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  1. It's not so cut and dry. Magick is closely tied to your own consciousness and sub conscious mind. I don't know if you broke into all the threads midnite and I have going about magick and it's relation to the persons consciousness and sub conscious mind in the spirituality section. Scientific study of magick and that sort of thing. So when you think that you know of a gods existence because of spells that worked, you don't actually know that. The stronger bet may be that it's been you yourself making it work. And has nothing to do with any gods or goddesses carrying out wishes or commands. But that's a talk for the spirituality section. Lot's of links, videos and citation there concerning these sorts of magick issues. And explanations that are lesser known. And this part goes towards some of the debate forum discussions as of lately. "Know" is a foggy word around here, as it turns out. By "know" you seem to mean having certain, firm, concrete and truth oriented knowledge about the existence or non-existence of god. As is the case with the context of most god related, gnostic or agnostic claims. Meaning specifically, knowing or not-knowing whether a god exists in terms of certainty. Not knowing in some other way, or figuratively or something else. So if we set aside any out of context meanings of the words know or knowledge, the yes, no one "knows" absolutely if there is or isn't a god. You're correct and these are common thoughts to have. And that's also a big point here. No one does. And atheism isn't so much about "knowing" that god doesn't exist. It's about lacking the positive belief, which, is common with both atheists and agnostics. Neither have absolute knowledge of whether or not a god exists. I questioned gods existence. I entertained the possibility that it may not be true. Even though I was raised believing what I was told about god absolutely existing. There were things that weren't adding up. My pastors couldn't hold a good strong argument when challenged. And finally the mythological nature of the bible started starring me in the face. I stopped believing it. It no longer made any sense to believe it. To be honest, it would be nice to think it's all true. And that despite anything I've done, I'm still loved and favored by a supernatural deity watching over me all the time. But I can't go backwards. I'd be pretending and fooling myself if I tried. I just don't believe and can't believe it any more. If some being suddenly appeared in front of my face and everyone else could see it too, I'd wonder what in the world this alien being is doing here on earth? You know why? Because anything that could appear in front of us and that we could look at as fixed object would be a "finite" object that it's possible to look at. An advanced life form of some type, not an infinite and eternal god, which, by definition would be beyond viewing directly. God as some absolute reality, gets caught up in the whole span of existence itself. With a presence all over, everywhere - omnipresent. The whole universe and beyond. What most people do is think of a finite representation of something that they claim to believe is beyond any finite representation. It's way of thinking about or imagining something that would have to be completely beyond thinking about or imagining. Because it's infinite and eternal. In the end, a god as something infinite and eternal places it as existence itself. Whole and totality oriented. Which then brings it close to home because we are existing beings. Whatever is infinite and eternal IS us. We a part of it and it is the totality that we actually are in reality, at the base of everything. I'm not afraid of that. Nor should you be either. It's our own inner essence and existence. Everything else is just politically motivated mythological stories. Which can't really do anything for anyone aside from take them down a rabbit hole or path leading to where I just took you now. If they look into it far enough. Once you grasp the infinite and eternal god as the totality, you're there. You've arrived. And then everything starts falling into place. These questions about the existence of god can take on a different perspective entirely. When you travel outside of the box christianity had you placed in. It's set up a series of contradictions about a god. None of which are resolved easily. And lead to confusion. Such as the question you're asking. But it's possible to look beyond all of that.
  2. We did personality tests a while back for fun. You're among many introverts! INTJ's and INFJ's and similar variations. Chin up!!!!!
  3. I'll add that good people will worship the good aspect of a god, while assholes will worship the bad aspect of the same god!!! Because the god is presented in ways that are both good and bad for people. Bringing it back around to the loving god treating women as inferior through his, "inspired" staff......
  4. Agreed on knowledge as the most likely effective cure. The rest is just a hypothetical about possible curve balls like this running wild. Things could change very fast. Much faster than anything expected given an odd set of circumstances. I guess that possibility just became more real and up front in my mind recently due to this pandemic. They arrested a mega church preacher the other day in the Tampa area. He was telling people things like no one who attends services will get the virus. The Sheriff came down hard on it. I'd say that the religious people do seem more religious right now due to the pandemic. But of course these churches are mostly made up of older folks who are inclined to grasp towards religion during hard times. With a con man at the helm trying to exploit the situation for monetary gain.
