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  1. No, they don't have that kind of power. They are trying to go after power. My assumption is that they'll fail. But what's going on is that elected officials in the democratic party are pandering to BLM. Like Biden. He's pretty far gone and it's obvious. If he puts a black female as VP, who is strongly on board with BLM, that presents the potential for more power. At this point I expect that whoever is chosen as Biden's VP is being strategically placed to take over. Shoe horn whoever they actually want to lead with a big name who's clearly failing mentally. All things to watch and consider. He's very open himself about jumping on bandwagons. And endorses BLM. And has been toying around with trying to pick up Sanders progessive (regressive in most cases) voters. I agree with Dis about all the fear mongering. Certainly conservatives are spreading fear mongering about the above the possibility. And about BLM claiming marxism. And the connections between BLM and antifa, and all of it. I'm not too worried about it. I doubt they'll win. And if they win, they'll be under tremendous scrutiny every step of the way. Possibly pulled right back out of power if they do manage to get there. My perspective isn't from the fear perspective of marxists. I see it as doomed to failure regardless of how orthodox or unorthodox their marxist claims turn out to be. I also see the general public getting tired of radicals taking the spotlight and trying to run government. Real marxists, fake marxists, it makes little difference. Either way, the agenda is flat out ridiculous to a free society.
  2. Someone had given me this finer tuned political quiz. Where there's another option of how important the question is to you. The results did vary from the last political quiz we had going around a few years ago. That one had me left of center, this more specific quiz has me right of center: https://www.gotoquiz.com/politics/political-spectrum-quiz.html Your Compass: You are a center-right social libertarian. Right: 1.06, Libertarian: 5.23 Foreign Policy: On the left side are pacifists and anti-war activists. On the right side are those who want a strong military that intervenes around the world. You scored: 2.21 click image to save ⤴ Culture: Where are you in the culture war? On the liberal side, or the conservative side? This scale may apply more to the US than other countries. You scored: -2.33
  3. I know, its astounding. The old 2016 article that you've linked above had no clue what would unfold in the left following the 2016 election. It was all about calling Trump stupid and making fun of the right. Then the left goes and tops it all over the course of the next 4 years. Neither Mike Judge nor the author of the article consulting Judge in 2016 could have guessed that by 2020 we'd be seeing left wing, self proclaimed marxist's, tearing down confederate statues and then double backing and tearing down union statues of the very people who defeated the confederacy. That brings a "cherry on top," so to speak, of the idiocy in politics that they were critiquing after the 2016 election. It got worse!!! "Dumb, and Dumber" Where the right is dumb, the left has become even dumber. What's surprising is that the left has generally represented intellectualism. That's changed now tremendously. It's become pseudo intellectual by and large. And in worst examples, well, anti-intellectual it would seem. The gender issues, the perversion of science for subjective based political ideology, the push for trans-athlete's to brutalize natural born females in sports, etc.,etc. It's unbelievable that it's come down to this. As technology has been increasing. Stupidity is somehow riding along side of the advancement of technology and science instead of slowly dissolving into a well informed, well thought, and well understood society of non radical, centrist type people. Anyways, this is but one example of why the past matters. Even to the extent of our contemporary blip in future historical records. The early 21th century will probably look like a massive down turn in social progress through regressive efforts gone extreme. I can imagine people looking back on us now in the way that we look back on something like prohibition. A dark time of senseless social policing and virtue signaling. I expect the same general results now. It will have to fold under it's own weight eventually because these radical censorship views are too nonsensical to be allowed to continue very much further by the greater population......
  4. Nor did I say that you said or believed these things. You never said that, and I never said that you said that. What you did is try and compare accusations of Trump with accusation against the left and BLM, and I commented that the two don't compare. Because Trump doesn't profess these accusation while a group like BLM does public profess such things. It is an accessory point. Agreed. That should clear up the first point. This is odd logic. Of course anyone can say anything. But when someone takes on christianity as their worldview and professes it, but then adds to it that they also believe in something like evolution, well, they've added that to an old belief system that didn't have it originally. Yet they're still christian. They believe in the "sin and redemption" narrative in their own ways. Regardless of adding their evolution beliefs into it. Same with these social marxists. They've added to marx. They've switched around class or race. But they still believe in the "oppressed versus oppressor" narrative. So they make of marxism what they want of it. Just like a christian like say, Justus, makes of christianity what he want's to make of it. Very similar. And the bible is based in special creation. That doesn't mean that supernatural guided evolution beliefs haven't crept in. In the mid to late 19th century the pressing issue do to with oppression was a class issue. That's changed somewhat. Now it's become more of a race issue in their minds. So they've changed the focus. While still keeping to the oppressed versus oppressor narrative. The social marxist's stand against individual and personal freedom and liberty. Free speech, free expression, etc., etc., are suppressed and should be suppressed in their views. They are acting opposite of the standing constitutional republic. And they have become something of an infestation within the democratic party, of angry, not so well thought out enemies of the freedom that our constitutional republic represents. They started coming out more and more as they grew in number, much like a colony of roaches coming out in to the light. The infestation of "anti-American" anarchists, is all fine and well from their own perspective. They're right, everyone else is wrong. But they're living within a constitutional republic that doesn't gel with their own agenda's. So they want to topple the republic, by their own admissions, based largely on their own personal interpretations of Karl Marx. One might compare them to a growing infestation of nazi's in mid 20th century Germany. A political infestation that grew out of control. Till it was finally exterminated down to obscurity. They are free to try and do it, actually. But they are also subject to the blow back that is coming from them trying. Me calling them roaches. Militia men and average citizens shooting them down for self defense reasons. The government arresting them and putting them in prison. And possibly the DNC having to purge them out of the party into obscurity. To be honest, they belong as a third party political effort. In line with the libertarian, Green, or similar. Not in either one of the two dominant parties. This is one of the many burdens of Biden......
