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  1. You are an Islamphobe you talk bad about Islam. You however are not a Christianphobe if you talk bad about Christianity. That is the result of political correctness for ya.

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    2. rjn


      Because they are hypocrites who are more concerned about being "good" than actually improving things. No scratch that, they don't give a shit about being "good", they do, however, give a shit about not being called out as "racists", "xenophobes" or some other word that's been diluted to nothingness.

    3. hereticzero


      A fascist by any name is still a fascist. People want to believe so badly that there is a 'true' version of God somewhere in all the thousands of gods, that they are willing to believe a religion of 'peace' actually teaches peace instead of violent conversion. Christianity went through the same phase when it held power for over 900 years of human history. Islam is a greater threat today because our instruments of war are so much greater than hundreds of years in the past, and...

    4. hereticzero


      a violent confrontation to overthrow extremism may not allow the human race to continue.

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