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  1. I've been going through the audio book, "Synchronicity." It's based on trying to reason through these experiences with a logical approach. Dr. Surprise says early on that Carl Jung thought such and such, and Carl Jung was mistaken. I haven't made it all the way through yet. But I see the direction he's taking about testing this out and consciously setting up situations for these natural feed back loops to place you into anomalistic type experiences. But I don't find them scary or off putting. It's more the case of consciously experimenting with something. And I can see that I'll have to take in the whole thing before I can fully experiment with it in the way that he's suggesting the reader to do. But I look forward to following it all the way through.
  2. I saw a few headlines, a practice test for this rocket just blew up the other day or something? I'll have to look into it. I saw pics of the explosion on a surf report website.
  3. I just want to comment on this. I read through the first page. Granted, atheist's should not be repeating the christian mantra of, "you were never really a christian." By saying, "you were never really an atheist," to ex-atheists, or simply atheist's who converted to christianity or some other religious belief. That's a good point. If these people used to lack god belief for any reason at all, they were atheists. They didn't have to be smart or understand all of the issues, they just had to lack in positive belief in the existence of gods. But as I read through the posts, I see that a lot of these people claiming to be ex-atheists aren't well enough understood about the atheist issues they're trying to argue against. So we could say that they show no comprehensive understanding of an intellectually atheist position. Take for instance the guy who commented about consciousness. We discuss that all the time. And it doesn't matter whether consciousness is primary or not. Consciousness is clearly not YHWH either way. If it were, then that would make YHWH the entire universe of living and non-living matter. That's not what YHWH is claimed to be and that's not what biblical religion has stamped as it's belief system. Consciousness is not what this guy thinks it is. If existence itself is consciousness, that doesn't make it a god. It just makes it existence. The universe, us, and everything else. This is still within an atheistic framework, there's no god to point at in the equation. Just the whole. Not some entity of supernatural magnitude. So this guy, on account of the possibility that consciousness is absolute, converts to religion and starts renouncing atheism online. I wouldn't do me any good to tell him that he was never a real atheist. He may have been. It only means that he didn't believe in god previously. But he shows no sign of being exceptionally intellectual in his former disbelief. Or well understood about the issues concerning god or a lack thereof and the scope to which that focus can entail. Do to an outspoken argument of his own misunderstanding, he took up god belief from an unwarranted platform easily addressed. So at the end of the day, his own lack of knowledge and understanding of a given issue stands at the base of his decision to take up god belief. To a lot of atheists reading along, it would look as though he and most of the others weren't really atheists previously. That it's just bullshit. Because they speak as though they don't even understand the issues that they're talking about. And in this confusion, somehow got caught up in looking to religion as an answer. When that wouldn't have been necessary or warranted had they just thought things out a few steps further. So it can be said that they generally don't understand what they're talking about, but were at one point non-believing atheists. That seems like an intellectually honest evaluation given the demonstration and circumstances.
  4. I don't know how this relates to Walter's video clip, if you're referring to the OP in the above. He points out, as a marine biologist of over 50 years, how during the 70's they were concerned with research and discovery and scouring the worlds oceans according to an agenda-less, non-political adventure. But then as environmentalism overshadowed the science, a certain attitude of only concentrating on "problems" arose. The media took hold of it. And politicians followed suit. Grant money flowed in that direction and it wasn't a coordinated grand conspiracy, it's just how it all unfolded. And now, as he outlines, is that good news of come backs are often shunned and ignored in favor of perpetuating this negative mantra that arose based on a narrow focus of the "problems." Good examples are where bleached reefs have grown back strong, or fish that had vanished returned to a given area. An example closer to home would be how scientists at the Mote Aquarium accidentally stumbled into regenerating corals to grow up to three times faster than in the wild. With the ability to withstand warmer temps and acidic conditions. They're literally testing corals to see which strains can tolerate conditions projected 50 years forward and further. These are positive scientific issues which a lot of people are happy to ignore in favor of the "problems" and negativity mantra. That's the main focus here. There were some asides thrown in down the line. But I mean to discuss this issue of marine biology and environmentalist movements overshadowing the science.
  5. Welcome back! We're still letting newbie's know the facts on the table, which, point to the above conclusions. Still debating apologist's for the sake of onlooking readers as well. Keeping those blow hards and bluffs against the ropes when they throw arrogant and untenable claims around. For the sake of the viewing audience. We just finished whipping around a run of several of them last year. Until they crawled off to lick their wounds. It went quite over the holidays. Maybe some more will come along and try and their luck in 2020. We'll just have to wait and see.
  6. The group think theory link is on my signature line. It's just an FYI type of link that I added to my signature for people to looking into if they choose.
  7. A lot of academic scientists are treating science more like religion and less like science, for one thing. My cousin is a marine biologist who's been very outspoken about it. Aside from that, this forum is where we post scientific articles of all variety. And carry on straight forward scientific discussion about climate, environmentalism and conservation, cosmology, physics, philosophy of science, etc., etc.
