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  1. "Cancel culture" should be made into statues, depicting the insane stupidity of this generation. And then placed up on all of the statue platforms of the statues that were torn down. And made sure to be in history books going forward, that we never forget the degree of stupidity that swept through society in the early 21st century. In decades past, a lot of creative fiction was focused more on a conservative based "idiocracy" in the future. But who would have guessed that our censors would change to the liberals in just a mere few decades? V for Vendeta saw a theocracy as a likely scenario for future authoritarian censors in government. And then reality unfolded completely opposite. Progressives turned to regressive. And not long after it looks like the lowest common denominator of left wing thinking rose up. Doing the very thing that had been forecast of the lowest common denominator of right wing thinking by those who had no way of visualizing what a left bent "Idiocracy" would be. And now here we are. The enemy of personal freedom became the left instead of the right. A liberal and progressive idiocracy trying to rise to power:
  2. The simplicity of the point is lost on so many people.
  3. Very odd of him, the whole thing. That degree of delusion is so divorced from reality that we really shouldn't allow him to correspond with us, if you're correct on this. When people are suicidal or in desperate need of professional counseling, we make that clear to said person. This is just a discussion board. And we can't even get into those liabilities. Not that he was suicidal, but he is completely divorced from reality if he's scared for our souls, and scared that corresponding with us will contaminate him with our, shall we say, "unclean" filth. Pretty fucked up any which way it's taken. The problem with the disrupting, is that he went bonkers through a variety of forums. No, we don't intend to have all of these other threads moved to the den if they were not intended to be posted in the den from the outset. He's either stupid or clever. I'm not sure exactly which. But after he saw that the result of his interactions earned threads moved to the lion's den, do to his interaction, it's possible that he may have gone off on a trolling tirade very intentionally. Or he's just dumb as a box of rocks. It's a toss up. Mentally ill and smart, or mentally ill and dumb? Neither way bodes well for his continued presence here. Running riot through several forums, yes, that's exactly what I noticed too. And I see that we both stepped in to moderate the riots. I guess I'm just generally not in the mood for any bullshit right now.
  4. This isn't meant for anyone in particular, just a general announcement about free speech and this website. This is a privately owned and operated website. The moderation here is extremely liberal in terms of letting people say what they want. Even though, at the end of the day, it is a privately owned and operated website. It's best to think of this website as a group meeting taking place on private property. Everything should be pretty clear in that context as far as where free speech fits into the equation. Carry on.....
  5. So you messaged him, he didn't message you with any complaints. I don't know of SV complaining to myself or anyone else either. My thoughts are that this is a troll. Here for the purpose of causing disruption and basically breaking our rules and forum guidelines in doing so. He may be mentally ill. I don't know. A lot of trolls may be mentally ill for that matter. But that only means that we're looking at mentally ill based trolling if correct. Which involves flat earth and all variety of conspiracy. Not to be too harsh, but the whole thing amounts to a lot of nonsense. Meant to disrupt ex christians on an ex christian community site. There's no other clear reason for these posts that I can see.
  6. For sure. It's incredible at times to think back to when I believed that everything HAD to be created by an external factor. Why did I think that? What gave me that idea? The reason is because I heard adults saying it over and over again at church and in weekly life. It took them saying it and me hearing it, for me to believe that everything had to be created by a god. Until I questioned the entire thing!!! Then it fell down so hard I could never pick it up again, even if I wanted to.
  7. The media here in US has seriously fucked up in a lot of ways, especially over the last four years. Credibility is out the window. It's gotten extremely partisan biased. Year's ago there was a buzz about non-partisanship. But that ship has sailed, it seems. These rabid attacks, failed attempts, only make them look worse and worse. Ridiculous stupidity being exposed during press conferences. I think that it all boils down to ratings. In an attempt to become laser focused on ratings, mainstream (corporate) media have taken to the most shock and awe approaches they can muster up. There's been so many instances of ratings based sensationalism. That's one of the problems underlying the whole thing. What I'm hoping will happen is that they will soon run out of rope. It's ratings based, so if the ratings go down then mainstream (corporate) media will have to try and adapt and change according to what will provide better ratings. I would think that a forced change will have to occur if this is so. And maybe the end result will be that most people tune out unless some real non-partisanship enters the discussion. I wasn't paying this too much attention, but I've been following the claims for the last several years. And with what's happening now, and from what I've heard from the leaders of BLM, I'm finally caving and starting to actually give this some serious attention. They are merely foot solider's in the game, it would seem. The domestic terrorists who's job it is to rattle the cage. Or pure coincidence. But we'll see. I have connections down here to people in the III%er's, shall we say, the remnant of the minute men militia. It's sort of like the freemasons claiming to be the remnant of the Egyptian mysteries. But whatever the case, they are on watch nationwide for this possibility. And ready to have a real fight over the potential of a tyrannical government takeover and eradication of the US Constitution. What is being proposed about wrecking the current system and taking over constitutes that sort of a defensive reaction from the militia. The BLM leader was saying that he wants the system torn down, so they can replace it with their own system. What that is exactly, I don't know. They also mentioned that they're (the leaders of BLM) trained in Marxist ideological thinking. How BLM and Marxism work together, I haven't seen yet. Do they want communism? Is this based in some way on Marx's communist manifesto? The connections weren't laid out clearly. So here's the deal. Douche or not, we're facing a situation just like you've outlined. The country hasn't offered much of a choice aside from keeping Trump in. Not really. I realize that defensive leftist's will readily disagree, to which I will agree to disagree. Wouldn't it be interesting if this were another 911 situation where allegations that the GOP was behind the whole thing began to surface? Here's your choices everyone, it's either Trump or Marxism. Go vote!
