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    I'm a 30-year deconvert as of 2021. I've gone off exploring a lot of science, religion, philosophy, biblical criticism, archaeology, eastern mystical content, and comparative mythology, religion, and esoteric content. I'm atheistic about gods and mythology with a pantheistic spiritual side about nature and the cosmos.

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  1. Larry!!!!!! Best looking swell so far. 

    1. TABA


      Did you mean Mindy?  Isn’t Larry way out near Bermuda?  

      Then again, what do I know about swells…

    2. Joshpantera


      Mindy is giving us offshore winds (westerly) on the east coast as the Larry swell started reaching the beaches today. 


      Hurricane Larry Satellite Beach Surf 9/8/21 (gulfster.com)


      The bigger swell will start filling in behind these front runners Thurs and Fri. Cat 4 and 5 hurricanes that hook around west of Bermuda are preferred, but even hooking near to Bermuda east of the Islands still produces long range, long period ground swell. 


      I'm in the middle of a big project but I'll likely have to quietly not show up Friday morning. And order the guys to keep things moving along without me.......

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