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    I'm waiting on god to answer my one single prayer - "If you do exist, please reveal yourself in such a way as to make it unquestionable, and then reveal which god you are."

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  1. We need to have these indexed and searchable by keyword.
  2. This thread almost needs to be a sticky. Pin it so we can refer back to some of these when necessary.
  3. Had this morning. Wife shared an article with me on Facebook about atheist parenting. I knew it would be a bad idea, but what the hell, it might be fun. Didn't take long. My brother: nonsense (that was the entire useful post). MIL: Just got this in my newsfeed....You don't believe in god? Wife: It was just a discussion we were having. MIL: Whatever, it's none of my business what you believe. ME: The downside of sharing on facebook is losing the context. My attempt to cushion the concerns of family members. There's a little more to it than that, but it was interesting to see the initial responses. This was a good testing of the waters to see the fallout of actually being honest with family.
  4. One of my favorite songs. I would have preferred a different video, but this one fits nice with the beat.
  5. My God. That has to be one of the stupidest fucking things I've ever seen. Well, it's the stupidest fucking thing I've seen all weak. Clever.
  6. But since it's all part of god's plan, then the plan all along was for you to miss the plan.
  7. So you don't own your own sexuality? Who does then? Oh please. You could always 'use' a cucumber in the produce section then put it back when you're done. :-) Buying cucumbers just became a lot more disturbing. You never know where that things been.
  8. Saw this today: "Some of may have seen a yellow letter looking like a U wilh a dot in the middle. It is the letter N in Arabic. İt is a sign that has been placed on all the Chrıstian's homes in Mosul Iraq by ISIS. If anyone ıs ın Mosul tomorrow who ıs a Chrıstıan, they can be identified this way. They will be killed tomorrow. This is my way of doing what Heb 10 and 13 says.....be one with those persecuted. Bear the sign happily. So, dejavu, christian god did something similar when the israelites had to mark their doors in blood to prevent god from killing their first born. I'm debating on responding to this, but depending on how I do, it would likely fully out me and start a shit storm in my family.
  9. It's not because they actually care about Israel. They wouldn't give a crap if the bible didn't say that the Israelites are their god's chosen people. Here's the part I don't get. Most people in Israel are Jewish, not Christian. According to the bible, christians should be destroying them, but that's also in the old testament. So, why would the christian god come back to his "chosen people" who haven't actually followed the alleged proper path. Aren't christians admitting they are, in fact, wrong and we should all be jews? I'm beginning to have trouble putting on my christian rationalization hat the longer I'm not christian.
  10. There's that "always" word again. If you mess up that one time and don't pray the right prayer and really, really, mean it, then die, you're pretty much screwed. (there really should be an * on this picture after "always").
  11. I'm calling BS and think you made this up. No way people can be stupid.
  12. I was just crying last night while doing the dishes because I want so much to believe there is something "benevolent" in the universe who actually gives a shit about humanity. I was crying because I am having serious doubts...I don't want to believe that just this life is all there is either. I want to hope there is more than just this. I mean, religion really really fucked up my life here, a "do-over" would be great. I considered myself a deist for a while, then questioned that. Then I wondered well maybe there are individual "gods" the god of anger, kindness, prosperity, sex, love, employment?? It's been hard for me to embrace the idea that this is all there is...especially knowing I wasted a good amount of THIS life in religious bullshit and all of the years lost. So, what I'm saying is not all that are here on Ex-C are atheists. Some of us are still holding on that there is something more. None of us know what actually happens after this. There's no reason you can't decide what will happen, you might just be right. You don't have to subscribe to any specific description of a deity for there to be something after this. The most important thing is to forget about the past and what you've "lost" or "wasted", these were just stepping stones to get where you are today. From this day forward is what you focus on, make the most of each one.
  13. "'Sanctification is glory begun. Glory is sanctification completed.' — F. F. Bruce" Isn't this a circle? Wouldn't you be back at sanctification and have to start over again? In Excel, which I use regularly, this would be a circular reference and causing spreadsheets to crash, or you can let it run and calculates indefinitely with the results changing. That may actually explain something.
  14. I recently purchased that book for my Kindle. Interesting read. I also bought Raising Freethinkers.
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