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  1. Joshpantera

    Would you ask God for a sign and why

    Just speak the magic words, "I am all that ever was, is, or will ever be! Penis, hence forth double in size! I am commands it!" Then follow up with: "And the word was made flesh!!!" How do you think the rest of us got so big and tough? Just say the magic chant....
  2. Joshpantera

    God of the bible is not a scientist

    You'd better toughen up, boy!!!! 😂
  3. Joshpantera

    2018 4th Hottest on record, Hottest for NZ

    So then, "what happens at the pole, stays at the pole," won't work as an excuse anymore?
  4. Maybe the Nun's should consider crossing over to, "none's."
  5. Surprise again everyone!
  6. Joshpantera


    Are you going to tell us the reason you don't just lay it out? I have a pretty good idea. I think you don't lay it out because it's a terrible trap for you to walk into. Whatever interpretation you choose, or even make up as you go along, will fail miserably. I've tested my own claim here against countless christian posters and apologists. I've gone into all variety of people trying to present something even remotely valid. Old earth, young earth, literal, symbolic, new agey, all kinds of apologetics. They all get worse and worse as they go along. So I'm 99.9% confident that no matter what path you choose to take, you'll fail in the process of trying to substantiate the creation account(s). And BTW, dodging the question only keeps you in the losing seat. There's only one way out of this, and that's to substantiate the creation account(s). Good luck with which ever choice you make. Either way, readers can gain a lot of experience and wisdom by following our exchanges here.
  7. Here's some commentary on that general sentiment:
  8. Joshpantera

    Been Lurkin'

    Welcome godisthedice. Just wade in according to what you think you can bare. It'll be ok.
  9. Joshpantera

    Given your options

    Not exactly. Lurking is more like it.
  10. Joshpantera


    Well if you're this interested in going further, then would you go ahead and lay out the 6 days of creation according to your own interpretation, or that which you subscribe to. Let's take a look at it and see what it is that YOU are claiming. Setting aside these other christian interpretations that you don't seem to subscribe to. Just lay it out starting with Genesis 1:1 and go through each of the days interpreting what they mean.
  11. Joshpantera

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    Hello entimesmessages, welcome to ex-C. I'm not sure if you realize where you're posting, but this is an ex christian community. Not entirely a private club, but we do not allow people to post evangelizing messages all over the boards here. We have this sub forum called the Lion's Den where christians are free to post evangelizing messages about the bible and theology. And members are free to critique, analyze and dispute the evangelizing. So feel free to say what you'd like to say, in this sub forum. Others will no doubt want to question you about what you have to say about the bible, fair warning. Any evangelizing posts made outside of the Lion's Den forum will be moved back here. Thanks.
  12. NASA has found a second potential crater in Greenland:
  13. Joshpantera

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    Yeah, she took a 'tip toe through the tulips' with a bible basket. Picking and choosing this and that from the OT, while grasping at the occasional imaginary butterfly as she strolled down the path.....
  14. Joshpantera

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    Which, then leads to SDAism proselytizing. And using veggie bacon. Going to church on the jewish sabbath. But then still stopping short of observing all the OT rules. Just picking and choosing a few and disregarding the rest again.