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  1. All I want in life is to be happy, is it that hard to get there? What I have had going on last few months seems to be just one of those, well it was to good to be true and I actually achieve it. I am so tired of this.

    1. Margee


      I have come to the conclusion that life is about survival and the strongest (and luckiest) survive. Happiness comes and goes. The main thing is to survive. I make life into a game now. Hang in there sweetie. (hug)

  2. Nothing like that feeling of being betrayed and backstabbed by those closest to you. People are the fucking worst.

    1. yunea


      Ugh. Sorry to hear it. :(

    2. Ramen666


      In the last few days been shitty, but I am seeing the aftermath of it and I am getting a lot of new people supporting me and having my back cause of one asshat.

  3. "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering" - Yoda

    1. Ramen666


      Fear of the unknown is my biggest I guess thing. As I said I saw light in dark, I just fear loosing it. The one reward universe may of gave, (it is a work in progress), can't say how the fear always lingers cause how the universe has always been.

  4. The world is full of a lot of shit, life you deal with a lot of shit, but every once in a while, life surprises you. I would like to say after all the bullshit I have dealt with my whole life and sadness, it is finally giving back something possinly good.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chilledmilk


      Good to hear. I hope more good comes your way

    3. nivek


      Great for you Ramen, run with it!


    4. Margee


      Good for you sweetie! Enjoy

  5. If guns don't kill people then they don't save people either.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ramen666


      Also Reality if you want to see who really brought up guns in related to France, just go to the thread.

    3. Ramen666


      So you agree then guns DO kill people?

    4. Ramen666


      If guns don't kill people THEN guns don't save people.

  6. Drinking Depth Charged Double Bastard Ale....holy shit

    1. Deidre


      a drink that fits your username ^_^ cheers!

    2. rjn


      That sounds amazing. Too bad we don't have it here. There are two other ales by Arrogant Bastard available though.

    3. FlowerDemon


      ill have to try it. i like a strong beer

  7. You are an Islamphobe you talk bad about Islam. You however are not a Christianphobe if you talk bad about Christianity. That is the result of political correctness for ya.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rjn


      Because they are hypocrites who are more concerned about being "good" than actually improving things. No scratch that, they don't give a shit about being "good", they do, however, give a shit about not being called out as "racists", "xenophobes" or some other word that's been diluted to nothingness.

    3. hereticzero


      A fascist by any name is still a fascist. People want to believe so badly that there is a 'true' version of God somewhere in all the thousands of gods, that they are willing to believe a religion of 'peace' actually teaches peace instead of violent conversion. Christianity went through the same phase when it held power for over 900 years of human history. Islam is a greater threat today because our instruments of war are so much greater than hundreds of years in the past, and...

    4. hereticzero


      a violent confrontation to overthrow extremism may not allow the human race to continue.

  8. It is simply party line politics plain and simple, there is no logic behind it. I knew this, when I broke out from the "liberal belief" on this. I know the shitstorm that I have caused on here when I spoke negative about Islam and other liberals responses. I just find it all a tad bit ironic in the end, you complain about people talking negative and what it reall is, YET you are posting on an Ex-Christian website. What I hate most of hypocricy and liberals display a lot of it, when Christianity is free for all while Islam isn't. Islam is 10x worse than Christianity for crying out loud.
  9. Of course it is, and it is hostile towards human rights and freedom in general. I never understood the touchy feely crap that comes from liberals about Islam when talking about it (that is exacty what it is). Islam is basically against everything liberalism stands for, it is a much barbaric religion than modern day Christianity (which again same people have no problem bashing). Yet for some strange reason, terms like racist, Islamphobe, "new age atheism" get thrown around on an instant people start talking about Islam in a negative light. It has happened on this very site. I am not goi
  10. Has my luck changed? I met a gamer girl, who likes anime and the stuff I like.....holy shit.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. nivek


      Very good Ramenmeister!


    3. GoldenWolf


      Nice, hope all goes well :)

    4. Deidre


      praise gandalf! congrats! :)

  11. 10 Years of Being an Ex-Christian !

  12. It is hard to believe the Christian scam has lasted this long. The fact that so few has caught on what it really is, is crazy.
  13. 1. God damns all of humanity because they are sinful 2. God lets humans write the Bible for him (which he knows are sinful and corrupt) Am I missing something? I am just saying Christians have a lot of faith from a bunch of people who wrote a book 2000 years ago, claiming that it is "inspired" by God.
  14. Chew on this people, Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God. They believe that the Bible is the inspired works of God, It even says so in the very Bible: ; So let me get this straight here, Christians believe that the Bible is inspired by God just simply because it says it is? Is it that really it? We do know a bunch of different people wrote the Bible, men, the very men, that God says is sinful. Why do you trust the works of men? How do you know for absolute fact that it is "inspired"? While you are coming up with the answer to that question, think of the other reli
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