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  1. Joshpantera

    US climate report

    Thanks. I scrolled through. There is mention of the natural factors involved in climate change, as I've cited above. In edition volcanic and other contributing factors as well. And comparisons between natural warming periods, and man made warming. The differences being time scales. Man made happening faster than not man made climate change. But, none of this has to do with my question what does any of that mean to the Florida Peninsula? How does fixing man made global warming stop the sea levels from rising or falling for natural, non-made reasons like they've always done before in the past. The IPCC says if we don't do X (lessen emissions, lets say) then Y (sea level rise) will be the result. But what I'm saying is that even if we do X then Y will still necessarily happen anyways for natural reasons despite X. Because the coastlines have never been static according to science. Likewise, there's no hint from science that coastlines will remain static going forward. The truth seems to be that the best we can possibly do is make X happen, which, serves no other benefit than prolonging Y. Because stopping Y from ever happening again isn't even possible. This is where Florida is concerned. It's sketchy and dishonest to point to sea level rise as a reason for carbon taxing or any similar monetary governmental attempt at conservation using scare tactics of, 'if we don't do X then Y will happen,' if Y is not even stoppable to begin with. So far I don't hear anyone talking about this, not NOAA, not the IPCC. In other words, the big picture based on the facts and the truth are not being discussed at all. In favor of obscuring the big picture while asking for money. At the end of the day, coastal living will have to change and adapt regardless of anything we do. "Whole Civilizations Will Be Lost," says the IPCC. Well if that's scary, that's also unchangeable. The government can not fix that. It's not possible for them to fix that. We have shark teeth fossils in the middle of the state on the bottom of fresh water spring runs. We pull them out all the time. They date to when the state was covered with water during natural warm periods. And dry land now was previously shallow underwater reefs during natural warm periods in history. Even up on the central ridge are found sharks teeth in it's freshwater rivers. The state was covered with water. Given another set of similar natural circumstances which are cycle in nature (so expected to repeat eventually) how can we not expect the same to happen again someday? What about the future generations? Will they be looking at having to adapt and move around to new locations regardless of anything at all that we do or don't do now? And does that even constitute the claim, "whole civilizations lost." Or just whole civilizations relocated, slowly, over time, and necessarily so, regardless of anything at all that we do.
  2. Joshpantera

    US climate report

    This gives a view of the elevation of the central ridge. Sea level rise would happen in small, slow stages leading to the lowest areas being covered first, as below: So, again, the deal is, who knows how to stop the natural glaciation cycles which happen because of the earth wobbling on it's axis and all of the other factors so that natural climate change can never happen anymore? Citation: Let's create a hypothetical where everyone gets on board, all climate change deniers or opponents of any type are completely silenced. They no longer exist. Climate Change activists are granted their complete, and total way and control with no limit on government money and / or spending for their cause. So now what? Where does that put the Florida Peninsula after having accomplished this political feat? A ) Is it now impossible for the sea levels to ever rise again to where we already know (through graphic fossil records) that they naturally rose to in the past between glaciation cycles? B ) Has anyone accomplished, through these political efforts and financial abilities, keeping future generations of Floridians from having to move, slowly, further back from the existing contemporary coastlines of today due to natural and ongoing climate change? Two questions for now. Any takers?
  3. Joshpantera

    “America’s New Religions”

    This is true. And bizarre. I guess it's just part of christianity going on for this long. These people probably equate christian with good, so they're christian. The details they are blind to, as long as they're in the good camp, or the "correct" camp. The Egyptian religion of resurrection went on for some 2,000 years and by the tail end of it, the myths were extremely hybridized with Greek and other cultures. The originals were washing out over time. Eventually it became irrelevant for the most part, even though some people in esoteric circles kept it alive on small scale within secret societies and what not. I look at that and wonder if christianity will repeat the same basic pattern, because it's just a religion the popped up at the end of the Egyptian religions popular periods and took the resurrection aspect and ran with it. 2,000 years later, it doesn't look a whole lot different in comparison to the Egyptian religion in terms of washing out via 'anything goes' regardless of the original formats. Disregarding what the bible even says in the first place looks like a religion well beyond peaked, and now on steady decline. The political cults entering the picture during this decline.
  4. Joshpantera

    Why did she broke up with me in such a cruel and bad way?

    Use the 80's, learn from the 80's....
  5. Joshpantera

    Why did she broke up with me in such a cruel and bad way?

