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  1. Joshpantera

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    What's happening to you is something natural and what christianity is telling you is basically unnatural. You're as nature has brought you into being. Nature is not corrupt in the aftermath of some original sin in a mythological garden, basically. And I think learning more about the mythological aspect of judeo-christianity can make that very clear. If you're thinking in terms of liberal or more modern christian views which can allow for accepting bisexuals, I think that's the wrong tree to be barking up. Because it's doomed to failure. The scriptures are clear about what they say. And they do not fancy gays, they do fancy slavery and other assorted nonsense and that's just what the bible is. In my advise, moving beyond the bible and christianity is where I think you need to be focused. If you desire a spiritual outlook, I'd look to Buddhism, or Advaita Vedanta, or some other place to find it. Because trying to keep one foot into christianity and Jesus think just isn't going to amount to anything other than you (1) struggling to find acceptance or (2) putting all your cards on liberal christian views that amount to a house of cards and can come crashing down in a moments notice leaving you leveled and barren emotionally. You say you're fed up, I hope that's true. Because you can do a lot better for yourself than pandering to a bunch of blind believers in the faith....
  2. Joshpantera


    The aside wasn't meant to derail, but it does open a rabbit hole of relevant links and pdf's all the way down the linked thread:
  3. Joshpantera

    How do Christians view God?

    There's some odd things going on with consciousness here in a NDE state. But what's clear to me is that this man completely projected what he thought god "ought" to look and sound like during his near death experience: This guy likely experienced something. But his experience is so colored with human preconceived projections (from christian mythology) that it's beyond obvious that he conjured up this experience in his own mind. And it was touching. And it brings tears to his eyes and he's flooded and overwhelmed with emotion. But he clearly did all of this to himself all the while.
  4. Joshpantera

    Meditation advice?

    I like Peter Russell's effortless meditation:
  5. Joshpantera

    Article on hell/gehenna

    That's a strong consideration.
  6. Joshpantera


    Just an aside, there's a whole wormhole about the issue of "chrestos" being changed to read, "christos." It looks like an older inscription meaning, "the good," was later changed to read as, "the christ." I just thought of that textual criticism wormhole when reading the above quote. It's possible that originally the whole idea was simply about being good, or a concept of a guy who was good and the "good" god. In any case, here's a link to info about the issue with citations to scholars who have broken into this issue:
  7. Joshpantera


    This isn't to sound harsh or hard edge, but the biggest consideration here is that everything you felt about purpose and meaning, and direction and end destinations, were things that were always squarely to do with your own mind and your experience of consciousness. This isn't to belittle any of that, though. You know the saying, "life is what you make it." I think the same is true with the way people believe in god. It's always been what you've made of it. You were inadvertently giving yourself purpose and direction on levels that may be subconscious, but doing it yourself all the same. God is a voice in your own mind. And if you can manage to identify this then you may be able to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak. Continue your life with the perception of direction and purpose, but do so from an awareness of who's really in charge, so to speak. So even to the extent that you may find yourself leaning towards atheism and agnostic views, it's not necessarily an "all or nothing," in terms of having to dump the deeper purpose feeling. You may encounter some atheists who would push you that way, but I'd be happy to join you in disagreeing with them if they do.
  8. Joshpantera

    Back in the Closet. Again.

    It can all start there. The doubting. The 'we're right the rest of the world is wrong' thing led me into some pretty heavy skepticism. And eventually into learning what the other religious actually teach, rather than straw men held by christians to knock down as foolish and second rate. Comparing religions in my christian school bible class was a joke. I didn't know what a straw man was back then, but what they were teaching in class amounts to some of the biggest straw men you've ever seen. Under the guise of open minded exploration of other beliefs. Odd times, very odd times back then.
  9. Joshpantera

    The Politcs of Christianity

    It's obvious once the blinders come off. And it's the natural flow of protestant reformation. Gaining the scriptures to read and make their own sense of led to all of this, everyone honing in on one aspect or another (while disregarding what ever doesn't gel) and claiming to have found the one and only truth, that the others are missing. The 19th century was full of people thinking they'd found some unique niche to insert themselves into. The chosen few, elect of god, the remnant of Israel, etc., etc. I grew up in SDAism based upon Daniel and Revelation interpretations. Florduh, apparently went off to study Revelation at the Moody Bible Institute. These exclusive claims of protestants are completely untenable, and if you spend a lot of time in Daniel and Revelation that can become increasingly obvious. I'm of the opinion that even though the "end times," and end of the world predictions have gone on for so long, I don't think they'll keep working as a carrot-on-a-stick indefinitely. Modern kooks have fixed so much investment into claims that hinge around modern Israel that their time will run out. As time goes on there seems to be more and more "none's" rising, and people who are not interested in religion. The power of afterlife rewards and punishments just isn't working that well anymore. I think in broad terms people are growing out of it here in the states and catching up to Europeans who have long since grown out of it already.
  10. Joshpantera

    Joe Rogan / Robert Schoch

    He discussed that in the pod cast. He did seismic readings back in the 90's and found a hallow under the left paw. And Egyptian politics have prevented it's investigation.
  11. Joshpantera

    The Politcs of Christianity

    But the blinders, though. Even the nice people are so blinded while they're "under the influence."
  12. Joshpantera

    Sex and Marriage: Bible Style!

    Not very good footing for biblical marriage. People are dense like that these days. No reason for the ten commandments to be associated with a modern courtroom in a secular nation, either......
  13. You should read disillusion's article. And rest easy in the fact that academic's have long since put together the evolution of satan and demons into a coherent lineage, showing exactly how human minds created these concepts. They were not created all intact from the outset. It took years and years of coming up with new concepts and combining them with older concepts, before anything like the story of fallen angels from heaven was eventually formulated in the myth making process. Many of us who study into religion around here are as certain that this is man made mythology with no literal basis in reality, as we can be certain of anything. And in my case, I bet life my life on this conclusion. Here's some suggested reading:
  14. Joshpantera


    That went through wrong, but satan being entirely man made isn't wrong.