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  1. I understand why, but this is something that never really put me off from studying it. Instead I was very intrigued by the whole thing. Because it was the next logical step extending from what I had been studying my way through previously with Joseph Campbell. Campbell didn't spend sole focus on astrotheology, but he grazed it many times in his lectures. It's a part of ancient mythology and religion. It's a thing. Scholarship is aware of it. It's addressed to the 2nd function. None of this left field or difficult to believe or understand. So I saw no red flags along the way in term
  2. He demonstrates one basic thing: The existence of god is not something provable to begin with, for myriad reasons. What I would like to see evolve is the debate itself. To where people start to realize that they can't argue the existence of god, it's not possible. We're in a transitional period now. Apologist's are still making claims that can not be demonstrated as true and factual. They have traditionally gotten away with presuppositional claims about god's existence. But that is necessarily changing now as we all conflict with them. There is a point to demanding th
  3. Look at the "emotional fantasy" coming from the apologetic's in the above link! How would you address christians like that?
  4. Just look at some of the christians today who visit us here. The most recent is an eccentric example:
  5. What's the deal? Why can't she answer a simple question? Maybe she's scared of the fact that William Miller's blood relative IS an ex christian, moderating on this very website!!! Are you embarrassed of your strange beliefs??? Embarrassed of Ellen G White???
  6. The reality you're selling is Revelation, isn't it??? A reality where the climax of the drama is people (particles) seeing god (wave) face to face praising him for eternity??? What would be the purpose of that reality???
  7. That's why I posted the definition: Pretty straight forward. By definition, the burden of proof requirement asks for the evidence. What is Joe's evidence / burden of proof / proof????
  8. What would be the point of this reality if you were sure there was a god? The reality you're selling, btw, is a reality where there's no question god exists because you're face to face with the god according to the claims of the bible. Sure or unsure, what do you think the point of either would be????
  9. Is this where you admit that you can not prove the existence of god, in the philosophical "burden of proof" sense? You can not satisfy the "burden of proof" requirement for your claims in the above can you?? Your claim is that if people believe in something that is beyond what evidence can determine with certainty (god / jesus), they will live forever. Why should people believe your evidence lacking claim???
  10. Why are you disappointed? You must be familiar with the philosophical "burden of proof" requirement. I can't imagine that you're not. What does proof of burden mean? The burden of proof determines which party is responsible for putting forth evidence and the level of evidence they must provide in order to prevail on their claim. In most cases, the plaintiff (the party bringing the claim) has the burden of proof.May 16, 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. The bottom line is that the christians are dealing with something that remains un-provable, as the existence of god isn't something that they can prove with science or math. So the big takeaway here is that it's nonsensical to argue with people about the existence of god when it's beyond anything that you CAN prove. So christians ought to learn to keep their subjective beliefs to themselves, and don't bother trying to argue, arguments, which are beyond successfully arguing...
  12. A figment of your own active imagination ISN'T, nor can be, the way out of anything objectively speaking. This is all 100% make believe. The entire apologetic's exist within your mind, not anyone else's. It's subjective to you and not universal to everyone. And this subjective belief problem of yours is preventing you from seeing anything objectively. You're blind to objectivity right now. Some of us used to be blind as well. But we see it now. We've broken out of similar mental states that you are currently experiencing. Meaning that we have the personal
  13. Let's get this straightened out. Whether or not infinite and eternal waves exist, doesn't not mean that those waves ARE god, nor specifically YHWH!!! Do you comprehend??? An infinite and eternal multiverse does not prove god, either. They would prove the existence of aspects of the natural order of existence. Furthermore, once you start calling things which are infinite and eternal god, you begin to leave behind monotheism and therefore the bible. And you begin a path to pantheism. This is the most important part of it. Even if you
  14. You've tried, so far it doesn't work. Back working your way through science hasn't proven the existence of god. How do you NOT understand that? You thinking that you've proven god, doesn't mean you've proven god. If you have proven god, it would be HUGE. It's never been done to date....
  15. How do you KNOW so much about this as of yet unproven god???
  16. Just to clarify, you posting links which are completely 'unrelated to your personal claims' doesn't there IS science to your claim. There are links to science issues, which are one thing, and there's your personal claims which are entirely subjective and through your own perception. Your claim that the uncertainty principle or scalar waves or anything else equals the bible's YHWH and jesus is not proven. You haven't proven the exist of god in the first place, let alone proven that your assertions about physics combined with your personal ideas and claim about god are factual.
  17. So, 13 pages into this troll: Thought waves, which disobeyed, materialized into satan and humanity. Point particles, the wages of sin, collect together and proceed with vanity. To save the day, Yahweh, sent himself from wave to particle. To make sin quit, Yeshua double slit. And all who believe it will transform. Back into waves, who won't misbehave. For all of infinite eternity.
  18. I'm about to pull a Pilate and wash my hands of this presuppositionalist....
  19. Holy Spirit is a figment of your subjective imagination, Joe. The same as everything else. The entire shebang is in your mind. You can't establish any of it objectively because it has no objective reality.
  20. I was hoping that you'd try and make an actual effort to understand how and why differentials don't prove the existence of god. Or the shroud of Turin. Or Phi. Or anything you've set forward so far. You appear so far gone into you're subjective reality that you are not capable of seeing what's wrong with all of the presuppositions.
  21. How about this? I've tried to break it down for you. The peak of Mt. Stupid is where you are very CERTAIN about what you think you know. You don't actually know the half of it. But you're in a state of ignorant bliss and self delusion. You refuse to try and look at the situation from another perspective. Dave has been telling you the same. You have everything riding on presupposition! The uncertainty principle does not prove the existence of the bible's god. Nor do any other physics or philosophy of science for that matter (no pun intented). The shroud of T
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