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  1. I assume that you must get something out of posting here in this community. You've been sticking around a while. Granted, you have not taken a similar path to the usual christians who come here trying to fight hard or prove things that are beyond proving. When you say, "there might be evidence," I take that to mean that you do understanding that the evidence is currently off the table? As in no one has this evidence to present? Certainly not you? You seem to think in terms of the evidence being out there somewhere, currently out of reach. Requiring new thinking in ord
  2. It's not an asteroid, it's just jesus on approach for his second coming.
  3. this is because they are not all really wanting/trying to follow Him enough (spirit and truth). And this is where YOU are proving his point! You will demonstrate to readers what it looks like when someone sees the "real jesus" through their own subjective lens. And you'll do it by a methodology of cherry picking verses to suit your own subjective opinion. You will ignore verses to the contrary of your preferred subjective lens. But the verses that you choose to ignore, will be the subjective lens that 'someone else' chooses to establish their own subjective len
  4. We can't stress this point enough! "If X," is a presupposition claim. And questioning, struggling, and even head strong proponents of christianity have to face this fundamental fact. They have to face it because we will not allow them to get by without facing it. 1) You have to start off assuming that a god exists. Without conclusive evidence that the claim is true. 2) Then you have to assume, without conclusive evidence, that the bible is true. 3) Then you have to assume, without conclusive evidence, that what your interpretation of the bible is, is true
  5. You can save yourself the trouble and just ignore anything coming from christian apologetic sources. I'm serious. I know that right now it seems wide open in your mind 'as if' the potential for them saying something true or substantial is a possibility. But it really isn't it. You can disregard anything from apologetic's and be the better for it. Instead of arguing with them all the time like myself and others and banging your head against the wall when they refuse to acknowledge their errors even if you spell it out in black and white terms. Arguing is essentially futile if changing their min
  6. The biggest points have been mentioned. I'll add an opinion piece as well. 1) There is no contemporary historical record during the early first century for either the life of jesus nor a cruci-fiction. Everything comes from late written material around the end of the 1st century at the earliest. Mostly coming from the 2nd and 3rd century periods. No jewish or roman records of jesus life or death. Let alone rising from the dead! You'd have to start out with solid evidence of his life before getting carried away with a resurrection claim, right??? 2) Even if there was ev
  7. These are fair points. And @pantheory if you have theories that are not falsifiable, it seems fair enough to just admit that the theory therefore exist outside of the scope of bona fide science as Walter put it. But that's what I was saying before. Speculation is speculation. We're all free to speculate. But if we try going beyond that and making positive assertions then any one of us is subject to scrutiny for it. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. I have always been sympathetic to alternative thinking. But I do keep it in context.
  8. What I was getting at earlier on in the thread is sort of described here in this video about Pilate Wave theory: Real waves: I keep coming back to the general idea that the waves could be real waves operating within a real wave medium. And that reality could be entirely based on an interconnected wave medium type substance which would be essentially endless. But of course these things need to be worked out and established as factual before anyone can approach these kinds of ideas as facts. They are speculation as it stands. I just enjoy l
  9. It was a very long time ago for me, but I can tell you what it's like to be around 3 decades past that phase. I've replaced any meanings that I may have once had as a christian, basically. I don't feel the least bit meaningless now and haven't for a long, long time. Even though I don't think there's a particular meaning of life. You bring whatever meaning to life. There's things I want to do, so I set out to do them. I keep busy. There's things I enjoy doing, so I do them. That's what this is. We're alive so we ought to be out living it up, in my opinion. Not sulking a
  10. Well apparently we have the same advice - study the history of christianity! Not the bullshit history given through the biases of the churches, the actual history according to the historical record. It has CHANGED much over time. So what does that mean? Well, it reveals things about the bible. To understand this very well you have go through textual criticism. Read everything from Bart Ehrman. Will you do that? Do you want to know how many things were changed and all of the various evidences that reveal what can be demonstrated through textual criticism?
  11. What happened is that myself and BAA were working through an issue with a member concerning claims that the Exodus was historical. She had gotten into some apologetic's that spun off of a former SDA who claimed to have found Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, and the "real" path of the Exodus. The whole thing was full of fallacious apologetic claims. The two of us were going through it with her page after page. Showing what was wrong with the claims. In the middle of this, the woman was being argumentative and resistant with us. And she cited you in the process as an example of
  12. This entire emotional episode is uncalled for.... You have to learn this if you expect to function in today's society. You have to try and face both christians and ex christians in this world. Especially when YOU PETITION the advice of ex christians about the truth of christianity on a site like this. I already told you, if you honestly want to know what is and isn't true about christianity and the bible we'll stick you into a debate (it can be casual) where you will be challenged to prove the truth of christian claims. So that you can witness for yourself the futility of the chris
  13. You don't have any clue right now how misinformed you are. There are not piles of evidence for christianity!!! I know that because I personally debate christian apologists. During those debates, I ask them for their evidence and they fail to provide it. So I'm quite aware of the lack of positive evidence because I'm right on top of the issue. You are glancing at people claiming that they have evidence and accepting their claims at face value. You are not debating them and holding their feet to fire like myself and other ex christians do very regularly. So your subject
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