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    I'm a 30-year deconvert as of 2021. I've gone off exploring a lot of science, religion, philosophy, biblical criticism, archaeology, eastern mystical content, and comparative mythology, religion, and esoteric content. I'm atheistic about gods and mythology with a pantheistic spiritual side about nature and the cosmos.

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  1. Next up Ida!!!


    Central gulf coast will be seeing bigger surf this go around as the storm grows to cat 1,2,3,4...

    1. alreadyGone


      I hope the best for all on the gulf, especially the vulnerable low-lying areas.


      Amazing how this storm has already been attributed to climate change in the media. I wonder what was the cause of hurricanes before man-made climate change was discovered?


    2. Joshpantera


      You can't anything to do with hurricane's in the media seriously anymore. It's all about hype and ratings. This has been an especially weak season for surfing so far. Mostly just tropical storms. That was the strongest one yet this year, and it took approaching the peak of hurricane season to get it. 

    3. alreadyGone


      If you're on the Gulf then I'm happy you're ok.

      I hope everyone close to you is doing ok.



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