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  1. whoa, whoa, whoa! I miss you guyz!

  2. I kind of wish he would get involved with some church people. I think that would help bring him back to the light. Idk though. I guess I hardly know him anymore :/
  3. He says that Christianity is "intertwined" with our schools and government so much that separation of church and state is really impossible and, therefore, shouldn't be fought. And that christian prayer is part of our society, where as other religions are not, and so christianity is the only one that deserves recognition, I guess? I told him that if we allow a teacher to teach her public school students from the bible we must also allow one to teach from the Qur'an and he just said "no"...I said "How" and he started rattling off about the "intertwined" thing again. So I don't know.....I don't
  4. Loving Fable III right now. Goodbye productivity!

    1. Onyx


      Really? Each to their own, I guess. I really hated the ending of that game more than I hated Mass Effect 3's ending. That really got my dander up haha.

    2. Onyx


      But yeah, it was a really enjoyable game until then. :)

    3. msipsy218


      You mean how quickly the "year" went by? Or something else about the end? I thought the end was kind of stupid but it's still been fun to play. I just wish there were more "queenly" things to do in the quest packs. Some decision making would be nice lol

  5. So my dad isn't a very religious guy....smokes pot, cusses like a sailor, never goes to church and living with his long-term girlfriend with no plans of marriage. Also supported his ex gf's choice of abortion many years ago and offered to help me pay for an abortion at 17. NOT. RELIGIOUS. But he does believe in god and lately we are becoming more and more distanced in our political views. He came over tonight and we got to talking about religion in government and schools. I told him that if he supports the right for students to lead christian prayer he must also support the rights for stu
  6. Went to the Dr and doubled my medication. After a few days I'm feeling MUCH better! Praise big pharm! :P

    1. ficino


      Good to hear!


    2. Galien


      so pleaswed to hear it. keep looking after you :)

  7. I often imagine my children dying and how I would react. Like when we drie over a bridge, I imagine it collapsing and how I would go about trying to save all three kids, and things like that. Really gruesome, horrible stuff. Sometimes it gets me really upset. I'm not sure why I do it. We have a plan for the zombie apocalypse I often wonder how sex feels for a man and how it would feel to not have a uterus, ovaries, etc. There are a million others, I just can't think of them now lol
  8. Thanks guys I wish I could say JB was an exception, but I tend to like stupid pop-y songs that have meaningless lyrics and repetitive generic beats. I likes what I likes. Anyways, no further word from anyone in the church, but thanks to the support here and IRL I'm totally over it anyways. It hurt at first but now, not so much.
  9. Honestly, I've thought about that. Let 'em read though. Maybe they will realize that THEY are the fucked up ones if they actually saw what others thought about their creepy letter. Probably not. But idc. and I don't mind sharing. I'm not much of a writer though http://opinionatedhomemaker.blogspot.com/
  10. I wrote up a little blog post last night and posted it on my facebook, along with a couple of angry statuses. That's all I will give them. They suck. And I'm so glad I'm away from them.
  11. Wait a minute. Maybe we are looking at this wrong. How specific are the accusations about immorality? Did they by any chance libel you? No. Not specific at all. Just the undertone. "prayer has been offered for several months concerning your present behavior", the whole "offended" bullshit, which I took as "you have offended us with the way you are living. The implication that I have "broken my covenant" by not living the "godly life" they talked about in the outline (and underlined). and then the verses. But no specific "you are doing ____."
  12. Yes, because the supernatural creature that you believe controls an army of millions of demons, powerful enough to try to overtake the throne of who you believe to be the creator of the universe is scared of a dumbass christian in her nightgown waving her fucking bible.
  13. You've typed it out so eloquently! How can I NOT send it now?!?!
  14. Well, they had our old address and it was returned so it was hand delivered today. I imagine they postponed their decision since the letter was returned. Doesn't matter though, I'm free either way and I'm not going to give them the pleasure of a response. If I withdraw membership myself they can wipe their hands clean of it and say "we did no wrong, she wanted to leave." and I do want to leave, that's why I'm gone, but I want them to feel like shit over it. I want their little hearts to worry about my soul and wonder if they should have tried harder to keep me around and wonder if thei
  15. Apparently sending the letter caused a big drama with the leadership. Look at me, still causing trouble even when I'm gone I don't want to type out the whole thing, but here are some of the highlights: "Prayer has been offered for several months concerning your present behavior that it would be restored to what you promised when you made a covenant to the lord and His people at (name of church)." "A life that is breaking faith we the body has offended some of the members who are trying to walk in holiness with Jesus as Lord." (I don't even understand what that means?!) "Wh
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