  5. Oh, so the manipulation changes tides and now the polls start reading like this: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1305342/Trump-news-Donald-Trump-US-election-2020-latest-Black-Lives-Matter
  6. In other words, again, they are into some type of idiocy. Yearning for their very own left bent version of an "idiocracy," of sorts.
  7. What we do not have, I repeat again, what we do NOT have, is a video of Trump professing with pride to be a "trained facist, neo-nazi, dictator," or expressing a goal to take down the entire American system in order to replace it. We have nothing remotely close. He hasn't professed any of these things. This does not compare at all. It's not as if we have nothing to go by other than subjective based allegations that may or may not have any basis in objective reality when looking at what's happening in the US with this marxist based movement infiltrating our left wing of politics. We all see it plain and clear, it's entered the realm of objective fact and objective reality, whereas in the past it was more the case of subjective speculation. But as it turned out, the subjective speculation turned out to be accurate in this case via open professing of such. You know how when roaches appear in a house it's because the infestation has grown so large in the darkness and shadows, that the roaches become emboldened and start to show themselves in the light. They are bold and they start coming out of the shadows. This is what has happened now with marxism based ideology in our left wing of politics. The roaches / marxists have come out. They're bold and proud of their marxism and they're owning it and claiming it now on national media. Destroying the past in a way consistent with an agenda to wipe of western history and civilization and change it. The patriots of the left wing are now faced with a situation that needs addressed. Before the voting public. Months before our national elections. Actually, it does in both cases. Just professing to be a christian, makes one a christian, regardless of what someone who disagrees with their version of christianity thinks about it. You should know this all too well. I need not continue..... Ditto, again, regarding christaintiy. No one can get away with coming here to us and claiming that any of us were never really christians, simply because our version of christianity 'picks and chooses,' it's way through the bible. Or changes what is written in the bible. These people are social marxists by addmission: https://mises.org/wire/what-cultural-marxism Being a watered down version of a christian, a liberal christian or whatever, is still a christian. Believes in jesus but not hell, still some type of christian. Based on christianity. Trained in christianity for whatever it's worth. The orthodox may disagree, but so what? And so is someone who claims to be a nazi or a marxist for that matter. They may pick and choose, and they do. They reinterpret the original writings. But so what? Who has the right to determine that they are not "real christians," "real naxis," "real marxists, or hell, even "real atheists," for that matter? Well that just depends on what qualifies anything as authentic. Like in the above examples. Let's just say for the sake of argument, that these are "mistaken marxists." Who claim it, but are not it. They must be very dense in some specific way, self ignorant, unaware, stupid, and rather idiotic? What else could they be if they are that far mistaken about who and what they are in the first place? And what of the elected politician who SUPPORT them??? Equally dumb??? The article was on pretty poor footing via trying to claim they're not marxist because of the class issue. It didn't debunk the leaders claiming to be trained marxists. They are making of marxism what they want to make of it, right now, in 2020, as they deem fit. That's what's going on. They cite Marx for their ideas. Again, this is like me claiming that a Calvinist is not really a christian because freewill goes out the window, and therefore they are not real christians. Or we kept the Sabbath, someone else did not, the 10 commandments say to keep the Jewish Sabbath, so they are not 'real christians.' The BLM and others are interpreting 19th century political propaganda in their own ways and running with it. Interpreting it according to our contemporary concerns with race instead of just class, etc. etc. Like an old earth creationist reinterpreting Genesis which clearly lays out a young earth creation by the plain reading of the texts. Regardless, some christian's will diverge and reinterpret according to their own purposes. And if Karl Marx were alive to today, he'd probably be at the forefront of all of it!!! On board with the racism over classism and adjusting to the time and jumping on the contemporary conflict bandwagon. Why wouldn't he? He was entitled little shit like so many of these kids out there protesting. Yeah, it's working. The general idea of burning down the system in order to rebuilt it their way, 'is' their interpretation of the struggle of oppression starting in Marx's time. It's pretty clear. And it's supported by many elected politicians. If they are marxist, that doesn't bode well. If they are that far mistaken, that doesn't bode well either for the elected officials siding with this nonsense. They should be far away from it, shouldn't they?