    I think she's a very manipulative personality, Someone123. Not very uncommon, not very uncommon for christians. It's a double whammy in your case, naturally manipulative + christian manipulation. Do you want to live like that? Is that the way someone who loves you behaves? Manipulating you left and right to their own perceived advantage? These are questions you really ought to tackle, buddy. But you'll do what you do. If it doesn't work you'll be divorced. So ultimately it is what it is. But at this point in time you have the advantage of being able to avoid the inevitable if you so choose. It's a risk either way. What if it works out? What if it doesn't work out? Both are risks. But it seems that with this level of manipulation the risk of it not working out (especially when she's already dumped you once at this point) seems the more likely scenario given the information and circumstances I'm reading here. Plus, we're hear to encourage ex christians. This manipulative christian girl doesn't strike me as someone you should be encouraged, in good conscience, to continue chasing around. And that's my bottom line take on it.
  6. Joshpantera

    US climate report

    Just think about that for a moment, climate + change. There's zero, absolutely zero chance that the climate will not change. Even if we could stop all carbon emissions, the climate will change. No matter what we do, aside from developing technology to manipulate climate according to our fancy, the climate will never cease to change. The sea levels will never remain static. The earths precession will never stop wobbling, never stop driving the glaciation cycles - as long as the earth keeps spinning and wobbling on it's axis. Florida has been a chain of Islands, underwater reefs, and dry land all the way to the edge of the continental shelf in the gulf of Mexico. These changes in climate and sea levels can't possibly stop. Unless we specifically develop technology that allows us to have full and complete control of the climate, like a thermostat in our homes. To turn up or down according to our liking. Short of that, climate change is always on the table. The IPCC recently had propaganda circulating on the weather channel. Concerning sea level rise and the soon end to entire civilizations. It's their job and purpose to try and push people through fear, for the benefit of whatever monetary angles they are pushing for. Carefully dancing around the fact of how long it would take for all existing polar caps to melt. How long these respective civilizations would have to move slowly, inch by inch, as necessary. Or how little of the worlds total land mass would be underwater even in the most extreme case scenario, total loss of all existing polar ice. But the worst case scenario probably and most likely isn't even the cards. Not even close. Especially not when we're currently documenting both cooling and warming trends as described in the article I posted with citation to the scientific speeches. With Pacific and Atlantic variations as the sources causes for both the warming and cooling as described therein. And if the cooling trends becomes the dominant climate trend feature (as they seem to be alleging), then it's the gaining of land mass that we'd be facing not the loss of low lying coastal areas. The whole scenario would be turning around 180 degrees the opposite direction.
  7. Joshpantera

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    "In the beginning..."
  8. Joshpantera

    500 Welders, Electricians, Plumbers needed NOW

    Mike Rowe has been pushing this 'trade' consciousness thing pretty strongly:
  9. Joshpantera

    US climate report

    The games changing up a bit with the formation of the NIPCC and the climate "realists." Hopefully that does something to temper the sensationalism of the IPCC. There needs to be some type of balance when it comes to data interpretation and who's "adjusting" numbers and for what reasons. And the cooling trends are interesting because if they actually become dominant in all of this then we may see the whole climate change panic go the way of the O-Zone layer theatrics of the late 80's.
  10. Joshpantera


    Welcome to ex-C! The down trodden nature of christian dogma can be very damaging. It puts ideas in peoples heads that they are the "dung" of the earth, lowly, groveling around on their knees unworthy. When you face off with the fact that this is a remnant of old bronze age mythology retold, reworked and refashioned many times over, the lowly attitude sort of falls into place. It's just a product of it's ancient times and clearly has little relevance today, aside from people clinging on to it and not letting it fall off. We're just an online community and offer support and encouragement. If you feel the need to seek professional help we support that and encourage you to do just that. You need to do the best you can do to get over the damages done by your respective faith and church. And yes, many people here have been damaged in similar ways and have sought professional help to try and grow past all of it.
  11. Joshpantera

    US climate report <snipped from article>
  12. Joshpantera

    Finally done with giving Christianity a chance

    That's true, but I don't want to be a bad influence. 😂
  13. Joshpantera

    I'm back again

    Welcome back! Agreed, nothing compelling to me either. Not about any of it. These are mainly ripped off mythological concepts, hijacked and presented as if they are originals. If they're not compelling in their pagan forms (death, resurrection, heavens, hell, etc.) I have wonder why they'd be any more compelling in their christian form?
  14. Joshpantera

    Make contribution by check??

    @SkipNChurch Let's ask Skip about that.
  15. Joshpantera

    Are atheists happy

    I know a lot of christians who fit this bill. And some atheists. In fact, a lot of my christian school teachers and preachers were just like this. So it's a human being type of selfishness gene more than a religious or non-religious issue. No matter how you try and spin it to yourself, I'm sure you must realize, at least deep down, that fear of hell is always a driving force. Whether or not obedience ought to be from fear or love, the myth is giving you a clear cut choice - love god or burn in hell. It's very cut and dry. The looming question being, how loving is it to present someone with a choice like that?