  8. Christians I just want to add, for good measure, that these discussions in the theology section are NOT subject to the same moderation as the Lion's Den. If they're trolled up with irrelevant off topic posts then I promise that moderator actions will be taken. Proselytizing and / or trolling is not tolerated in this section.
  9. Let me tell the reading audience in general what growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist church was like. It was exactly where your mind is right now. Everything is satan!!! All of it!!! All of science, all secularism, the whole of scholarship and academia and even to the extent of all non-SDA christians are under the deceptive influence of satan!!!!!! The entire world is deceived. Only the chosen few, set aside by jesus going into the last days, have the special ability to read and interpret the bible correctly. And I questioned every bit of the claim. I found it lacking through and through, from beginning to end. It's some of the most ill founded subjective thinking that exists in the world. Objectivity being it's mortal enemy. The problem is that the bible itself doesn't have a leg to stand on. Let alone fast forwarding through centuries and centuries of mythological evolution looking for correct, true, and objective answers. There's no frame of reference to prove it's truth. Not from Genesis. It starts out as contradictory creation myth from the "beginning." Which, doesn't gel with any objective reality. Not the geological and fossil records, not cosmological observation and inquiry, not any of it. So, I realized that on the one hand we have some crack pots claiming the entire world is deceived by an evil entity fallen from heaven, and everything is a conspiracy. When challenged they have no leg to stand on, because they try and stand on the bible, which, folds immediately. And doesn't provide a firm foundation to stand on. On the other hand, we have academic speculation based on many objective evidences that have been discovered and observed. The crack pots say, 'no, that's all just satan.' But they (the same said crack pots) can not substantiate (1) the truth of the bible from the outset or (2) that the very satan they are referring to didn't evolve as a mythical character over many centuries - like a comic book character starting out one away and then growing in detail and depth as people add more and more to the stories. This is the sort of thing that inquisitive christians and questioner's need to start examining if truth is actually their primary concern. An honest devotion to truth seeking and it's path requires working for it. It doesn't just fall in your lap. It's a tough path requiring work on your part! Who is right or wrong? And how can someone try and find out for themselves? They have to study with an objective mind, in depth, and take in all of the relevant information available. If not, then they are up against taking someone at their word. You can take the apologist at his word, and you can equally take me at my word. But I'd advise studying this out all the way through for yourselves. And then revisit the question of who is correct about the bible and about satan, in the first place. Someone here is incorrect. And not just a little incorrect, out of the ball park incorrect........
  10. It's tied up in astrotheological allegory. Associated with the planet Venus. Lucifer star of the morning is allegory about the planet Venus. It's bright in the morning and then gets blasted away by the light of the sun, later symbolized by Jesus. The 'fallen' bit comes from that line. There are layers and depths to these myths, because there are layers and depth to the ancient mysteries and esosteric symbolism in general. Robert Price did speak about the Lucifer - Venus connection on an old episode of The Infidel Guy on youtube. But I can't find it. The myths get rolling and soon elaborate stories show up about a fallen angel cast down from heaven. And everything else that evolved over time and after the fact of not previously existing in the mythology from the outset. Christians did this to Isaiah with old "morning star" / "Lucifer" reference, just as they lifted the virgin birth prophecy, which, was not about a virgin and not addressed to anything hundreds of years later. Isaiah was referring to contemporary issues of his time. And christians tried to reinterpret old scriptures out of their original context and pretend as if the context was really referring to to far off, future events. One big game of make believe and pretend going on near the end of the 1st century and through the 2nd and 3rd centuries.
  11. It was also the name of a pro skater in the 80's, which, is when I picked up on the reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natas_Kaupas There was a panic of attempted censorship, when, the name was legit and wasn't even just some skater screwing around with a nickname that spelled satan backwards. It was his real birth name. The panic was all for naught. No matter how true it 'seemed' to everyone who was misjudging the situation the entire time. People would see that on a skateboard and just assume that it's supposed to be satan spelled backwards.....
  12. That is the direction they took in "The Life of Brian." Gerald Massey lectured about the earlier story: https://cdn.website-editor.net/e4d6563c50794969b714ab70457d9761/files/uploaded/HistoricalJesusMythicalChrist_GMassey.pdf But his source material was from the Talmud. All in all, what we get in the gospel stories is a mix match of different "Yeshua's." A little bit of some of the Yeshua's mentioned in Josephus (there were around 20 mentioned), and some of the Talmud stories as well. It's a collage of various stories of things that happened to different people with the name Yeshua all rolled into one, as if it were one fixed historical personage. That's why there's so much trouble trying to hammer down an historical Jesus. An amalgamation of various characters amounts to no one character in particular.