  8. I don't fault you for trying to reason through it this way. It would make sense IF it were based on speculation about their intent. But it's not based on speculation of their intent. It's based on what you've hopefully watched and read above. Disrupting the system doesn't automatically equal marxism. But professing marxism while disrupting the system and threatening to bring the system down does constitute the very thing being professed. And isn't just simple fear mongering. It's straightforward "oppression olympics" narrative which has latched on to some of the liberal education interests in Karl Marx and idolizing his political philosophies. They felt oppressed, Karl Marx seemed to be the answer coming from academia. Thomas Sowell admits the same. When he was young he went looking for information on oppression, and says that Karl Marx was basically the only thing that addressed it. So he became something of a Marxist. Until he eventually thought his way out of it. He became one of the most popular black conservatives in the US. After realizing the problems with taking a Marxist direction. It's not surprising at all that the same general thing has happened to these young men and women. And they're proud of it. They want everyone to know what they believe and there's no "closet" about any of it. It's very much in the open.
  9. How's the founder's of the BLM movement? 5:15 forward So I agree that this is a minority among the left, but it is using the democratic party as a host to try and obtain power and influence. As I said earlier, no doubt there more patriots among the democratic party then there are open marxist's. So they will have to take control of this "in house" issue and deal with it according to their majority rule. I don't think it was as obvious to everyone before recently. But it's becoming more and more obvious now as we head towards the election. All very true. Except for this important factor that you've missed. This isn't mislabeled. It's an open admission that guilt's a variety of people across the board by association. This is more than just people mislabeling republican's as nazi's and democrats as marxists, we've entered the arena of seeing the real thing and hearing it from the horses mouth... Now when Biden is speaking favorably of something like BLM, there is guilt by association involved in the eyes of the voting public!!!! If the majority is against this, as we both seem to think, then it only stems to reason that distancing away from this open marxist ideology which is responsible for a good portion of the riots, looting, desecration of public statues, and calls to defund the police, among others, makes sense. Doesn't it? Or am I missing something? This doesn't look good for any pro-BLM politicians running for office at any level, actually.
  10. The leaders of BLM have come out and said that they're Marxist's. It's out in the open. Pretty much. Although a lot of them do know what this is. And I would like to think that those from the DNC who are patriots will oppose this and do what must be done to purge the party of this anti-American parasite that has been using the DNC as it's host!!!!!!! Very keen and observant, again. Yes and yes. Militia men are right on top of this watching closely from all around the country. Remember several years back when gun control was all the rage? This is possibly why. This has been a long time coming. And they'll likely go down in history just like the confederacy, as a failed attempt at fighting the US from within. Depending on the results, we could potentially see a physical rather than intellectual civil war unfold again. Only not so cut and dry with a clean line separating north and south. It would be more of a fight within every state among their own....
  11. That's the issue in a nut shell. We're a nation who emotionally acted out against the crown and set ourselves up with liberty and independence. With force. Tons of emotion went into it. As well as a great deal of logic. Emotion + logic = United States of America. Now we face a social marxist movement bent on degrading personal freedom in the US. Through a series of ways. Through emotion, devoid of a strong logical platform. Subjective right on through with very little in the way of objectivity. Facts and logic are tossed aside as people move from taking down confederate statues, to taking down the statues of the very people who defeated the confederacy and freed the slaves!!! That's because this wasn't about just taking down confederate statues, it's about attempting to strip down the history of western civilization in general, all of it. And pretty far back. The fact that stripping down the statue of the general who defeated the confederacy is extremely ill logical for an anti-slavery group, is lost on these folks. Because they don't care who did what in actuality. They're just anarchists that want to tear it all down with no logical platform for doing so, based on historical significance. The only logic seems to be coming from the top of groups like BLM who have openly claimed themselves as marxists. That's who appears to be calling a lot of the shots. The sheeple are sheeple as usual. Yes, that's exactly what has happened here. The only point seems to be stripping down western civilization down it's roots, basically. No matter who did what, no matter who saved whom, no matter what any of the 'facts' of history are. It's mindless anarchy on the front lines. Stupidity, ignorance, lack of intelligence, dim wit, etc., etc. A group of raving idiots seeking power and authority through destruction. That's entirely true. Good thing we're not talking about labeling people that we simply don't agree with as being idiots, just for the sake of disagreeing with them alone with no other basis. Luckily we're talking about 'demonstrable idiocy' in objective ways. Making for clear and precise objections to their positions. A basis of logic and objectivity paired with emotion behind the counter attack. I think we have it handled pretty well down here as far as calling it what it is. Next we'll be figuring out how to handle the issue over the long haul. But nationwide, a great deal of citizens seem to understanding the blatant idiocy involved in the movement.
  12. Not just that, Paul would have been around before Mark either way. With the interpolation extending out beyond that. So it would be a situation where whoever Paul was saw it as limited gifts, and then much later the mystery writer later assigned the name "Mark" changed it up and exaggerated the original thought. Through his fictional writing about this jesus character. Supposed events > Paul's writing > the first gospels > interpolations added to the gospels A contradiction, but a contradiction between what appears to be fictional writers. Where the latter writer became much more grandiose in retelling older myths. And then more writers came in behind him and continued adding more and more grandiose and supernatural content. With John being the latest and most grandiose of the former three gospels and Paul.
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