  5. This is just a hypothetical. What's your take here, End? Does it look like revelation being fulfilled in your opinion?
  6. And he's not at an age where the stress and magnitude of being president is as pressing a concern as I think it would be with Sanders and Biden. They'd have to endure an absolute shit storm of constant attack from conservatives after everything that's happened recently. Eager to pay back liberals 10 fold for what has happened with Trump. Any skeleton's in any closets being laid bare. Impeachment trials from the outset, I'm sure. The stage has been set for a savage pay back when the next liberal president takes office. Whether that's now or in another 4 years. The natives are restless. Maybe Cuomo would be better suited to go into this fight.
  7. Christians, it has occur'd to me that if things don't turn around it's possible that a lot of Boomer's and previous generations will die from coronavirus. How many is anyone's guess at this point. But take a look at the links below of statistics concerning the boomer and earlier generations and theism, and christianity in particular: https://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/generational-cohort/baby-boomer/ https://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/generational-cohort/ It's possible that something like a global pandemic could make a near clean sweep of christianity in the US and abroad by taking out the remaining generations that still favor christianity. But you probably not only know that, but expect it. Don't you? In terms of christianity being wiped down to a small minority as the end draws near. For you folks this looks like prophecy being fulfilled. But that's been the case for every plague or pandemic so far. It's always biblical, it's always the end drawing near. Except it never is, regardless of what people think or how they try and interpret it. It could spell the 'end times' of a dominant or majority christianity in the US and elsewhere, I'll hand you that. By happenstance, of course. But at the same time it may not even go that far. We could get this thing stopped sooner than expected and reverse the trends. I just find it interesting how christians try to rush to impose fixed interpretations on happenstance events. Always failing, but always trying again and again as the opportunity arises. And blind to every previous failure as they do it over and over again. Opinions?
  8. God is well known for reigning disease and death on the earth in the bible. The book of revleation not withstanding. Many christians believe they are living in or near the "end times." Times which predict things like global pandemic at gods order. And on social media people are commenting in that direction. This would be a go to for priests, I'm sure. The catch is that this has been a go to for centuries, every time some plague or sickness hits. And time and time again, it isn't the end times. The end times have been a carrot-on-a-stick traditionally and this doesn't look to be any different. As to why a good god would do any of this? That's a contradiction that priests and leaders have been straddling for centuries now. At least since ancient Greece when the philosopher's proposed such questions. Regardless of the contradiction or impossible situation, people carry on nevertheless making nonsensical claims about an all good god, who, coincidently, isn't "all" good........
  9. At this point with the virus running through politicians, celebs, and musicians, Sanders, Biden, and Pelosi could potentially get it. As could Trump or any of them. This is a real curve ball. It's almost as if we have to stand by and see who's alive come election time......
  10. Yes! Our experience down here is a unique one compared to most places. And doesn't it seem like the hoarding and panic ramp'd up a whole lot after the some 12 year run of no direct hits where people got lazy about preparing? Once it got real again the hoarding went off the charts. And then extended into the behaviors we're seeing now. I don't know if it checks out factually, but it seems that hoarding in general has hit an all time high.
  11. In another thread we're looking at William Lane Craig's failures while claiming that science has proven that the universe had a fixed beginning. Science hasn't proven any such thing. Hawking and Penrose set out to try and establish something like with their singularity theory, but it was falsified in the 90's. As it stands, there's no fixed beginning for the universe according to science. There's always something rather than nothing.
  12. Yeah, guitar center is a bad choice right now. I don't see myself going into any guitar center and touching germ infected instruments at this time...... As for the christian's, idiots as usual. What else do we expect?
  13. Where is the citation for the currently held data on a positive cosmological constant? And why would that be questionable to Hawking aside from a personal bias drawing him towards holding ground on the 1970 theory as still valid? Hawking is known for personal bias. Remember the black hole fiasco? He seemed more stubborn to admit when he's wrong or likely wrong, than Penrose apparently is.
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