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  1. Thanks BAA. I'm thankful to be here. Speak soon no doubt.
  2. The Star of Bethlehem has proved to be for me, one of many 'wake up' clues to the mythology and human origin of the Bible and its claims. I recall starting a similar thread to this a few years back when the spell of Christianity was strong on me. I thought I'd broken the spell but it persisted strongly up to recently but that's for another thread. I'm thinking that 'Christmas' cards for this year could feature the night sky resplendent with the constellations etc you mentioned Josh, ie: the real wise men etc. It's good to see familiar folk still posting here.
  3. Hi Kolaida, thank you for your kind words and welcome back. It's good to know that some of my replies on here have been of help to others. Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you on here. Love your comments about going back and forth. That has been so true for me. I've been in and out of Christianity a few times over the years. Each time though, the hold gets weaker. I'm sure it's a natural process for some of us, as you suggest. My daughter is at that stage where she still wants it to be real, but knows in her heart it's probably (her view) not real. Her friend from church admitted to not stirring the sh*t (I think she worded it more like 'not digging too deep') as she would have no purpose really, if it was all false. It seems there are many 'Christians' who are kidding themselves. I know I did for a long time. Thanks again kolaida.
  4. Welcome Dragonman73, and thank you for sharing your story. I've been part of churches where I've known members to be non believers. The two I'm thinking of, both were married to full on evangelical women, but they themselves are atheists. I remember still going to church when I knew it was all bull. I gave my daughter a lift and so I tried to treat it like a loving community even if they believed in a fairy tale. I couldn't keep doing it though. You've hit the nail on the head though, regarding teaching the children stuff that you yourself don't believe. I know they learn lots of good positive things in Sunday school, but there is always the bullsh*t that will most certainly infect them. Just before I stopped going to church several months back (I knew it wasn't real but kept going for a while for the sake of my daughter and friends) one of the worship leaders gave a little word before the service started. She proudly told us how her six year old boy had answered a question: 'what is the most important thing?' He promptly drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. 'This was the most important thing'. So his mum told us all that nothing else mattered really. It all boiled down to Jesus dying for us. I was repulsed that a child who obviously didn't understand what the hell a dead man on a cross has to do with his little life, had drunk in the words he had heard from the adults. It gave me the creeps. I wish you and your wife all the best. Please let us know how things go.
  5. MoonHuntress, welcome! I really relate to your journey and the comments made by the others. You mention a place of peace outside of Christianity. It's taken me a while to reach that place myself, but there is a peace that you will surely find. Best wishes on your journey to truth and peace.
  6. Welcome to the forum Pumpkinhead. I wish you well as you continue to seek truth. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.
  7. Thank you for sharing your de-conversion testimony. 'Crock of bullshit' indeed. I relate to much of what you have shared. I look forward to your postings here.
  8. Good suggestions Burny. Thank you. That book sounds good. Logging onto Amazon.........................
  9. Yes Amateur, it is hard to overcome the indoctrination. I was reminded by another member of how Richard Dawkins likens it to a virus. The virus is passed on from parents to children, new generations being infected. I'm sure in my case, that because I have been able to check things via the internet, I have been able to break the spell. And of course talking to good folk like yourself.
  10. Hi Becky, and thank you for replying to my thread. I really relate to much of what you say. It sounds like you are a lot sharper than me. Don't worry about wasting time. Your mind and heart are probably working at different 'speeds' and so eventually they will line up. I too grasped hold of universal reconciliation these last few years, but it too crumbled as I realised that it was only backed up by wishful thinking. I still hope there is a purpose to why we are here and that there is some higher power behind the universe. Things like love and beauty are the lynch pins of that hope and so I am happy that I have that hope, but I no longer need to feed it with any kind of man made religion. I acknowledge my spiritual needs but keep them separate from religion. I wish you peace as you progress on your journey.
  11. Thank you for the warm replies. I'm enjoying catching up on some of the threads. I look forward to sharing more with you guys. Thanks again.
  12. Hi again! I left this forum thinking I was still a Christian. Many of you on here (especially BAA) gave much of your time to help me when I first joined this forum and was having a crisis of faith. Even though the 'spell' had not been broken at that time, none of your help went to waste. In my head I had realised Christianity was not true and much of my time on here had reinforced that for me. But I had underestimated the power of the heart: it is deceitful indeed! My need to make sense of why we are here and wanting to see dead loved ones again, overrode the 'facts'. Also, during that time, persistent thoughts of God (Jesus) would enter my mind and not give me rest. I didn't know this at the time, but this was a form of OCD: in my case wondering/worrying about religious matters which lead to persistent thoughts. So, like a tune you can't get out of your head, the more I was realising that Jesus isn't real, the more he was popping into my head. I got so fed up of this, that one day not long after BAA had check mated me in a discussion and thoughts of God were popping into my head I just 'gave in' to those thoughts. I said 'Ok God, you're real. I'll quit fighting you'....and so I jumped head first back into hard core motherf'n Christianity- like a dog going back to its vomit indeed. lol. Only this vomit was even worse than before. Blatant spiritual (or rather psychological abuse), nonsense and diddly squat in way of any evidence that God was real and was listening. I think I needed to be reminded of how sick Christianity is. Then one day in the new year, I woke up and knew I'd 'woken up'. I could clearly see it was all bull shit. That was my new favourite phrase. The bullshitometer had reached a high enough reading to finally register through the spell that had been cast on me from a baby. Within days of telling my family I no longer believed, it was noted by one (still a believer) that I had a new zest for life. I was happier and could they have some of what I had. I could walk down the road and feel the sun on my face and appreciate the warm and energy without fretting if someone had made the sun. I've also been researching biblical stuff. I've just read a brilliant book by Bart Ehrman: 'God's Problem'. This book helped me to realise that the Bible is not inerrant, but contains conflicting ideas of man. The spell that was cast over me (and millions of others) is I believe a real 'spell'. By that I mean it is a combination of indoctrination, psychological abuse and hypnotic-type processes that the religious leaders use to cast the spell over you. As such, I am careful in how I fight that spell in my loved ones. If I tried to wake them up against their will, it could do more harm than good, and so I am planting small seeds. So, thank you again guys for all your help, and no doubt your continued help and support. If I can be of help to anyone, I would be honoured.
  13. I have tried to message BornAgainAtheist but it won't let me!!!!

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      ah, thank you. He messaged me two years ago. I've only just read that message today and wanted to thank him for the kind message. :)


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  14. Hi Uol You might find this recent discussion interesting: http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/55647-something-i-cant-explain/ It's discussing 'experiences', that different people had. It seems to me, that people experience similar things, regardless of which religion or spiritual path they follow.
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