist was never intellectually knowledgeable about atheism, a well informed atheist, or intellectually atheist upon question and cross examination. Pushing back the equal footing of experience tactic in these cases. If they know very little about the history and intellectual content of atheism, and you do have all of this experience behind your position taking, then they can no
  13. Romney is anti-Trump and has been. He’s been outspoken all along. Gore had figured himself the winner. Then he wasn’t. In 2016 people were saying “not my president!” The dems never accepted him in any fair or meaningful way. They launched one attack after another. Do you think Trump colluded with Russia? Honest question. No evidence of collusion is the outcome. Dems not only don’t believe that they were wrong, they double down and insist they they been right the entire time, without the evidence. For all I know he could have colluded with Russia. And the
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