  8. Yeah, he pretty much nails the whole dialogue we've been having about it in the article: I like the way he summarized the article at the bottom by stating that he wasn't moved by either of the two choices they spoke of in philosophy classes. Either you think conventional science will eventually solve the hard problem or the hard problem is too mysterious to ever figure out. It comes across as a false dichotomy in my opinion and apparently he feels the same way about it. There's a glaring third option, at least. But he doesn't seem to acknowledge that the people he's talking about have moved away from the term pansychism for the most part. It's conscious realism per Donald Hoffman. But he's generally referring to people like Hoffman, Russell, Radin, and so on.
  9. They should just make the choices say "theist" or "not-theist." It means the same thing - not-theist, non-theist, or atheist. But I suppose it would be better represented by just spelling it out and make the choices simple and clear. Because of all the associated baggage, that atheism only means, "not-theist," is lost on a lot of the population. They want to conflate "beliefs" about things in with "not-god belief." And shoe horn non-believers with incorrect assertions associated with new atheism and other similar things. Militant things and what not. I agree with those who just default to atheist regardless of the confusion, just for the sake of trying to help properly represent how many people out there simply don't believe in god(s). The true number of non-theist's out there probably gets obscured by pussy footing around the issue. And I suspect that there are a hell of a lot more non-theists in the world than what polls have been representing. Even as the polls are showing increasing numbers, they seem lower than what they probably are.
  10. Also in that debate, the point was made that atheist's (scientists) don't actually believe that everything sprang into existence from nothing. There's always the issue of pre-existence looming behind the cosmological theories. So it's really just the christians with an "ex nihilo" belief who do believe that everything sprang into existence from nothing. Granted, not all christian's believe that creation ex nihilo is biblical. Some think that it's just an interpretation and incorrect one. Just to clarify that I'm aware of it.
  11. I had this in mind when I was debating with Luth-ifer. I knew which direction he'd take. So I made sure to voice early on that christians don't know how the universe came about, they only have this creation myth in Genesis, which, is myth and doesn't disclose anything about the actual origins of the universe. His move was to point at me and claim that I don't know. To which I happy admitted and then hammered home the fact that no one knows, and that's the point! Not science, not religions, not anything. It's an ongoing mystery which neither science nor religion has "solved" or made "known." We're literally actively seeking out true answers for origins. And there wasn't anything he could do with it. He was stuck where I placed him from the beginning. In order to get out of where I placed him, he would have to prove or substantiate, with credible evidence, that he does know exactly the mystery of origins. The book of Genesis is not capable of substantiating such a claim. So he's dead in the water. All he can do keep pointing out that we don't know either, which, is nonsensical because we're arguing on behalf of an agnostic position. The christian can only prove the agnostic position correct over and over again as they wiggle around trying to escape it.....
  12. I guess christians tend to tone down religious debate around their hijacked, and usurped pagan winter solstice holiday...........
  13. This seems to be happening lately. It's EX-CHRISTIAN.net not SEX-CHRISTIAN.net!!!!!! And not SEX-CHRISTIAN.fishnets or anything similar.
  14. It's an eye opener. When you go on Keto you get laser focused in terms of looking at the world as an observer of just how much carbs and straight sugar everyone is consuming regularly. This becomes more and more obvious when you look around at every restaurant menu while on Keto. I see it all, but I ignore it. It's all around me all the time. Carb's, carb's, sugar, sugar..... But I'm devoted and determined and seeing the lbs come off steady keeps me focused on the straight and narrow. I just keep ignoring all of the carbs and sugar constantly around me everywhere I look. This is an interesting disciple to take on. I guess like walking through bars as an alcoholic, constantly seeing the alcohol all around you but ignoring it. I finally allowed a "cheat day," at Christmas. To be honest, I felt like shit after eating carby christmas food. I was actually happy to get right back on the wagon with my salads, low carb tortilla wraps, meat and veggies, and Keto cook book items that my wife cooks. Yesterday we had Keto pizza. Loved it. The cook book is, "Simply Keto" by Suzanne Ryan. We save money because going out to eat is so limited that we hardly do it anymore. Overall, I feel good. I'm focused. I feel healthy. And I've noticed a certain amount clarity by going on this low carb diet. I'm not starving myself. I eat till I'm full and I keep losing weight.
  15. DB, my step daughters boyfriend was pushing 300 lbs and so was my youngest brother. Both went on keto diets around before thanksgiving and both are down over 30lbs. I was around 250lbs and jumped on the keto bandwagon the day after thanksgiving. I'm down to 237 lbs already. I'm only going to the 220's and then letting it plane off and maintain. But the other two want to go down 50 lbs or more. This is the only successful diet I've tried so far. My wife has a keto cook book and it's easy to stick to when you see results like this. Just putting it out there for consideration. Best of luck this year buddy!!!
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