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  1. 'Myself, please forgive me (in the form called Edgar), for I (as Edgar) known not what I do...'
  2. Yes I do! "All" of the authority of existence itself, which, is fallible as opposed to infallible. Reality is quite fallible. And at the same time all present. The whole idea is to see and understand reality as it actually is to the best of one's ability. Which is always a work in progress. The truth is elusive and must be sought after, as it isn't handed down in full from the clouds.
  3. Yes, self deception. Not our fault either. We're not perceiving reality as it is in a literal sense. Evolution is the reason. We haven't evolved to see reality as it actually is. But that's just so far. I think the jury's out on where it would be going from here. I can imagine that if we keep evolving into a space traveling civilization our perceptions would likely continue to evolve into what's suited for survival in that direction. If we're growing into global civilization then solar system exploring and possibly further. Supernatural doesn't have a lot of meaning by my way of t
  4. Welcome back! I assume we're running behind that general European trend here in the US. We have pew surveys showing decline in religious affiliation. Plus increases in non-theism coming up from the other way. Now in a place like that where people religion mainly in name only, why is hard to turn it off? There's a similar situation with my friend Robert Tulip where he grew up in Australia under very liberal sounding conditions. He considers himself a christian atheist because he doesn't really believe any of it literally. But he likes the christianity as he understands it. Doesn't
  5. I'll be up there around the north Georgia fox fucking grounds shortly. Probably tomorrow. This is like my little post ascension commentary with Paul. I'm back, but shortly, then off again. So you bring up a good point. Which is simply once someone gets the mystical realization, identifies the meaning, understands that reality is an interconnected realm where the distances and appearance of separateness are just appearances and not literally true, what then? What does any of it mean? Religions have used it as a platform to speak of unity, kindness, empathy
  6. My anniversary is tomorrow, so I'm sure my wife would enjoy me not going into the forums. I won't be responding to anything till after. Then I'm off to the mountains for a week for fishing. So I may appear absent, but I will return again and receive Ed unto myself so that where I am, there Ed may be also....
  7. Edward, you're the devils tool in this scenario. Deny, deny, deny!!!! Anything to look away and not accept yourself as you actually are. Anything to grasp at to try and deny what it ultimately true. Authority??? I have all of the authority of existence behind my argument. You don't lecture me about science, Genesis boy!!!!!!!! You have the authority behind you of what, this book of myths that I've demonstrated as false? Get thee behind me deceitful one!!!! You've been rogered for the last 5 p
  8. This is what it is. Different people find it hard to understand this for various reasons. We know why christians are blocked out from accepting or entertaining any of it. But it's not always clear as a bell to atheists either. You seem to understand it pretty well. Yep, stripped of the woo we're looking at a situation where what it means to be spiritual is the acceptance of your true identity as existence itself. Seeing past the illusions that make you think otherwise, which, are deceptive. That's like the metaphor of a devil or trickster. The discrete, isolated, separat
  9. That's exactly wrong. The evidences I have presented come from spirituality and science. I've shown where they merge, which is in the concept of interconnectedness. They arrive at a similar conclusion, one through intuitive feelings, experience, and insight, the other by particle physics and cosmology. This points not to christianity. And that needs to be clarified even further considering how badly you still comprehend what I've been saying. The conclusion of what I've been arguing are that: 1) Christianity sets forward contradiction from th
  10. I asked for a citation. You gave it below: There's nothing in bold about "organizations." It's about individuals relating to one another seeing the truth of their personal identity as the universe incarnate, basically. Not organizations or institutions. Individuals. What do you mean? Now about evidence, you need to consider what Walter posted in the peanut gallery: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Edgarcito's faith-based model of spirituality to be true, the following would have to be tr
  11. Yeah, but regardless of that Ed's list is false right on down the line. So that's not good for his case however we frame it. The complex analogy above lists facts that fall under the simple truth of rain making plants grow. Ed has no facts behind his complex explanation. And it doesn't lead anyone to deep spiritual insights where the depths are set according to human standards, not just christian standards alone. I think the argument that Ed's already lost is a good argument. Especially listing everything out like that. In the sense of last man standing, Ed's model listed out in o
  12. You're referring to around 4:30 of the video? That's where the host is saying that some explanations are the Chinese or Russian governments, but what doesn't think follows is how those governments have technology so advanced as to do things we don't understand from physics perspectives and mess with our nuclear arsenal. Suggesting that it would be a massive problem for national security. Through 6:51, The film maker being interviewed explains that the 'frequency of sightings' between the US government and civilians has been increasing. Explaining why so much attention
  13. https://www.healthline.com/health/xyy-syndrome I don't see gender dysphoria listed as a symptom of having XYY chromosomes. https://www.webmd.com/men/klinefelter-syndrome Nothing listed here about gender dysphoria associated with XXY chromosomes. These examples are of males born with a penis. With three chromosomes. They are acknowledged as male. Because of the Y chromosome, right? Richard Dawkins the famous biologist must have made his statement in full knowledge of the existence of both syndromes, nevertheless making his statement
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