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  1. http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/intelligent-design-without-creator-why-evolution-may-be-smarter-we-thought Here's an article relating to a topic I eluded to many years ago but was too lazy to truly sit down and explain it. In short, there is intelligence in evolution. My apologies on not responding to that topic and many others before, I was struggling with lots of depression at the time and battling with the effect it had on my sleep and how it invaded my life. You guys were a great help to me coping with my deconversion and knowing I was not alone.
  2. That's a relief to know someone has found solace
  3. 1AAT1, you wouldn't walk into a bar (or coffee shop), ask people questions and then walk away for 5 minutes before returning and saying you're sorry you don't have time to listen to them and respond to their responses, so why do that here? You either intend to be a part of the community or not, and if you do you have to make a decision on whether you truly intend to invest the time to do so. If you do not have the time then perhaps this is just not the place for you.
  4. I can't question your internal feelings and so on, but let me take a shot at presenting to you a very important perspective. It is possible for an individual to have a love for a general group, or an appreciation for a nation, though it should not be confused with a personal love, such as that we have for those to whom we actually know in detail. Now this is not to say one cannot love someone they've only spoken to on an Internet forum, but our personal love and affections typically develop through interaction, whereas the widespread (agape type) love is more to do with a man's constant id
  5. You don't really love us do you? Please don't love me. I've seen Christian love in action and if that is what love is then I'm out. Cosigned
  6. This is sad We developed intelligence and sentience for this!!!
  7. I'm going to answer his questions too #1 why is there something rather than nothing? Thus far there is no answer, period. #2 can we create something with absolutely no resources? No we cannot create something without absolutely no resources, basic economics. p.s. this question is tantamount to asking whether you can add, subtract or multiply the number 0 by 0 in such a way that it creates a positive integer. The answer is no, no and NO!! And to add, time is a resource as is life, thought and ingenuity, so no. #3 Can we as have humans create something without any pre existing mat
  8. Well what sort of person partially presents himself, inevitably appearing elusive, then scalds assumptions without declaring anything. It's a silly game that is very irritating. I call it trolling. This is an ex-christian website, he appears in christian clothing, so unless he has a fantastic excuse we shall rightfully assume christian beliefs, end of. Don't jump into a mosh pit and complain or even comment that people assumed you wanted to mosh, fuck yeah it's our right to assume you intend to mosh unless you jump in and clear up rightful assumption. Not all assumptions are bad, and i
  9. You ask a question using the word "purpose" but without scope. Do I have purpose? - in the office I have a specific purpose to fulfil my job needs - in my family I have various roles, though my purpose is undefined until a situation arises in which case I assume a purpose - in life I identify with various purposes depending on my outlook Though I think it would be important to remind you that purpose is not an object, so the question of whether you "have it" creates inescapable ambiguity, WHY ASK SUCH AN AMBIGUOUS QUESTION?
  10. Same old same old, A Christian arrives thinking they have some pertinent questions without ever considering whether they possess some magical ability to see something that thousands of others haven't, all while not even bothering to listen to make himself aware of the many things he never knew about
  11. People looking for stawmen will see them everywhere
  12. I think Tony Robbins demonstrates it best when he instructs his audience to count the number of brown jackets before asking them how many red, yellow and burgundy jackets were counted as brown because the brain will happily distort what it sees to suit its search criteria.
  13. Have a look at all the phrases that add up to 666. Given some letters have really high numbers, it's not that difficult to alter phrases to create the desired total Edit: forgot to add 666 phrases (source http://real-world-news.org/numerics/english-gematria.html ) Words that calculate to 666 Mark of Beast = 666 Bio Implant = 666 RFID Scanner = 666 RFID Body Tag = 666 E-Identity = 666 Digital ID Chip = 666 A Satanic Mark = 666 Sorceries = 666 Witchcraft = 666 Necromancy = 666 Image of Satan = 666 Mondex Chip = 666 Monetary = 666 False Marke
  14. Young man you are presuming a lot that is undeniably untrue. 1: Why is the universe in existence? *From our vantage point, sitting on a ball of rock 90 million miles away from a nuclear fireball at the bottom of a deep gravity well, we are not at liberty to find out why we exist. The only "answers" comes from written texts claiming to be the word of a being that exists outside of the Universe and is not subject to cause and effect, though their claims are not backed up enough to justify the position of authority. So thus far there is absolutely no reasonable answer to why our Univ
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