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  1. @Robert_Tulip Pretty heavy content over these past 6 pages. Maybe this content ought to make it's way to booktalk.org and the astronomy forum for that matter.
  2. I grew up in the southern US. As south as the continental US gets, the Florida Keys. In the 70's. It was a blend of liberal sail boat hippies, drug runners, and conservative christians. My family was of course conservative adventist's. I remember getting NRA hats for presents. Everyone was republican in the family. But the churches were more split on the mainland, up in the Broward County area. I remember church members debating around about politics and there were a lot of democrats. I went to boarding academy in Orlando, which, had it's fair share of liberals in the church and s
  3. This is the final result of what essentially started up in the 80's with NWA and the, "fuck the police," sentiment. And the carried on into the 90's with Ice-T's, "Cop Killer." Have a listen to, "The Other White Meat." *Explicit Lyrics* There has been an unmistakable trend that started in the 80's with gansta rap, where criminal gang banger's who saw cops as an obstacle to their unobstructed crime sprees, wanted to shoot cops down. These cops are getting in the way of their crime. So they have to go. It has gained momentum through several generations n
  4. I was head long into a divorce around that time of 2015 and missed this article completely. I had gone very inactive on all forums for a while. I've read through and find it to be a nicely written and well comprehended piece. Having fought along side of Murdock against apologist's and naysayer's trying to smear her with intellectually dishonest book reviews on google and elsewhere, this Jenniferg person seems to actually get it. I can't tell you how many times apologist's would write book reviews without having read any of the content, let alone followed the citations that are pres
  5. I guess there's at least two pretty glaring take away's. One is that if true, life will pop up where ever it can pop up. Another is that life will transfer between planets - if that's the case and our upper atmosphere seeded life over to Venus somehow. It just seems to point towards the veracity of life which ever way it would have got there. The same with the prospects of life on moons below ice sheets and the other scenarios. If it's there, life must be pretty god dammed certain to pop up where it's possible for life to pop up. And pushing more towards mundane in the grand scheme, more so th
  6. The life and teachings of EG White. Contradictions and Plagiarism not withstanding:
  7. Now this one I have had considerable time going over in the past: https://mythodoxy.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/on-horus-and-the-twelve-motif/ What's wrong with it is that she carried along a claim made by Gerald Massey and other 19th century mythicists. Horus is certainly depicted in a way that describes the 12 hours of night and day. With 12 characters making the depiction. And I understand why Massey and others saw this as parallel to the 12 disciples. They just went too far saying that Horus had 12 disciples and framing the claim that way. There was no dra
  8. We have discussed this many times here over the years. This used to not be so well known prior to the last decade. But because of Murdock and others it has finally become a lot better known. What she means is that it's complete speculation to place the canonical gospels prior to the mid to late 2nd century, because they are not in the historical record by mention until that time frame. After Marcion's gospel came out. He brought forward a gospel which is very likely the blue print that would later become the book of Luke, and not copied the other way around. And he apparently discovered Paul's
  9. Welcome Clayton!!!! I do think the Gospels as we have them were written post Josephus and do utilize parts of the stories of some of the 20 odd different Jesus's mentioned in Josephus's historical writings. It's a little bit from this Jesus mentioned, a little bit from that Jesus mentioned. What Murdock used to refer to as an amalgamation of various parts of historical stories combined with popular pagan gods and motifs. Her position is that there's no one core to the onion. And I agree to this day. We don't have any solid historical Nazareth from the time of the early
  10. The video is helpful to illustrate how precession works. The main point here is that we know that astronomer priests existed and that religious festivals fell around the vernal equinox. I was just talking about his recently, how passover is specifically placed based on the sun crossing the vernal equinox, and then the first full moon thereafter. Then the Friday following. That's good Friday, Passover and Easter. It's been astrotheological all along. So another thing that is important here is that the annual year consists of a cycle going month to month, BEGINNING in Aries and ENDI
  11. All good points, buddy. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I realize that there exist's racism in the world. It's just that I've watched it digress my entire life time. And don't believe what the liberal media is pushing about racism. That's all. It doesn't have to be any bigger a deal than that.
  12. I'm not aware of that. I am aware of Trump saying that cartels and criminals who cross the border from Mexico to the US are documented raping and carrying out crime. Of course fear factor is what it's aimed at, so while glossing over the actual context of whatever was said, your point is correct about fear as a driving force for political coercion. In this exchange I know that both Dave and I, at least, have asked several people what they expect to find as a level playing field. What playing field are they discussing? Equal rights stands at this point. No one has shown ot
  13. This is extremely interesting, Robert. I know how much contributing information goes into the precession analysis, but it's all so very well summarized in the simplicity of the Chi Rho cross image: "The major Christian symbol the Chi Rho Cross, shown here and in the star map above, is primary evidence for the precession hypothesis, showing how natural cosmology was used and then suppressed in the origins of Christianity. The arms of the Greek letter Chi (X) match the observable heavenly circles formed by the path of the sun and the equator, while the Rho (P) matches the line of st
  14. Yes, there's no way that I know of that we can find hard data on people being pulled over for minor traffic violations. Which is why I said before that I "assume" more white's, by default, are probably pulled over for minor traffic violations. Just because of the differences in population, like with the police shootings data. So the situation, objectively, is that we know more white people are shot by police than black people, according to the difference in population numbers between white and black. The same is likely true of minor traffic violations. I'm framing this without an
  15. While the above may sound like a heated response, I realize that actually isn't all that heated. Since you and I have discussed this already between ourselves, I may as well translate some of that back into the public forum. Just so people reading along have the opportunity to understand that we're friends and this isn't going in a bad direction or anything like that. Weezer didn't expand very well on what he meant by saying that white people are not getting pulled over minor traffic violations and white people are not getting shot by police. It was an emotional based post that ou
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