  13. Yeshua Ben Pandira, or Ben Pantera. One of the many stories used to graft together the mythical Jesus tale. Born around 100 years before the gospel setting. I was a mod for author DM Murdock before joining here. And have been friends online with Robert Price and others from the mythicist community. You’re actually one of the few people to pick up on the reference.
  14. And, none of this amounts to a fixed beginning which is the biggest point. The source material doesn't have a beginning. He doesn't seem to understand the Hawking / Penrose singularity theory or it's falsification in the 1990's. Or the past eternal issues facing inflation that I was following with BAA. Let alone his conflating inflation with the BBT and the rest of his confusions that you rightly point out. But of course this comes as no big surprise. Christians are generally lacking in comprehensive knowledge and understanding when it comes to contradictory evidences and theories to their pet beliefs. Once they obtain that sort of comprehension, it usually means that they've moved beyond the christian mindset and are opening out to the world outside of the dark cave their minds were previously stuck in......
  15. Why would I pay attention to the polls after 2016? Has something changed now and the polling reports reliable information? Wasn't Trump around 40 percent or so the night he won the election? I thought I just saw Conway describing that as part of why she doesn't pay too much attention to the polls. What are republicans going to do, vote for Biden instead of Trump? Support the left and encourage the possibility of Biden being used as a puppet for the party Marxist’s? If they are insinuating that, then I call their bluffs!!! What are many center leftist’s going to do? Last time we saw a lot of democrats vote republican and tell their stories On YouTube and social media over the last four years as to why they switched. And now in 2020, it’s far worse a situation for the same reasons and concerns in 2016. And many videos are coming about by people who switching over now, well after the 2016 election. For various reasons described. They had Trump losing right up until the night of the election when the polling narrative finally became too untenable to hold on to. When he was obscure, and no one knew what he was capable of doing for the economy. Now it’s well known and proven. Something of a given at this point. Especially as it presses on even through the covid-19 pandemic.....
  16. No more trolling the thread up. This is not the Lions Den. Actions have been taken, more to come if the trolling continues....
  17. I'm pretty sure that very sentiment will likely result in a big red wave this year.....
  18. Rogan on the issue of the leaders of BLM recently saying that they are trained Marxist's:
  19. I was referring to an existence that has to have always been, and the possibility that life has always gone hand in hand with existence itself in some way. Be it repeating patterns, be it something else. The eternal-ness of mere existence and the processes that bring life. From there, of course, life can distribute any number of ways. But existence has no fixed beginning and life may not have one to pin point either. That's the deeper issue. If you come back with, "god did it," that is to be expected. And I addressed that as well. What created god? If god is uncreated, then natural existence itself can be uncreated as well. Natural existence can just exist without any fixed explanation as to how, or why. So can life within the scheme of natural existence. Any other way is just special pleading for your pet belief system. And that's where the issue stands. Whatever you claim of god, can be claimed of natural existence as well. And natural existence, between the two options, is the simpler explanation.
  20. Yes, Forest. I was talking about some of the ways in which people think life may have started on earth. The context is clear. In my previous post I described the deeper issue. Infinite replication paradox and similar ideas extending back to the real big questions. Which go beyond the "god did it" explanations...
  21. Panspermia is one. Abiogensis is another. Some people look towards alien seeding. That's just three off the top of my head. The point being that the options on the table are large, not small....
  22. I think blind chance is a false dichotomy. Based on not yet fully understanding how or why something works. We don't know the specifics. But we do know that there's a ton of ways that life can potentially come into existence. And the philosophical question is why does anything exist at all? The answer seems to be that we're in a position where it can't be any other way. Existence exists because the absolute non-existence of anything at all, isn't possible. Life exists, and functions as a type of observation and experience of the existence of existence itself. What if life within existence always happens. That where ever the conditions come together for life, life will necessarily emerge over and over again, and from place to place? As part of the on goingness of existence itself. Such as with eternal inflation, infinite replication paradox, and similar issues popping up in cosmological theory. Life will pop up over and over again. Possibly anything that exists now, like the earth, will be replicated over and over again in that sort of frame work. These are speculations. But they point to the fact that it's conceivable for reality to operate in these ways. It's not inconceivable. It's not a situation where god is the only option to explain everything, which, is what the christians are trying to do with the false dichotomy. The "god did it!" explanation is a theory too, among every other theory. And between theories one can deduce which theories make more or less sense as a theory. If the god did it, then why does the god exist? When did it began? How did it create life? There's no reason as why the god exists, it just does. The god had no beginning. And created life through spoken word, like some sort of incantation spell in magick. Existence also exists without reason, it just is. It couldn't have any fixed beginning. But it's all natural, as opposed to supernatural. And life would have to emerge through natural processes within the scheme of the realm(s) of existence. Possibly in repetitive ways over and over again. Leading to our current existence now. And extending to beyond our current experience of existence. Suck on that for a while, christian visitors.....
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